Serge Belamant…Where Blockchain all Began…

Who is the Man Behind Blockchain?

Perhaps you’ve heard the name Serge Belamant? After finishing college in the early 1970’s, he went on to do a lot of great things with computer science. Offering the business world the very first incarnation of blockchain technology back in the late 1980’s happens to be one of them. Let’s take a look at the story of Serge Belamant.

Even in the Beginning, Success Followed Him…

Serge Belamant came from a French family that migrated to the South African continent when he was towards the end of his junior high age range. He had to learn to, not only read the English language, but also write using it! He did this and had an incredible grammar school career full of traditional boy’s sports such as rugby and also the national recognition for his chess playing abilities.

Next was College for Serge…

In the early 1970’s Serge Belamant began to attend college. During his first year, his business aspiration was engineering however this changed during the second year. Serge discovered an entire component of higher education dedicated to computer science, and he was quite interested. He changed his major to computer science and applied mathematics his Sophomore year. His third year of college he discovered info systems technology. Realizing that this is where the future of man/machine interaction lay, he began to take courses embracing it.

How has his Professional Career Gone?

“Quite well…,” would have to be the answer to this question. When he was done taking classes Serge Belamant moved directly into an Engineering firm and utilized his computer science skills to analyse systems that procure important scientific data such as that which is related to droughts and such. His real passion has always laid in economic interfaces though…

This is How Serge came up with Blockchain…

Over the years, Serge has applied for quite a few US patents for POS and banking systems. Well, he’s improved those systems for these same entities as a freelancer for higher! After he developed a handful of systems, he left the workforce to start Net1. He created the first incarnation of blockchain and now they are using blockchain to power a European debit card that can function as its very own banking infrastructure under the correction conditions.

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