The Many Factors of Real Estate

Mr. Terry Baltes was the original founder of BALTES COMMERCIAL REALTY LTD. He is its present owner and president. He and the company are based in Dayton, Ohio.

BALTES COMMERCIAL REALTY LTD. was started in 1977. It currently remains strong in the business, and continues to grow. It is but one name among many within the real estate business, a most fascinating one….as is that of hospitality as well.

Speaking of the hotel and real estate business, or shall I say the hotel real estate business, I have just recently stumbled upon quite a particularly unique and interesting piece of online writing in the form of an article publiched by Live Trading News. It was written by Shayne Heffernan back in July of this year, and speaks of a twenty year study on overall customer and guest satisfaction within the very hotel real estate industry. What I have found is truly fascinating, and you may read the entire full length article for yourself by meerly following this link:

I will briefly summarize what was discussed. First of all, the online article piece begins with the most appealing and eye catching of introductions. I do quote:

“As hotel guests increasingly come to expect amenities that used to be special perks, such as free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfasts and premium bed linens, the industry may be reaching a customer satisfaction plateau, according to the J.D. Power 2016 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study, SM….” (paragraph 1)

The article continues in mentioning that this study has gone on to account for a numerous variety of factors in determining customer satisfaction and overall continued business & partnership. Such factors can make or break a company’s overall reputation and success, particularly within those in which Mr. Baltes is involved….the real estate and hospitality industry.

Madison Capital Street Designated M&A Advisor Awards Finalist

International investment banking firm Madison Street Capital has been named as a finalist in the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards.

The Chicago-based investment firm has been nominated in both the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and the International and Industrials Deal of the Year, under $100MM categories.

The M&A Advisor Awards, which are the industry’s leading event of the year, acknowledge distinction in deal making, streamlining and funding the accomplishments of the leading firms.

Madison Street Capital founder and chief executive Charles Botchway commented in a statement how honored the company is to be among those nominated in the two categories.

He specified the firm was glad to support its client Dowco with the acquisition of Acuna & Associados S.A., which led to the nomination in the International and Industrials Deal of the Year class.

What’s more Botchway said the company dealmakers all work diligently to make their clients aims and plans Madison Street Capitals goals and intentions as well.

The winners of the awards will be made known on November 9 at the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala in New York.

Earlier this year the M&A Advisor announced Madison Street Capital won the Cross Border Deal of the Year award. That award ($10 million to $25 million) was for the acquisition of Fabtrol Systems by AVEVA.

The firm was also a finalist candidate for the Corporate and Strategic Acquisition of the Year, Technology Deal of the Year, Professional Services Deal of the Year as well as the Industrial Goods and Basic Resource Deal of the Year awards.

According to Madison Street Capital, the firm provides financial advisory services and merger and acquisition assistance through its expertise and understanding.

The firm also reported 42 hedge fund deals were closed or announced worldwide last year, exceeding the 32 transactions that closed in 2014.

Madison Street Capital, which partners with mid-size firms in specialized industry markets, has offices in North America, Asia and Africa.

The original article can be found on

HGTV Shares Party Planning Tips

Party planning doesn’t have to be a chore, and can be fun if you take the time to plan out your steps and do it right. Camille Syles an expert party planner offered some great tips on HGTV that can help make your next party or big event a big success.

One of the biggest keys to a successful party is making a list of all the the things you have to do before the big day. A list can help break everything down into manageable steps and make sure that you don’t forget anything. It’s also a helpful way to keep things simple and stress free so that the host can have fun and not worry.

Making a list is not the only tip that Styles offered offered. She also suggested creating a theme to help make the event more memorable. A theme can also make some of the more difficult decorating and planning decsions easier, and is fun for the guests.

Another simple tip that can make hosting and planning a party easier is to have a make your own drink bar. A proper bar with a few mixers, liquors, some beer and wine, allows guests to customize their own drink and allows you to enjoy the party.

Having a kid table is a key element for a successful family friendly party. This is a great way to keep the kids entertained, and keep them from causing trouble. A few kid friendly activities can go a long way towards a successful party.

Twenty Three Layers are event planners in NYC that take all the stress and hard work out of planning a party, so that you can have fun and simply enjoy the party. This team of party planners includes experts Jessica Boskoff and Sarah Freedman who have planned hundreds of events. They have an eye for style and unwavering attention to detail that will help ensure that your party is a success. Their team also includes a whole host of experts including chefs, caterers, photographers, stylists, bartenders, and DJ’s so you can spend the day enjoying your special event.

Bob Reina Helping People Become Better

The CEO and founder of Talk Fusion has more than business on his mind lately, he is actually more interested in helping people than in talking about business. When he talks about his company, though, what you are likely to hear is that Talk Fusion is about building futures, realizing dreams and giving back to communities all over the world. This at first glance seems out of place until you realize that no one is more committed to helping people than Talk Fusion’s CEO, Bob Reina.

He has often said that success breeds responsibility and this idea is ingrained in the corporate culture of Talk Fusion. As a matter of fact, it is so much a part of their culture that it motivates everything they do as a company and as individuals. Bob goes on to say that this is the core reason that they’re always striving to do more and to help more people.

Because of Bob’s attitude and personal commitment to lead by example he has already made his mark on the culture in America. This has come about by his philanthropic work which includes his $1 million dollar donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay Florida, his life-saving efforts with the local SPCA Safety Net organization and for his generous support of The House of Life, an orphanage in Indonesia. The orphanage’s founder Pricilla Lydia Brocharda stated that the donations from Talk Fusion and its associates are helping restore the shattered lives of the children in the orphanage.

Bob’s personal involvement in giving back to nonprofits has also inspired him to begin a program that will allow any Talk Fusion associate to donate a free account to any charity of their choice. The free charity account is only available for purchasers of the company’s Custom Monthly Plan which includes customer branding services, complete personalization of the account, and access to a variety of video marketing products offered by Talk Fusion. These products include video e-mail, video newsletters, live meetings, sign-up forms, and video-chat.

It doesn’t matter if it is a second chance to rebuild, money for life-saving medical expenses or his ability to help friends and family, each story about Bob’s passion continues his goal to make the impossible possible for the people his life has touched.

Talk Fusion Diamond Rush Motivational Moments… by MollyJimenez

Online Reputation Management Is Essential For Business Success

For a business or professional, online reputation management is essential. It can have a huge impact on how people see how business or your professional profile. It can also have a huge impact on your sales and profits or the success of your organization. Many companies lose customers and potential sales due to online negative image.
The internet has challenged the ideas on personal and private identities. With the popularity and easy access to various social media platforms, businesses and professionals are now vulnerable to malicious personal attacks from rivals and competitors. That is why many companies and business owners turn to online reputation management firms for assistance.

Creating a strong online presence for your brand or business is not only for warding off reputation attacks or threats. It also gives you the opportunity to communicate with customers, clients and people interested in your organization or products. This communication has two valuable effects.

A good online reputation management will help you accomplish this. You will have the resources and opportunity to help spread the word of your business and encourage positive publicity.

The best thing you can do to protect and manage your company and online reputation is to publish a lot of positive, interesting, useful content. Potential customers will read this content and get convinced that you are a trusted source of whatever they are looking for. This content should be about something that has to do with your products, service, business, etc. In addition, content can be text, videos, photos, ebooks, podcasts and newsletters. Positive reviews from satisfied customers or clients are excellent for helping portray an impressive online reputation.

It is always a good idea to have a system in place that monitors conversations about you or your brand. A reliable online reputation management firm will protect your image and personal or company’s identity online from any threats or impending attacks. Their service can help suppress negative content and push up positive content in search results. This will enable you to position yourself for success, and present your positive image to clients, customers, associates and prospects.


Dick DeVos’ History of Business Development

Dick DeVos is known in the corporate world as one of the most successful business owners in North America. Many people outside of Devos’ hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, however, are unaware of the extent of the businessman’s involvement in the political arena. Dick Devos has been incredibly active in the development of social and political initiatives in the Grand Rapids area and has been instrumental in the passage of several laws and legislative agreements. The businessman’s role in the political field happens to be a key factor in the business decisions he executes on a regular basis. Devos’ most recent acquisition of a prominent distillery in Northern California can be linked to several of the convictions he has shown through his political involvement. Devos has shown his focus on the areas of freedom, morality, and capitalism through his political involvement and all of these values have been shown through the billionaire’s most recent acquisition.


Dick DeVos is a businessman who’s devotion to the American ideal of freedom is essential to the way he operates his business and professional lives. Devos’ political history includes a large number of notable attempts to stop legislation that would infringe on American freedoms. DeVos’ recent acquisition of the Californian distillery denotes a hint of the freedom that he fights to defend on a political level. DeVos has always been a businessman who equated American freedoms with the business world. This is why Devos has spent countless hours fighting to keep capitalism alive in the United States.


To Dick Devos and many Americans like him, capitalism represent the ultimate value of freedom in the United States and abroad. Capitalism represents the freedom of individuals to achieve the American dream of coming from any socio-economic background and making a life for themselves. Although Devos did not personally come from a negative financial background, his father truly achieved the American dream through his development of Amway. Because of this economic system that may not be available to those in other countries, Devos was able to have a life that includes providing an invaluable service through his company and his political involvement.


Dick DeVos‘ recent acquisition of the distillery property was more than a simple business arrangement. The acquisition represents the ideals that both Devos and his staff at the Devos Financial Group hold dear. Dick Devos works daily to ensure that American ideals remain relevant in today’s time.

ICMediaDirect Reveals Key Components of Managing Your Online Reputation

A public relations and online reputation management agency that is still providing valuable information to organizations looking to manage their online reputations better is ICMediaDirect. This is a key service of today that many companies have difficulty with. Many organizations are unaware of how to create a responsive digital media campaign. ICMediaDirect( recommends beginning your strategy by monitoring the mentions of your brand online. Staying up to the moment regarding online reviews, brand mentions, and more, you can be more proactive about your reputation management.
There are a variety of different tools available so you can monitor your company.One outlet as revealed by is to utilize Google Alerts and receive emails containing updates of your brand mentioned in the search engine results. You can set up as many alerts as you like to be emailed to you hourly or daily. Use the Social Mention tool to keep an eye on the online actions related to your brand on social media. Track specific keywords and stay aware of the natural language of your audience. Pay attention to what your audience is saying, where they are saying it, and whether the tone is light, neutral, or positive. Be a part of your audience’s conversation so that you can help guide it. Give reviews ultimate attention and make sure they are monitored.

Managing your online reputation is essentially managing the information about your company available on the internet. All of the online listings and directories that list your brand need to be claimed by you. Increase the control you have over your brand messaging by claiming your listings. Allow your company to be proactive about its brand messaging. You can’t control what other people say on social media, but you can be proactive.

Tell your story through marketing practices like video marketing. ICMediaDirect has a great deal of experience providing content marketing and online reputation services since 1996. The company has received the New York Excellence Award on more than one occasion for the knowledge they have of SEO and content creation. The company makes a presence at numerous marketing conferences and events all throughout the year. These events include SES, Affiliate Summit, LeadsCon, and more.


Scientific Research and the Knowledge Sharing by Wessex Institute of Technology

Are you interested in scientific research and the sharing of knowledge? There are many ways of getting involved in the activities organised by institutions across the world. One of the institutions which encourage such is the Wessex Institute of Technology which is normally just referred to as the Wessex Institute. Some simply call the institution WIT. The facility has been lauded for the services and activities which they avail to the members of the scientific community on an international level.

The Wessex Institute, or WIT, has been recognized for the ranking it has. It has also gained a lot of repute because of the conference programmes which they organise in different parts of the world every now and then. They are recognised as one of those institutions in the world which provide the best medium for the transfer of knowledge as well as its sharing.

The Institute is in collaboration with its students, alumni and even other universities and professionals in the field of science and technology. They organize activities which normally bring together all these stakeholders so as to exchange ideas and advance scientific theories and breakthroughs. Wessex Institute of Technology organizes many conferences which are beneficial to a wide range of stakeholders. If you want to be part of their team or to get engaged in the conferences which they organize, you can subscribe to their email updates and get notifications of the upcoming activities.

The conferences organized by the Wessex Institute usually are in relation to various aspects of science and technology. They have conferences in relation to architecture, tourism, sustainable development as well as other key thematic areas. They ensure that they impact knowledge and facilitate the exchange of information between the stakeholders who attend their events. They also have conferences touching on risk analysis, energy and sustainable tourism.

The Institute also organizes other activities which include publication services. They also have fun activities which their members as well as connections can engage in. The links which they maintain are always crucial as they help sustain a pool of professionals who keep the goals of the Institute alive.

Lauren Conrad’s List of Accomplishments Now Catered to Your Stress Free Wedding Party Including Tequila Berry Lemonade!

Lauren successfully conquered the fashion world (with two collections under her belt, Paper Crown and LC Lauren now seen at Kohl’s). Lauren has nearly 10 million adoring followers on various social media sites. And, is a rising Super Star in her own way. But, get this she’s now moved her lifestyle empire to a cozier location. Guess where? Your house to throw a customized party for that Special Day…Your Wedding! She launched The Little Market, her online fair-trade retailer, and her book Celebrate, so successful — some people are calling Lauren the Millennial Martha Stewart.

She just steps backs and laughs at the possibilities of being called the next Martha Stewart. Stating things like those are some big shoes to fill, right? But, why not? Just as stated above her list of accomplishments are through the roof! Simply, look at the nearly 10 Million followers on various Social Media sites, New Times best sellers and getting her products in Kohl’s.

Who’s to dare compare her to Martha Stewart? Whether she hits that mark laughing all the way to the bank or not being called the next Martha Stewart. She is by her own right, already created a loyal fan base and had numerous successful product and service launches. Did you see the above information? If not, read the opening paragraph again to let it sink into as to what this Mighty Millennial has done already with her Lifestyle business.

Nice, right? Think of the market share she just wrapped up for her favorite fans! I know, right? This girl has got your dream time Wedding Day vision, a proven party plan and a heart of gold all custom tailored for one of the biggest days in your life… Your Wedding! 😉 Yay! Who doesn’t love weddings, right? It’s probably a girl’s favorite day!

Just think of how much fun her almost 10 Million Social Media fans will have with their favorite lifestyle Super Star! WOW! Think of the OMG! Moments to remember. Your Wedding just got a big surprise. Now, it gets all that dancing and tequila berry lemonade party blast until you can’t find the dance floor anymore! 😉 Yay! Now, that’s fun time on your Wedding Day. A day to be stress-free and celebrate perhaps the best party of your life on that Special Day your Wedding! Yay! 😉 So, go to
her website now and sigh up now. Here’s the link:

Find them in New York:

Fabletics’ Versatility

Kate Hudson has brought to life some of our favorite things! In her interview with Marie Clare magazine, she shares the new cute dresses that will accompany her fitness line. Hudson’s company does most of its clothing line online, as this piece states, and they have worked to expand their clothing line. Fabletics started as an online fitness clothing store. They have a wide variety of tops and bottoms for all levels of workouts. And now they have dresses that are made of the same material.

Fabletics is an inexpensive brand that offers quality clothing, and it’s all really cute! They offer lots of fun prints, bright colors and neutral solids. It is a membership based company, meaning that you pay $49.95 per month and you receive an outfit per month. Outfits are determined by a short survey that you take in order to determine your preferences.

Fabletics is a subsidiary of JustFab, which is a membership based shoe website. The same basic premise applies, however Fabletics has also expanded beyond that. They have also launched FL2, which is the mens fitness line. Fabletics have also opened brick and mortar stores to sell their goods.

Hudson also discusses her new line of bathing suits with Fabletics at While they are as cute, or even more so, than any bathing suit, they are also built in such a way that you could do some light exercise while wearing them. As Hudson discusses in her interview, there are several of the bikini tops that could also be worn as a sports bra in your next pilates class. Throughout the interview in Marie Clare, you can hear the fun that Hudson is having in being a part of this new line of clothing. We’ve loved her in movies, and we have a new way of supporting her by purchasing from their brand new swim collection. In every purchase we also get to enjoy the amazing clothes and share with our friends!