Graeme Holm And Rebecca Walker Made Infinity Group Australia Successful

Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker started Infinity Group Australia as a way to serve their customers, and they have worked tirelessly to improve customer care across the board. They have created a new loan model for everyone in Australia, and they have completely changed the loan market as a result. They have been given awards by the AFR, and they are shown to give better customer care than larger banks.


  1. Graeme Holm’s Vision


Graeme Holm had a vision for the future that people would be able to take out loans at any time for less money. He has built a company that was designed to help people pay less in fees, and it could allow them to pay off their loans much more comfortably. There are many people who prefer to use Infinity Group because they know they will pay less, and they come out for any kind of loan that is conceivable.


  1. The Australian Market


The Australian market has changed greatly since Infinity Group Australia started offering the loans that they give. There are banks in Australia that must match with Infinity Group is doing, and they are hoping to give customers the same care that they see them getting from Infinity Group. Infinity Group is known for customer care, and they are pushing banks to give people what they deserve.


  1. Business Loans


There are many companies that come to Infinity Group for business loans because they know that they will pay much less money. They will save money on fees just to get the loan closed, and they will be much more confident in the way that they can pay off these loans. Companies that must take out loans to complete tasks could work with Infinity Group because this company knows how to help businesses come up with massive financing for big projects.


  1. Their Awards


The Australian Financial Review has given a commendation to Infinity Group for the work that they have done on behalf of their customers. They have given great reviews to the company in the past, and they have started something of a ground swell of support for this company. People who were not aware of their loan products might have found out about them through articles on the AFR, and the AFR continues to heap praise onto this company because of the loan products they offer that are so unique.


  1. Conclusion


Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker did a lot of good work making their company into one of the best loan providers in the world. They have changed the way that Australia gets loans, and they have worked with people in the business world who are in dire need of financing. Infinity Group Australia charges far less for their loans, and they do not leave their customers with fees that they must pay to initiate, close, and maintain their loans. The company has created a more friendly and boutique-style environment for customers that makes them feel more at home. Learn more:

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