Organo Gold: Coffee and More

Founded in 2008 on the principle of bringing the best the natural world has to offer to consumers, Organo Gold- now called ORGANO- is a producer and distributor of various coffe, tea and other products, such as beauty supplies. Watch this video on Youtube.

Primarily known for their enhanced and flavored coffee drinks, Organo Gold distributes to coffee shops in 45 countries. They provide beans, single-serve coffees and flavored beverages and teas. They bring the best natural ingredients from around the world to enhance their beverages and make personal care and health products such as grape seed oil and beauty bars.

They use a network of freelance distributors across the globe to bring their products everywhere from Starbucks to the local family-owned, neighborhood coffee shop. Distributors are given samples to help them show new markets what Organo Gold coffee and other wellness products can do for them.

Organo Gold is the only company to offer an instant coffee with Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder, the Gourmet Organic King of Coffee which can found in stores or online. This instant coffee is a unique offering.


As coffee culture grows across the globe there are more options for coffee drinkers than ever before. Different types of beans grown in different climates, the method and duration of roasting the beans, the brewing and pouring methods and the variety of extras like cream and flavoring all have their fans, many of whom will not drink anything other than the perfect coffee. Organo is seeking to meet all of their needs while also providing products that increase health and wellness. They offer shakes, teas, beauty products and personal care products for all walks of life. Bringing the best natural remedies and organic, sustainable agricultural practices from their suppliers, Organo Gold is a healthy drink option that you can feel good about. Visit to know more.

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