I Don’t Have High Interest Rates Anymore Because Of Ignition Financial

I refinanced my car once before with a company that was able to lower my interest rates by 5% each month. With several years left on my loan, I decided to take another chance to refinance it with Ignition Financial, and I hit the jackpot. I honestly think that my previous financier was not giving me all the right information and purposely gave me an expensive loan when I could’ve gotten one that was much cheaper. Ignition Financial was able to find me some great financing options that lowered my interest rates to 12%, which is amazing.


Once upon a time I decided to purchase my first car, and I was so happy to be independent that I didn’t care what it was going to cost to keep the car. After months of paying too much money on the car, I started wondering how it was possible to slash my payments. I was able to refinance with the same company that was financing the car, but they only took down the interest rates by 5%. It’s only after going outside of the previous company that I found Ignition Financial, who lowered my rates even more.


Although I was very happy to get lower interest rates and lower payments with Ignition Financial, I became even happier when I found out the other options that they have for car protection. I have full coverage insurance on my car as does anyone who has a financed car, but I wanted more. I was told that if my car was ever in an accident that totaled it, I may be responsible for part of the loan payments, especially if it was my fault. Insurance companies will only pay so much on the car, but I wanted full coverage, so I got a coverage plan with Ignition Financial.


The optional coverage plan is fantastic because it protects my car completely with protection for the tires, any maintenance that the car may need, and it even protects the car loan. I pay an additional fee for this coverage on a monthly basis, but with the security of knowledge that my car is completely covered by insurance, I’m very happy now. I liked working with Ignition Financial and loved the fact that they’ve helped me to save money on a monthly basis and have helped me to fully protect my beautiful car.


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