New Video Premiere Released Alongside the New Chainsmokers’ Track, Side Effects!

Camila Mendes glides her way through her starring role in the latest Chainsmokers’ video for single, Side Effects. The Riverdale star- playing the part of a overworked hotel employee- brings slick moves to highlight the bouncy pop track but it is hard to say whose star shines brightest, Mendes, the Chainsmokers or guest vocalist Emily Warren. The duo is certainly on a roll, Side Effects being their fifth song released in 2018, following on the heels of hits like You Owe Me, Somebody and the title track for their soon to be released album Sick Boy. The highly anticipated album follows 2017 release, Memories… Do Not Open and the group will be performing through the end of 2018 to bring the breadth of their latest releases to fans eager to dance.

Their tracks have been difficult to miss as the EDM duo have been releasing hit after hit, their last record achieving platinum status and Forbes listing the group as the third highest paid DJ’s list of 2017. Forming in 2012, the Chainsmokers are Alex Paul and Andrew Taggart, a DJ and production team hailing from New York City. Developing a sound and style that merges pop, EDM, hip-hop and indie rock, the Chainsmokers have forged a musical path that lends to both headphone head-nods and dance floor riotous shivaree.

Latest single, Side Effects is one of the duo’s strongest. Longtime collaborator, Emily Warren turns in vocals that shine and shimmer above the bouncy, grooving track. See the video to Side Effects, where Mendes’ moves perfectly reflect the emotional heights and range of Warren’s lyrics. By the time Mendes races through the halls of the hotel, fireworks explode through the sky and we are invited to play peeping-tom to the various revelries of the hotel guests. With breathless ease this latest Chainsmokers hit is delivered to us in a perfect pop package.