End Citizens United Ensures That The Public Knows About Campaign Finances

Campaign finance in America is what drives elections, and there are many different people who will do not understand how much corruption is involved in the campaigns they vote for. Someone who is searching for information on campaign finances may look into what End Citizens United has to say, and they may learn quite a lot about what happens in Washington by following this organization. This article explains why I am so interested in what End Citizens United does.


#1: What Do They Want To Change?


End Citizens United wants to change how campaigns are paid for because they know that the richest people in America are able to buy elections. Their money spreads across Washington, and the money causes more corruption because there are more positions to buy. A person like me who wants to see the laws change may support the PAC by helping them raise money.


#2: Fundraisers


I have participated in many fundraisers that are an important part of the PAC, and we have already raised $4 million. There are many more millions to raise, and the money that is raised will change the public education work that End Citizens United wants to do. There are quite a few different people who wish to help at these events, and we are hoping to push forward and agenda that will take big money out of government.


#3: Social Media


The social media presence of the PAC is important because they post quite a lot of news and information that may be used to ensure that the public votes for campaign finance reform. The public may participate in pushing the agenda with their local officials, and the laws may be drafted to change how money is spent in elections. You and I are responsible for this because we vote for the people who may make this change.


#4: Why Does It Matter?


No one in America should have to live under a government that is bought and paid for by personal wealth. Most Americans simply do not have that kind of money, and they cannot run for office because they do not have the money to combat in any election. It is important for people to ensure that they are not spoken for by special interests, and a changed law will ensure that the big money is removed completely.


I have helped End Citizens United with many events because they are showing us that we may have government that is not run by big money. There are many different people who will enjoy working with us, and they may share the information that the PAC posts online. We want to educate the public and take big money out of government.


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