Sheldon Lavin – Taking OSI Industries Global through his Strategic Leadership

Many companies are operating in the food and meat processing industry, but one of the companies that have been around for over four decades and have made a name for itself is the OSI Industries. The company is a well-known name in the meat processing world and produces a wide variety of products, including sauces, sausages, beef patty, pork sausages, vegetable products, baked products, and more. OSI Industries have grown tremendously under the company’s current CEO and Chairman, Sheldon Lavin.

As soon as he became the CEO and Chairman of OSI Industries, Sheldon Lavin went on a complete revamp drive and ensured that the company can perform better and can increase its production capacity. To meet the increasing number of orders from across the globe, Sheldon Lavin invested millions in starting overseas facilities. At present, OSI Industries has manufacturing units operating in 17 countries and has total workforce strength of 20,000 employees. It has helped the company to dominate the meat processing industry by far with little to no competition. Sheldon Lavin started off as a finance professional, and it is his profession as a financial executive that helped him get connected with the previous owners of OSI Industries.

Years of close ties with the previous owners of OSI Industries and facilitating loans for them is what eventually got him involved in the company itself. Later on, he became the member of the board and was finally promoted to the position of CEO and Chairman. Sheldon Lavin played a crucial role in revamping company business structure completely and implemented marketing and sales strategy that helped in company’s growth in a swift manner. As he was involved in the company’s affair for a long time, he knew well where there are loopholes that need to be corrected. It is what he first did as soon as he was made the CEO of the firm. Sheldon Lavin is also the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award given by RSM US LLP in 2015 and Global Visionary Award given by the Indian organization, Vision World Academy, in 2015. Sheldon Lavin is a well-known business leader in the United States, and has contributed a lot for the welfare of local communities in Chicago.

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Oncotarget Results in New Cancer Treatment

The point of starting Oncotarget was so that Mikhail Blagosklonny would have a place where he could research different things. He tried hard to make sure that he was doing everything right and that he would be able to show people different opportunities for treatment. It was something that was a huge part of the review publication where peers could do research on different subjects. It was also something that Mikhail Blagosklonny was confident in and something that he tried hard to make better for all of the people who he was working with. Since Mikhail Blagosklonny started Oncotarget, he has been able to learn different things and has been able to make things better for all of the other peers that are a part of the publication with the different options that they have available to them and in the different areas that they are experts on cancer treatment.

The expert advice that Mikhail Blagosklonny has been giving to people is something that makes Oncotarget so valuable. Without it, doctors wouldn’t be able to connect with Oncotraget who are not in their special fields. They would worry about what they could be doing for their patients and they would probably be concerned about the issues that were going on in their fields. It was something that made it hard for people to realize and something that was different from anything else that other companies had offered in the past.

Mikhail Blagosklonny knew that Oncotarget could be successful for other people.Since Oncotarget has grown and more specialists have joined the publication, Mikhail Blagosklonny has seen a lot of changes. He has been able to keep track of the different things that Oncotarget does and that has helped him to make a difference in the world that he is in. Mikhail Blagosklonny is confident with the skills that he has and he has tried hard to make Oncotarget better. All of the people who work with Oncotarget also work to make sure that others are going to be able to benefit from it so that they can try different things in the practices that they have.

Avi Weisfogel’s Life Journey

Avi’s GoFundMe and Other Charity Works

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist who works in New Jersey, at Old Bridge Dental Care. He has used dentistry as a means to understand sleep problems. When not at work, Avi joins the New York Rangers hockey team, where they educate kids how to play the game and inspire them.

Operation Smile is a charity organization that assists children born with facial deformities primarily cleft lips and cleft palates. Avi’s began a GoFundMe campaign to help in raising funds. The group has performed many surgeries around the world.

Avi’s Dental Sleep Masters and Sleep Apnea

Avi is a dentist by profession. After graduating from a dental school, he spent the first year doing General Practice Residency. He later bought a dental practice in New Jersey.

Avi left his practice to venture into the world of sleep disorders. However, despite the effort he applied, he never got more than four patients in a month. To identify the cause, he approached his top referrer only to know that there were not many patients for oral appliances. After years of trying, he finally perfected the system so as to teach it. That is how he founded Dental Sleep Masters (DSM).

The company assists oral healthcare professionals use the different oral devices in helping the patient with sleep problems. Additionally, the professionals can establish the relationship between a sleep problem and dental health.

Avi’s Active Social Media Presence

Avi is also active in different social media networks. On Twitter, he updates his followers on events like his GoFundMe campaign. Avi also advertises various products on Twitter. Furthermore, he shares about his social life experiences.

On Facebook, he posts about his private life and his experience with other people. Moreover, Avi updates on different activities, like Dental Sleep Masters conferences.

He shares more of his experience on his AboutMe, as well as his Tumblr. The blogs also enable him to engage with his customers. This social media presence helps him know what benefits his customers are getting from him and what more they are expecting.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo and his Magnificent Career at Grupo Televisa

The media industry seems to be one of the most crowded niches. Therefore, excelling in this industry requires extra work to be done and for one to be persistently patient. Professionals like Porfirio Sanchez Galindo have been successful here due to their decorate education backgrounds and the skills that they have taken up during their career lives.

Why am I using Porfirio Sanchez Galindo as the perfect example? It is because he has beaten all odds to become a leading media professional working for the largest mass media company in Latin America. He currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer for Grupo Televisa’s editorial division, Grupo Editorial Televisa.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo landed a job at Grupo Televisa after having made many academic accomplishments. He is a graduate of Stanford Graduate Schol of Business, where he had been undertaking his executive studies since the year 2001. Prior to joining Stanford, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo had graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, from The Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM). Galindo also boasts of a Software Research Education from the Carnegie Mellon University, which he attended between the years 2011 and 2012.

As a result of his wide education experience, he posses more than 77 professional skills that make him the envy of others in his industry. Also, his education background landed him a job with the Ministry of Finance. That was in the year 2000, when he was appointed to work as the Chief of Staff, a position that he held until the year 2006.

When he left the Ministry of Finance, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo got a job with Grupo Televisa. At the time, Grupo Televisa’s executive VP, appointed him to work in the lower management levels. He did work there for quite some time before the World Bank started headhunting him, with a promise of better employment terms. It was then that Grupo Televisa realized that they would be losing one of their best talent and decided to offer him even better terms than the World Bank. It was at that point that he was made CEO of the editorial group.


Innovacare’s Expert Administrative Team That Plays A Key Role In Bettering Americans’ Health

InnovaCare is a well-known quality health provider based in North America. It specializes in the provision of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs. The programs offer Americans Mexicans an affordable health plan that caters to most of the medical concerns. InnovaCare Health values the lives of all people and has an undeterred focus to install life changing plans in society. They rotate their works around patience and quality to maintain consistently good treatment without discriminating against varying socio economic statuses.

InnovaCare has a highly professional administrative team that works cooperatively and diligently to ascertain the smooth operations of Medicare and Medicaid programs. The president and chief executive officer Rick Shinto has an extensive leadership portfolio in the medical field that has fully equipped him with the will power and knowledge to raise InnovaCare’s performance to a world status.

Richard who is known by his alias name Rick received his bachelors from the University of California before specializing in medicine at the State University of New York. He then enrolled into the University of Redlands where he acquired a postgraduate degree in business administration. Richard’s first job was in Southern California where he interned as a pulmonologist. He has a working experience with Aveta Corporation as a chief executive officer for four years and NAMM as a chief medical officer and head operations manager. He served at MedPartners as a corporate vice president and left to work for Cal Optima Health, a position he held until he joined InnovaCare Health.

InnovaCare’s human resource team added three competitive professionals in June 2015 with the helpful input of Rick Shinto. The three included Penelope Kokkinides, a seasoned leader who has expertise in running the Medicaid and Medicare programs. Penelope’s resume entails working for Centerlight Healthcare as an executive vice president and chief operating officer. She worked for Touchstone Health as a chief operating officer and served as a vice president for Care Management and Disease. Penelope joined InnovaCare as a chief administrative officer and commented that the recruitment was an honorable experience in her career.

Penelope is an alumnus of Binghamton University who has a bachelors in biological sciences and classical languages. She has master’s degree in public health from New York University and social works from Colombia University. She has post masters degree in alcohol and substance abuse from New York University. Her rich educations and invaluable working experience give her an unmatched vision in creating the best health plans for Americans.


Revived Goettl Air Conditioning Company

There was a recent announcement of the acquisition of the Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association that is owned by a family by Goettl Air Conditioning was recent. The details about the finances were however not produced. This will spearhead massive development, some, a level Todd Longbrake won’t have done by himself. The growth will be spearheaded by solidification in California despite being present in areas such as Tucson, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Longbrake was unwilling to back the support of buying the family owned business regardless of Goettl demonstrating interest prior in 2015. His mind was shifted after hearing impressive remarks from HVAC industry concerning Goettl plus Ken Goodrich who is the owner.

Longbrake holds the role of sales managing and field supervising in Goettl. He has incorporated into the company norms and with no time became a leader. Due to management issue with Walton and complications in the market, Goodrich sought to broadcast the purchase recently. This was despite the purchase made in 2015 and finalization of the deal a couple of years back. Goodrich aim was to get everything in position before handing the company the Goettl badge. The great amount of trust he believed Walton was going to give Goettl made him get through great obstacles. Goodrich shared a family background with the same principles. The company would offer an expansion platform despite Walton being time stagnant.

Goettl was earlier co-founded by Gust and Adam who are brothers. It is a company dealing with services such as heating services and AC maintenance specialists. It has grown after the purchase to supporting 200 more jobs apart from the 306 employed workers. It has its biggest markets is found mainly two major towns namely Tucson and Phoenix. Their main objective is to grow the brand to a national platform. This organization provides a more welcoming environment for employees. They also provide their employees with good benefits. This is credited to the new management as the past ownership accredited by poor misconduct.

A new system of conversing with their employees’ day today has been integrated. This has made a positive impact which is transmitted to a more holistic of customers and colleagues together with the whole industry. They are also involved in philanthropy programs such as an annual drive that helps supply water through sorting of over 50000 cases. With a fresh and transformed culture, workers are motivated to work hard and are excited to take part in the developments


End Citizens United Ensures That The Public Knows About Campaign Finances

Campaign finance in America is what drives elections, and there are many different people who will do not understand how much corruption is involved in the campaigns they vote for. Someone who is searching for information on campaign finances may look into what End Citizens United has to say, and they may learn quite a lot about what happens in Washington by following this organization. This article explains why I am so interested in what End Citizens United does.


#1: What Do They Want To Change?


End Citizens United wants to change how campaigns are paid for because they know that the richest people in America are able to buy elections. Their money spreads across Washington, and the money causes more corruption because there are more positions to buy. A person like me who wants to see the laws change may support the PAC by helping them raise money.


#2: Fundraisers


I have participated in many fundraisers that are an important part of the PAC, and we have already raised $4 million. There are many more millions to raise, and the money that is raised will change the public education work that End Citizens United wants to do. There are quite a few different people who wish to help at these events, and we are hoping to push forward and agenda that will take big money out of government.


#3: Social Media


The social media presence of the PAC is important because they post quite a lot of news and information that may be used to ensure that the public votes for campaign finance reform. The public may participate in pushing the agenda with their local officials, and the laws may be drafted to change how money is spent in elections. You and I are responsible for this because we vote for the people who may make this change.


#4: Why Does It Matter?


No one in America should have to live under a government that is bought and paid for by personal wealth. Most Americans simply do not have that kind of money, and they cannot run for office because they do not have the money to combat in any election. It is important for people to ensure that they are not spoken for by special interests, and a changed law will ensure that the big money is removed completely.


I have helped End Citizens United with many events because they are showing us that we may have government that is not run by big money. There are many different people who will enjoy working with us, and they may share the information that the PAC posts online. We want to educate the public and take big money out of government.


Whitney Wolfe – CEO And More!

The problem arises when people let their apps run for weeks or months or years on end, all without checking or changing the profile; can you, as a human being, survive running for miles and miles in the desert without water or food?

As funny as it may sound, this is exactly what we do to our dating apps while expecting them to run immediately and flawlessly; how sadly ironic is this fact? Why put our social media through so much trouble and heartache, as well as our busy lives, when all of this could be prevented through properly checking and filtering through the Whitney Wolfe Bumble app? This USA-made dating product is here just for you so check it out.

This goes for those of you don’t see the ultimate importance of choosing the proper and best type of dating apps possible. Please be aware that you need to check out the next top two on the list. They are five-star Tinder and Bumble, beginning with the Tinder. I, for one, prefer to invest in quality app and not in free apps lacking quality. A leak-free messaging system through a properly implemented privacy setting comes with this product and ensures proper placement and retention, making this private IM filter one of the best.

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Bumble BFF offers valid long-life performance with paid intervals and trapping efficiency for internal leakage prevention. It also protects up to 615 messages. It ranks 4.7 stars.

The newest Tinder version additionally does the same while offering protection of up to 615 messages for every inbox. It is slightly lower in cost and durability yet efficient nonetheless.

Very similar to what we have just seen in the top 11 apps of 2017, we can note a trend. Whitney Wolfe’s apps are the top providers. Their quality and grade of product, as well as the final result in use by the owner, have been well implemented and nearly unmatched. There are no competitors quite like them; they make the absolute best apps on all levels and were rated as the best for years in a row.

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Eva Moskowitz receives Broad Prize on behalf of Success Academy

Success Academy founder and CEO Eva Moskowitz was in Washington D.C. earlier this month to attend an awards ceremony where Success Academy was given the Broad Prize.


The Broad Prize is an annual award given to a charter network that has had proven results with outstanding academic achievements from its students. Students must be predominantly from low-income families and be children of color.


Success Academy was founded by Eva Moskowitz in 2006 after she saw how poor the education system was in most New York City schools, but especially in those in low-income areas.


From her experience as a teacher, a school board member and a parent, she knew it was possible for all children to excel in school if they only had the right education to begin with.


So, Eva Moskowitz started Success Academy in an attempt to achieve that. Just 11 years later, the network has 41 schools and is currently serving more than 14,000 students with more being admitted every year.


It is not just that Eva Moskowitz and the Success Academy gives these children a high quality education, however, it is also the extremely good test results the network is able to achieve with most of the children in its schools.


Elementary and middle school Success Academy students are currently testing in the top 10 percent in the state for several core subjects. They are even beating the test scores of children from affluent school districts who have been given every opportunity in education and in life.


Eva Moskowitz also knows the type of results Success Academy has achieved can be replicated in other areas of the country, and by other charter schools.


That is why she is putting online the network’s curriculum, teaching tools and resources so that any charter school educator in the United States has access to them as well.

Kim Dao Compares And Describes Japanese Hair Care Products

Kim Dao, an Australian beauty blogger of Asian descent recently uploaded a YouTube video where she described and contrasted some of the most popular Japanese hair care products. Below is a short summary of some of the conclusions and ratings she gives to various Japanese hair products and whether she suggests you try them.


The first product that Kim mentions in her beauty video on Japanese products is the Kao Essential brand rich damage care treatment cream. Kim Dao says that the rich damage care treatment cream by Kao Essential is very similar to a hair conditioner. You put it in your hair for about 30 seconds and then wash it away. One of the things that Kim Dao says she likes about this product is that it is similar to hair masks, except that you do not have to put it on after you have showered. You can apply it while showering. It is a great product to use for people with damaged, dry or heavily bleached hair says Kim Dao. Learn more:


The second product that Kim Dao describes in her YouTube video on Japanese hair products is Shiseido ma cherie perfect shower. It is a hair spray that is designed to make your hair shiny and more manageable. Kim Dao says she sprays Shisedeo ma cherie perfect shower on her hair when she wakes up in the morning. Her her can get messy when she wakes up and this product does the trick. You can let the product dry on its own or blow dry it. Learn more: