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The way that business operates is a tricky subject, especially for people who are confused on how these sort of things work. There is a meta physical web that businesses operate over, and this includes such touchy subjects as patent laws and how they function. Securus Technologies, an information technology company, has recently been under fire for patent expiration accusations from another company in the industry, GTL. These claims state that Securus Technologies have a multitude of different products that they are currently selling whose patent codes have expired. This means that these products should no longer be safeguarded by Securus and should instead be placed into the free market for use in any company’s business plans. After much research was conducted by both Securus and third party allies there was a discovery that these accusations are baseless and are untrue. This is great news for Securus, whose products have assisted so many individuals with their communication issues.


Securus mainly supports a niche customer base that other companies do not generally bother with. These customers are incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States prison system. These inmates require the same level of communication needs as any other American citizen. In order to reach these needs Securus provides them with incredible products to make their lives easier. One such product is a free downloadable application that makes it possible for inmates to communicate with their family members and loved ones over WiFi networks in the form of seamless video chat technology. This application not only makes visitation easier, it revolutionizes how prison communication and life can operate.


Securus is a wonderful company that provides support to individuals that others would rather ignore. For their work worth inmates and their family members this company deserves to continue to move forward.


Securus Technologies Unique Video Visitation App Registers Instant Success

Securus Technologies reported that its mobile application, which as explained in wikipedia allows inmates to communicate with their loved ones, had registered a successful adoption. The application is compatible with devices such as tablets, Apple iPhones, Android smartphones, iPod touches, and iPads. Since launching about since months ago, the Android phone app has registered more than 60,000 times downloads while Apple app, which launched much later, was downloaded nearly 5,000 times. Our Video Visit app aligns with our philosophy of Serve and Connect. We offer a platform for families and friend to visit their loved ones, who are serving their prison terms.
Why the Video Visit App is unique

A recent crunchbase app review, reveals that this Video Visit App incorporates aspects of flexibility to the rigidness associated with prisons and jails. It creates a mind-blowing communication experience for the inmates and makes visitation convenient. Families and friends of incarcerated persons can use the app to video call inmates utilizing Apple phones, Androids, and tablets. The free mobile app presents an opportunity for families to share special moments such as birthdays, sporting events, and holidays with their incarcerated loved ones from the comfort of their home. The application is available on App Store and Google Play.

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A look into Securus Technologies

At Securus Technologies, we offer exceptional technological solutions ranging from emergency response, investigation, communication, crisis management, biometric analysis, and information management to many correction facilities available in North America. Our services are available to over 3,400 correctional and public safety agencies and more than 1,200,000 prisoners.

According to, Securus main offices are based in Dallas, TX. At the beginning of 2016, we appointed an experienced executive, who will oversee the creation of Tech-savvy and highly trained sales team to market more than 800 products to the corrections and law enforcement industry. Over a span of three years, we have dedicated $600 million to the development of high-quality products.,0#axzz49e6zHsBL