Winter Olympics & Fortress Investment Group Combine Forces

What has been the most international sporting event in the world? The Olympics. When the Fortress Investment Group assisted with the 2010 Winter Olympics, it added its name to a very distinguished club.

History of Olympics

It is not easy running an empire. At times, the diverse nations wonder what they have in common with one another. They might have the same military ruling over them, but what else unites them? Disunity was one of the reasons why the Greeks started the Olympics. Greece, in and of itself, is a collection of islands. It was difficult enough keeping the islands united, let alone a vast empire.While most might think of Greek yogurt today, Greece was the first European power. It borrowed some of its culture from Egypt. As the Greek empire spread out, it devised plans to assimilate nations into its sphere of influence.The Olympics allowed the best athletes to compete on a level playing field. The winners were celebrated at Mount Olympus in Greece. Sports allows for passions to be vented in a healthy fashion. Instead of planning rebellions and revolts, people could take their political and economic frustrations out on the playing field. The modern Olympics was brought back by the French in 1896. They also saw the benefit of using sports to unite people. You can see the same mentality with FIFA World Cup Soccer.

Olympics Politics

Unfortunately, politics has become ever more entrenched in the Olympics. People might think of the boycott of the 1980 Olympics as a moment when the global vision of unity was lost; but throughout history, it has been extremely political. One can think of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.The Olympics are meant to be a time when the world forgets about their language, cultural and national differences. The proof of success is on the playing field. Track is the key contest. Everyone can see who the fastest man on the planet is.The Winter Olympics has become an adjunct to serve the Northern climes. It was only started in 1924. The Jamaican bobsled team was a cute fad, but it never amounted to much.Usually, the Winter Olympics is dominated by the United States, Canada, Russia and Scandinavian nations. Ice Hockey is the primary focus of the Winter Olympics.The Fortress Investment Group supported the Winter Olympics. The Fortress Investment Group had purchased some luxury skiing resorts in Canada and provided some of the funding for the building of the Winter Olympics athletic village in British Columbia.

Fortress Olympics

The Winter Olympics might have increased the prestige of the Fortress, so it could be bought out by SoftBank. SoftBank thought that the Fortress Investment Group could be part of a Global Vision to Unite the World. The Fortress had epitomized the spirit of the Olympics.

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