USHEALTH Group: Brief Description of This Health Corporation

This article is all about “U.S Health Group.” It will focus on both the company in general. It will also give information from the website on Crunchbase as well. The company is based in Texas in the city of Fort Worth. This company has a dedication to give many things through the subsidiaries of Freedom Life. They provide solutions of Disability, Accident, Innovative, and Specified Disease or sickness.

Those solutions mentioned above are for small business owners and their employees, as well as families, and self-employed individuals. This company has served over 15 million customers for fifty mutual years. This is by giving those customers with separate customizable plans. This company is also good at realizing that everyone has separate needs. They have a belief in choice and that customers show great appreciation to the many options that the company gives them. Us Health Group has created a giant collection of coverages which give choices to customers.

As hinted out before, there are many ancillary products available. This is in order to have customers better their protection. Some examples are Accident, Disability Income, Term Life Insurance, and Critical Illness as well. USHEALTH Group does the best to not just serve the customers by also creating relationships long-term with their customers. This is a factor that makes the company a trusted ally that will deliver consistently in the promise of dependability.

The acronym of (HOPE) stands for Helping Other People Everyday. This means much more than an acronym to the management and staff, also those USHEALTH advisors who are independently contracted. One thing it does is commit to make a positive difference in others’ lives.

USHEALTH should be chosen for many reasons. One is because the company being reliable and affordable is a characteristic of their product portfolio. They will give help in serious medical events and for giving coverage in the medical expenses every day. Also, the families of companies give an exceptional mixture of innovation and experience. This combination is shown in everything they do.

Now some general information about U.S Health from information about them on Crunchbase. The director of this organization is Alan Fruedenstein. The company was established in the year 1982. It currently holds about 251-500 employees. The main task of this company is to give services of life insurance, it also gives Disability and Accident Insurance. The information can be found on its official website called

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Quick Tips for Choosing FreedomLife Insurance

Many options are available when it comes to getting life insurance, so consumers have to be sure which option is best for them. They can break the decision down into three categories. First, they’ll need to choose a broad category of coverage, then they’ll need to choose the best suitable subdivision. Thirdly, the prospects will select a trustworthy provider that feels comfortable.

The two main broad categories of life insurance are term and permanent life insurance. Permanent life insurance is permanent life insurance. It covers the insured party for the duration of his or her life and pays out no matter when that person’s death occurs. Permanent coverage has some benefits to it, one being that the insured person can save money and borrow money off of the policy. Several types of permanent insurance exist, and they include whole, variable and universal. Universal is a type that provides savings, and whole gives the insured person the guaranteed cash value.

Learn more about Freedom Life Insurance at Crunchbase.

The other type of life insurance that one may want to get is term life insurance. This type of coverage only lasts for a certain number of years. If the person just wants a policy that will pay out after a certain term, he or she may want to consider this type of coverage. Term life insurance is a great option for someone on a strict budget who needs to stay within a certain range.

The company that one chooses to provide him or her with coverage is as important as the type of coverage. Freedom Life Insurance is a company that provides honest and professional insurance advice as well as policies in which a consumer may be interested. The Freedom Life Insurance company of America is a part of a group of trustworthy insurance entities that offer affordable options. The group cares for more than 15 million customers and has a wealth of products to offer. clients who have used Freedom Life insurance have raved about its professionalism and the way that it treats its clients. Interested parties may want to give the company a call to find out more.


Glen Wakeman – The Man Wearing Many Hats and They Are All A Perfect Fit

Glen Wakeman was interviewed in August 2017, and during this discussion, he responded quite frankly to the questions put before him regarding his mentoring as a business developer guiding startups from Launchpad to being successful entrepreneurs on their own. He has an MBA in Finance with his BS in Economics. Having an auspicious start with GE Capital, he was the founder of Nova Four. Wakeman holds the position of CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC.


LaunchPad Holdings LLC is an entrepreneurs formula for success. Glen Wakeman has created a recipe for succeeding in a business that sets guidelines to build and attain prosperity in entrepreneurship. Raising hundreds of millions of dollars in new capital has led larger companies to become even more successful.


Glen Wakeman’s LaunchPad is only a little over 2-years old and continuing to climb higher on the ladder of success. On a typical day in “Wakeman’s World”, he begins with checking the figures from the previous day, attending to administrative tasks, and paying the bills. After paying money out, the research begins to see how business trends are moving, what his competition has done overnight and continuing his plans.


Ending his day with a cup of tea or a Margarita, he escapes into his private life until the next daybreak. As technology continues to grow Wakeman’s excitement builds as he sees improvements in the application of machine learning where it is quicker, with a broader range of information and value offered, but the only thing that bothers him is with each leap in increased knowledge a little more privacy is taken away.


When Wakeman was asked what he would do differently in his life if he had the opportunity to re-do some things, Wakeman noted that he would keep better records of the people he met along the way and would stay in contact with them. Social Media has certainly helped to do this better in today’s era, but the easy-connect wasn’t available 20-years ago and so much personal information about people he connected with on the road to success wasn’t readily at his access (AnalystOfFinance). Many of the connections were not tracked and in today’s world, it is easier to stay in contact with those particular people through social media and available applications.

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Dr. Mark Holterman Has Inspired A Volunteer Services For Great Causes

Dr. Mark Holterman is an inspiration, which is why it’s not surprising that he inspired a volunteer service for compassionate causes. He is known for supporting various charities that are health-oriented and this includes the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam, also known as IPSAC-VN for short.


A press release highlighted the doctor’s efforts to support the organization, as well as other charitable organizations ( The IPSAC-VN works at various medical schools and hospitals throughout Vietnam to bring the latest in surgical advances to children who are ill.


More About Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman is the CEO and founder of Mariam Global Health, which is an investment and business management firm that was founded back in 2012. The company focuses mainly on ventures of impact innovators. Before launching his company, the doctor was and still is a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. For over 10 years, he was an attending pediatric surgeon at Rush University Medical Center.


As for education, Dr. Holterman went to Yale University. While there, he majored in biology and then he went on to attend the University of Virginia. That’s where he earned both his MD and Ph.D. After graduating from the University of Virginia, he completed a general surgery residency program at the University of Virginia Health Sciences.


He also has a range of research interests, which includes stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine (ReporterExpert). His other research interests include novel cancer treatments and obesity treatments to name a few.


Dr. Mark Holterman has a lot of experience in pediatric surgery and he has a big heart. He is also a businessman who knows what it takes to run a successful business. With that said, feel free to visit his official website to learn more about him and his work.

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Perry Mandera Remarkable Contribution in the Transportation Industry

Perry Mandera an executive in the transportation industry has more than 30 years’ experience in the field. He is the founder of The Custom Companies, Inc. based in Northlake, Illinois. Besides his professionalism, Perry is a supporter of the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC). The nonprofit organization awarded him the Bishop Sheil and Citizen of the year awards. ISCC works with the Police Athletic League and encourages constructive involvement among the public and law implementers.

The Custom Companies practice several technologies to render exceptional services to its clients. During his tenure, he has foreseen and spearheaded the implementation of Cheetah Dispatch technology. It is a dynamic and comprehensive software that is satellite enabled. With tablets, the firm drivers are able to offer real-time deliveries.

Perry Mandera introduced the use of Warehouse Management System in his firm to enable clients to track their inventory easily. The technology has an electronic inventory to allow the customers access their cargo from the point of receipt to delivery. The Custom Companies transportation is clearly monitored and customers can track the movement of their products.

The Dock Management System is a technology that enables The Custom Companies to minimize delays and errors and deliver cargo promptly. It is a paperless technology that operates by use of distinctive barcodes ( Perry foresaw the implementation of these technologies to improve service delivery to the clients.

Through his dedication to offer outstanding services to his clients, The Custom Companies records an annual revenue of more than $200 million. The firm has created job opportunities for many (PerryMandera.Strikingly). Perry was recognized by the Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) as the Top 100 American Transportation Executive of the Millennium. He currently serves as a representative of the ITA board of directors.

Perry Mandera the Custom Cares Charities founder studied in Chicago public high school and graduated in 1975. He later enrolled in the U.S Marine Corps Reserve and learned to drive trucks after he was allocated to the motor pool. Mandera developed his transportation skills after serving in numerous different transportation firms.

Perry is a philanthropist who has offered his support to several charitable organizations. His main area of focus is towards cancer prevention and cures, and youth and children organizations. Perry is a member of The Jesse White Tumblers and The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation.


Stream Energy one of the best in Texas because of its community outreach

Market Strategies International just released a study naming Stream Energy as one of the most trusted brands in Texas for the provision of electricity. Market Strategies International surveyed 5,881 customers and had them choose their preferred electricity provider based on nine factors: ” respect to the environment, customer support, and focus on giving back to the community as well the support, communication effectiveness, local reputation,” and others.


The results were originally published last year in Cogent Reports’ Texas Retail Electric Provider Brand Trust Study. The study strongly shows that brand trust is strongly affected by how the company is involved in the community, as well as a focus on customers when natural disasters happen. Market Strategies Senior Vice President Chris Oberle has noted that residents offer up more loyalty and trust for customers that come out and support them in times of trouble. During the recent hurricanes, Stream Energy donated $25,000 dollars to the American Red Cross in support of their relief efforts. Stream Energy also did not charge anyone late fee penalties who was impacted by the hurricanes.


Stream Energy CEO, Larry Mondry has said that local support is a core value for the company. Mondry has said they will continue to work at keeping the recognition and being the best energy provider in Texas (


In 2005, Stream Energy was founded by Larry Mondry. Mondry has built the success of the company on revolutionary direct selling. Along with energy needs, Stream Energy provides wireless services, home services, and security services (DailyForexReport). The company is dedicated to providing excellent services and keeping their customers happy and coming back. Stream Energy has been very active in providing assistance to those displaced because of the natural disasters that have occurred in the past year.


Market Strategies International is a global provider of research and consulting services, used by many successful organizations to help them succeed. They provide their clients with in-depth research combined with self-funded studies. Their fully detailed reports known as Cogent Reports, help their clients better understand the environment and industry trends. Market Strategies International was founded in 1989 and has become one of the largest research firms in the world.


Jorge Moll: Studying the Act of Generosity

Jorge Moll feels puzzled for years, thinking about why giving feels excellent. He had previous experiences of being generous and charitable, and he explained that the feeling he felt was heartwarming, touching, and pleasurable. He promised to himself that he would be studying the phenomenon one day. Fast forward to the 2000s decade, Jorge Moll is now a neuroscientist, but he still remembers the feeling that he described years ago as he gives and shares things with the people around him. He found out that it was nicknamed as “helper’s high,” and Jorge Moll is dedicated to finding out the answer why it happens. Jorge Moll is a Brazilian scientist that has a huge network of good neuroscientists. He contacted his colleagues to experiment with the human brain, and one of those that he contacted was Jordan Grafman, a fellow neuroscientist. He gathered them in his clinic and explained what he wanted to find out (VivendoDeBemcomavida). Jorge Moll spearheaded the research in 2006, and he invited several willing subjects that would undergo several tests.

The tests that were given to the willing subjects are easy to do – Jorge Moll just requested them to close their eyes and use their imagination. He requested to the subjects to think about a scenario involving men’s generosity and selfishness. He had to leave the room and left the subjects to concentrate, and he went back to where Jordan Grafman stays, and they began to monitor the activities inside the subjects’ brain. As the subjects go into a deep trance, Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman started to notice a rising trend in the brain’s activities ( They soon found out that there is a tiny area of the brain which becomes activated when someone gives or shares. This tiny area inside the brain causes the release of hormones that would be delivered to the entire body. Those who had felt helper’s high” before claimed that they could feel the pressure whenever they give and that it is addicting which is why they keep on helping as many people as they can. Jorge Moll and the neuroscientists were enlightened about what they have discovered that day.

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USHEALTH Group Inc Providing Affordable and Variety of Insurance Products

The insurance industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the United States, and one of the most competitive as well. Even though there are numerous insurance firms in the United States, one of the companies that have been around for many years now and has been serving millions of consumers across the country consistently is USHEALTH Group Inc. The company was founded in 1982 and since then has grown exponentially to become one of the most preferred insurance companies in the country. Till date, USHEALTH Group Inc has served more than 15 million customers with complete satisfaction, and the count continues to increase with every passing day. Follow:

The product portfolio of USHEALTH Group Inc is amongst the most extensive and includes insurance products like accident coverage insurance, specific disease insurance, income protection insurance, life insurance, health insurance, eye insurance, dental insurance, and more. The primary market of USHEALTH Group Inc is the middle market companies and the individuals. The company offers specialized discounted insurance products for the business owners and companies that are looking to provide health insurance to their employees. As per the government’s regulations, the companies above a specific size have to provide their employees with health insurance, and it is where the USHEALTH Group Inc wants to dominate.

USHEALTH Group Inc provides its insurance products across the country through its vast network of agents spread across the country. It helps the individual agents of the company to earn a substantial amount of money by selling insurance products offered by the company. The customer service of USHEALTH Group Inc is also swift and friendly, ensuring that the customers can get the solutions to their queries quickly and efficiently. The company has two subsidiaries that act as distributors for the USHEALTH Group’s products. These affiliates are National Foundation Life Insurance and the Freedom Life Insurance Company.

USHEALTH Group Inc understands the problems of the masses, and it is why the company has ensured that its insurance products offer maximum coverage at minimum costs. Many of the insurance products offered by the company also provide the first dollar benefit, which helps the consumers get the most out of their insurances bought from USHEALTH Group Inc.

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How to Use Wainscot & Interior Trims to Spruce up Your Home

Just the installation of a shaker panel wainscoting can make a tremendous difference to the room. So far so good! But then again, that’s not the only decorative element in the room. There might be door openings dressed with molding, window casing, and ceiling moldings. And then again the wainscoting most likely has a chair rail and base.

Now, the secret of making the room inviting, charming, and welcoming is to blend all these interior trims nicely together. Not step on each other’s toes or trespass the area righteously belonging to the opening casing by extending the flat panel.

Why it’s crucial to focus on the right trim and wainscoting installation


Cover the door casing with the shaker and you will cancel its purpose! Bring the panel too high in a low ceiling room and you will feel the ceiling suffocating you. It’s easy to make mistakes when you install wainscoting and interior trims. It’s also easy to fall into small traps when you decorate the room. Take the simple example of hanging drapes. The newest trend has them hung at the highest point possible. This is a useful interior design trick when you want to take the ceiling up. But if the room is high, there is no point!

The right size of the wainscoting panels, the width of the crown molding, the overall size and style of door and window casing are all important to the balance in the room. Choose the wrong size and you will easily break the harmony needed to make the room friendly and soothing to the eye.

Don’t just choose any wainscoting design

There is a reason why there are so many wainscoting design ideas. There are also different types of door and window trims. There is a handful of crown molding profiles. There are two ways to approach this matter.


  • Choose based on the room’s style. You might get a beadboard for the kitchen or bathroom, but chances are you would want a more elegant solution for your dining room – unless this is your summer house. Bead board panels will bring a cottage style in the room. A shaker is far more elegant.
  • Choose by matching the wainscoting design with the design of the rest of the trims. They don’t have to be identical, but it would be nice to be similar. Classic or modern, wainscoting and trims must all follow the same route. It will be out of place to install a super-modern panel with a Victorian style crown moulding.

Painting wainscoting panels and trims the right color is crucial

More often than not, we leave color choices last. We don’t think about the color of our flat panel wainscoting and door trims till it’s time to paint them. Or, we don’t paint them at all. We buy them in a wooden or white color and let them be. But color schemes make all the difference to the actual visual effects. Too dark in a small room, which hardly gets any natural light, and the room will be turned into a depressing man cave.

What you need to consider is whether or not you want contrasting colors or not. That’s as far as the raised panel and remaining wall are concerned. The rest of the trims should be painted the same color. If you choose white, stick with it for the window and door casing, the chair rail, and the base. Paint the crown moulding white and let it stand out no matter what color the wall and ceiling are. But don’t forget that rules are made to be broken. It all depends on the structural elements in each room and the visual effects desired. offered so many wainscoting styles that you can consider for making an excellent decoration for your home.

Small tricks for a big interior decorating impact

Don’t forget that trims are there to highlight the structural elements and create the needed balance. Think of the door and window casing as the frame of your openings. The crown molding pinpoints the end of the wall and the beginning of the ceiling. The fireplace mantel makes this focal point of the room stand out and should blend nicely and smoothly with the wall panels.

It’s all about improving the architectural style of the room by focusing on such decorative elements. So use these tricks to make your efforts worth the while:

  • Take sides. Want a classic wainscoting? Choose if you want a Victorian, baroque, or minimal style and stick with it.
  • Make sure the size of all trims is balanced and wall paneling is lower when the ceiling is not tall.
  • Choose colors to match the character of the room but also use them to enlarge the room or lower the ceiling. Bring the ceiling down by painting the wall above the panel dark colors. Make the room look bigger by painting the trims the same or lighter color than the wall.
  • Crown molding installation is not needed in a short room. If you just want to bring the ceiling higher, paint the molding in a darker shade than the ceiling.

There are all sorts of trim and wainscoting interior design ideas. But you should focus on the needs of each room first to see how to use such moldings to accomplish your architectural style goals.

Market America is Changing the Modern Business Model

Market America is changing the modern business model for Americans and their families all around the country. They are doing this by making dreams happen and teaching people how to be successful. Sometimes the best things in life are simple, and nobody knows it better America. Come see what all the talk is about for yourself.

Market America is a name that many people are hearing about for the first time. It is a big deal for those who already know about it, so listen up and get ready for big things to happen. Simply by doing things the Market America way. It sounds too easy at first, everybody says that, but it really is the simplest way to financial success out there.

Many people think opportunities should only be open to those people, who are lucky enough to be born into good fortune. Some people think that there is only 0ne way to succeed. They see it as, who ever has the wealth and educational access necessary to qualify, they are those who will always be successful. Well in a way they are right. Because you have to have the right tools, skills, and knowledge to make your dreams become a reality, but that doesn’t mean everyone cannot do it.

You can do it too.

Join a great company like Market America, who can show you how to become more successful and independent as a business owner online. For anyone who has ever dreamed of being a business owner, now is a great time to take that first important step. Take a chance with Market America and let them show you how bright your future can really be.

Whenever something like this happens, you can anticipate big things for everyone in the immediate zone of influence, which is all of the United States. That means most of the people you know are about to experience an incredible sift in their financial lives. Much of this is probably due to Market America holding events and seminars throughout the country, and teaching people how to make more money and live better lives.