Talkspace Offers New Hope to People with Mental Illness

Oren Frank, the founder and CEO of Talkspace, has recently partnered with Olympian Michael Phelps to promote Talkspace. Michael Phelps is the world record holder for gold medals, and while it seemed that he was on top of the world, he was suffering from severe mental illness. At his lowest point, Phelps said that he felt like ending it all. Phelps wishes that he had asked for help, but he thought that it was a sign of weakness. Now he realizes that it is a sign of great strength to ask people for help.

Oren Frank and Phelps knows that other people will not take that step and ask friends and family for help. There is still a stigma attached to mental health for many people. That is one of the reasons Talkspace was so happy to use Michael Phelps as a spokesman, as it shows that anyone can be affected and that anyone can seek help.

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There is also the issue of access for many people. They live in rural area, and it is not possible for them to get to a therapist. They also do not have the money to seek professional help. Talkspace’s monthly costs can be cheaper than the copay on insurance plans. Talkspace believes they have found an answer to both. The service is completely confidential, and Talkspace makes sure users are matched with one of their 2,000 therapists according to their specific needs.

It is possible to talk to licensed and professional therapists from anywhere, as they use an app or they can use video chat. It is also a lower cost option for many people. Talkspace is looking to partner with more companies. It has been shown that it is a service that is required by many employees. Depression and anxiety can cost companies millions through a loss of productivity.

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