Enhanced Athlete: Don’t Be The Average Joe, Muscle Up!

Working out is an uphill struggle. Starting a work out is a giant step. Intense workouts demand mental and physical forte, rooftop concentration and rigorous personal discipline and drive. The journey to body-building is more difficult at the beginning and gets tougher as long as it lasts. That is why you need a workout –peer, a like-minded buddy to tag along. Enhanced Athlete is there for you. Enhanced Athlete has you covered on nutrition, gear and workout schedules.


Foundation & Philosophy


Enhanced Athlete was founded by Dr. Tony Huge, a professional bodybuilder. Since it was established, Enhanced Athlete has offered its services to people all over the world. People who are seeking to lose some fat and build muscle or want to be professional bodybuilders always find refuge at Enhanced Athlete. They make educative videos suitable for those just wishing to keep fit and more detailed videos for those seeking to be qualified bodybuilders.

Enhanced Athlete philosophy is to be transparent and avoid misinformation and distortion of facts regarding general fitness and bodybuilding. The advice on their platform is immediate, from active professional bodybuilders. They provide unbiased and objective information in line with the current trends in the bodybuilding industry. This allows their clients to make decisions on their fitness, from an informed point of view.


Mission & Goal


Enhanced Athletes mission is to educate their clients and provide them with detailed accurate information regarding bodybuilding and body fitness. They have posted more than a thousand videos on bodybuilding, so you would say they are true to their mission. It is this transparency that has helped them establish trust with customers. Their dedication to their ethics has helped them maintain loyalty with their fans.

Enhanced Athlete is the perfect gym buddy and provides their clients with personalized training. Clients are treated to a customized training plan based on their individual characteristics like goals, time, body strength and level of commitment. At enhanced athlete, there is an open communication system and plans can be made to fit any clients schedule, budget, and location.

Enhanced Athlete also provides nutrition guidelines, customized feeding programmes and meal planning prescriptions. This is to ensure they approach bodybuilding comprehensively and cover all aspects to ensure maximum results. A bodybuilder at Enhanced Athlete will experience better results with lesser effort. This will make them more competitive and efficient.


More about Enhanced Athlete


Enhanced Athlete also offers online services and has since established two subsidiaries: Enhanced Coaching & Enhanced Gear.

Enhanced Coaching offers diet training, nutrition program, Physique Assessment, Custom Weight Training Program bulking advice, and also a question and answer platform with a personal coach.

Enhanced Gear sells all gym related accessories from sweatshirts to water bottles to ensure that you work out with full gear and get fit the enhanced way.

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