EOS Lip Balms Are the Lip Balm of the Future

Second only in sales to Burt’s Bees; the EOS lip balms have become one of the top selling beauty companies of the last few years. They worked hard to get their company where they are at now. According to the story published by fastcompany.com, EOS started their company with a goal to create an innovative product that would beat the odds to become a success. It was a bit of a gamble, but the creators of EOS knew they had nothing to lose and everything to prove to a world that believes new companies just don’t stand a chance in the modern world. They used modernity to beat that thought that the modern world is unchangeable.

EOS is known for their round shape and colorful containers. This was initially not a positive idea from retailers’ view points. Many male employees at retailers turned down the product because of the weird design. It took one female employee at Walgreen HQ to say that the EOS shapes were fun and that she would love to see them at Walgreen. Customers also loved it. They flocked to Walgreen to pick up the little egg shaped lip balms that were made from natural ingredients.

The EOS company amped up their marketing to use modern techniques. They weren’t interested in creating magazine ads or television ads that would get fewer views. They chose to create ads on YouTube and on social media that would be aimed at millennial shoppers. This helped their sales astronomically. For more information, visit the company’s website at evolutionofsmooth.com.

Product Links:

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