Whitney Wolfe’s Created a New Bumble Pop-up for Beautiful Evenings

Bumble has some exciting news. A new pop-up space in New York is now available for people who need a fun place to hangout. There will be coffee available and bars, and all proceeds going to charity. The meet-up space is spacious and inviting, making perfect spot Bumble date or even your business partner.

Bumble is an app that encourages women to reach out to people they’re interested in. In 2017, this trendy new dating app had millions of satisfied users. If the founder’s name, Whitney Wolfe, rings a bell, that may be because you remember her co-founding the tremendous praise she received about the sensational Tinder dating app. Wolfe had remarkable success in promoting the app on campuses, exponentially expanding its reach and popularity.

She is very devoted to the companies’ success and can be seen intermittently checking her phone to review the site. Since college, Whitney Wolfe has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Her eco-friendly tote bags became an instant success, which she got inspiration for after viewing urgent newscasts about oil spills. But Whitney Wolfe always prioritized her values, and her app Bumble is both considerate and progressive.

Normally, dating apps make it easy for users to receive offensive and inappropriate pictures or messages. But Whitney Wolfe prioritizes safety and comfort by only allowing women to begin the conversations. The company has a staff of six women and tailors the dating app to finally consider women’s needs.

Bumble wants to continue providing users with opportunities to develop meaningful connections, without any awkwardness or strain. Networking can also open many doors to other professions or business opportunities, and Bumble wanted to create a stunning space to help sustain these connections. They hope to provide more cutting-edge services focused on connecting professionals together in the future.

If you’d like to hang out in this warm yellow space visit go to Soho at 158 Mercer Street, and will be open Thursday – Friday 8am-2pm and 4pm-10pm, Saturdays from 10am-2pm and 4pm-10pm, and all day Sunday from 10am-8pm.

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