Glen Wakeman – The Man Wearing Many Hats and They Are All A Perfect Fit

Glen Wakeman was interviewed in August 2017, and during this discussion, he responded quite frankly to the questions put before him regarding his mentoring as a business developer guiding startups from Launchpad to being successful entrepreneurs on their own. He has an MBA in Finance with his BS in Economics. Having an auspicious start with GE Capital, he was the founder of Nova Four. Wakeman holds the position of CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC.


LaunchPad Holdings LLC is an entrepreneurs formula for success. Glen Wakeman has created a recipe for succeeding in a business that sets guidelines to build and attain prosperity in entrepreneurship. Raising hundreds of millions of dollars in new capital has led larger companies to become even more successful.


Glen Wakeman’s LaunchPad is only a little over 2-years old and continuing to climb higher on the ladder of success. On a typical day in “Wakeman’s World”, he begins with checking the figures from the previous day, attending to administrative tasks, and paying the bills. After paying money out, the research begins to see how business trends are moving, what his competition has done overnight and continuing his plans.


Ending his day with a cup of tea or a Margarita, he escapes into his private life until the next daybreak. As technology continues to grow Wakeman’s excitement builds as he sees improvements in the application of machine learning where it is quicker, with a broader range of information and value offered, but the only thing that bothers him is with each leap in increased knowledge a little more privacy is taken away.


When Wakeman was asked what he would do differently in his life if he had the opportunity to re-do some things, Wakeman noted that he would keep better records of the people he met along the way and would stay in contact with them. Social Media has certainly helped to do this better in today’s era, but the easy-connect wasn’t available 20-years ago and so much personal information about people he connected with on the road to success wasn’t readily at his access (AnalystOfFinance). Many of the connections were not tracked and in today’s world, it is easier to stay in contact with those particular people through social media and available applications.

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