Jeremy Goldstein Co-Chairs Fountain House Event

Mental illness can be a deterrent. It can deter victims from living normal lives. It can bring a halt to dreams and aspirations. For many, it can stop educational pursuits and leave its victims in limbo. It can destroy one’s confidence and hinder success. The Fountain House is trying to help those who are victimized by traumatizing mental illness. One way they are achieving their goals is through the House’s innovative programs. These programs bring the victims of mental conditions together with a dedicated and trained staff at the Fountain House. The House offers support and a place of solace and healing for those in need. Members forge friendships and come in contact with much-needed mentors. However, these unique programs are dependent on the support and contributions of local businesses. The Fountain House’s annual Fall Fete is one way that new contributors are pursued and enlightened about the House and its endeavors. Associate Scholarship winners are announced at the event. Local lawyer, Jeremy L. Goldstein, is a loyal supporter and a co-chair for the event. According to Goldstein, the Association created the scholarships over 5 years ago. The scholarships go to two deserving recipients each year. The recipients must be survivors whose education was interrupted by a mental disorder. The Association works diligently to reduce the stigma that is often attached to mental illness. The Fountain House’s mission is to educate the community and to help those who are recovering from the effects of mental disorders. The 5th Fall event was held in November of 2012 with dinner and dancing at the prestigious Metropolitan Club on 5th Avenue in New York City. There was also a cocktail reception before the event. The reception was held at Emporio Armani on Madison Avenue. The House continues its efforts to educate the community and to improve the lives of its members.


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