Clay Hutson Brings Visions To Life With An Incredible Work Ethic

Clay Hutson envisions a time in the not so distant future when musicians don’t rely so heavily on LED screens. It seems that the screens at live performances are getting larger and it’s a bit of a copout. It’s easy to wow an audience with a giant screen and image but it’s more endearing to use innovative artistry to give the audience an experience that they’ll never forget.

But, for the time being, Clay Hutson’s job is to erect these massive stages. He’s been in the game since 1999 after graduating from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater Design and Technical Production. He also managed to stick around long enough to grab a Master of Business Administration. Through the years he’s been a production manager for Kanye West and Prince. After the economic collapse of 2008, he took the opportunity to found his own business. He’s now working on the Kid Rock concert tour.

The driven production manager arrives at the arena at dawn. He takes advantage of this sliver of solitude to plan the production for the day. As his crew begins to arrive at the venue, he begins to delegate responsibilities.

One of the great things about Clay Hutson is that he’s able to bring an artist’s vision to life. With a wealth of experience, he knows exactly what will work visually and sonically to give the audience the best experience possible. Essentially, the artist has a creative idea and he brings it to life with practical solutions.

In an effort to stay three steps ahead, Clay Hutson is constantly innovating new ideas. He sees the live performances of the future going back to basic roots. Instead of using massive technological displays, Clay thinks inventive artistic solutions will come back to the fore. Nuance and intimacy will be popular once again. And when that happens, Clay Hutson will be right there to make it a reality.

Clay might look like he’s enjoying the concert but he’s actually planning his escape. The stage needs to be broken down safely, stored and transported for the next show. He might look like he’s looking at the performer but he’s actually looking at the stage and how it needs to be attacked. Nobody works harder than Clay in the industry and it shows that each and every one of his concerts. You should check one out in the near future.

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