Rocketship Education, Bringing Hope For All Education


In Nashville, there has been an unspoken dislike for charter schools. Many public schools and public school officials don’t like the idea of having charter schools around. This dislike comes from public schools because over the years charter schools have been able to provide students with better updated technology equipment, a higher quality of teachers, and better quality of education, due to smaller class rooms. Since charter schools have all of these things to offer to students all around the world and especially in the city of Nashville, this has caused the level of enrollment for students to drop in typical public schools.

The Director of Nashville Public Schools school board made a statement recently that did not sit well with most parents in Nashville. The statement that Dr. Joseph made was that he felt as if the industry of charter schools are unraveling. Not only was this statement unprofessional, but the statement is also untrue. Most charter schools are excelling and meeting all of the state and city’s guidelines. This statement caused teachers and educational administrators to become upset; however, it really did not sit well with the parents of the students who attend charter schools all around Nashville.

The parents took action since they were unhappy about the statement. Instead of starting a rowdy protest, the parents decided to communicate their concerns in the form of a letter and sent it to the Metro Nashville Public Schools school board. In the letter the parents shared with the company that they should come together instead of trying to tear each other down. The parents also shared with the school board that charter schools do not have anything against public schools.

Many parents showed their support and signed off on the letter. The parents also demanded that public schools begin to give respect to charter schools that work really hard with the students. One of the good charter schools of the city is Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education goes above and beyond to service their students. Rocketship Education also is a good that keeps the parents extremely involved with the school!

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