Stream Energy one of the best in Texas because of its community outreach

Market Strategies International just released a study naming Stream Energy as one of the most trusted brands in Texas for the provision of electricity. Market Strategies International surveyed 5,881 customers and had them choose their preferred electricity provider based on nine factors: ” respect to the environment, customer support, and focus on giving back to the community as well the support, communication effectiveness, local reputation,” and others.


The results were originally published last year in Cogent Reports’ Texas Retail Electric Provider Brand Trust Study. The study strongly shows that brand trust is strongly affected by how the company is involved in the community, as well as a focus on customers when natural disasters happen. Market Strategies Senior Vice President Chris Oberle has noted that residents offer up more loyalty and trust for customers that come out and support them in times of trouble. During the recent hurricanes, Stream Energy donated $25,000 dollars to the American Red Cross in support of their relief efforts. Stream Energy also did not charge anyone late fee penalties who was impacted by the hurricanes.


Stream Energy CEO, Larry Mondry has said that local support is a core value for the company. Mondry has said they will continue to work at keeping the recognition and being the best energy provider in Texas (


In 2005, Stream Energy was founded by Larry Mondry. Mondry has built the success of the company on revolutionary direct selling. Along with energy needs, Stream Energy provides wireless services, home services, and security services (DailyForexReport). The company is dedicated to providing excellent services and keeping their customers happy and coming back. Stream Energy has been very active in providing assistance to those displaced because of the natural disasters that have occurred in the past year.


Market Strategies International is a global provider of research and consulting services, used by many successful organizations to help them succeed. They provide their clients with in-depth research combined with self-funded studies. Their fully detailed reports known as Cogent Reports, help their clients better understand the environment and industry trends. Market Strategies International was founded in 1989 and has become one of the largest research firms in the world.


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