Marc Beer, An Acclaimed Leader in Modern Science

It is deserving that whoever is great get the recognition and praise he owes to them. Marc Beer has actively been involved in biotechnology, research and attempted to merge these with the use of new technologies. He recently, announced that Renovia, a health company he co-founded has received hefty funding from a group of leading health care investors.


This funding which is about Us $ 42 million out of which US$ 10 million is for venture debt does into financing development and experimenting of various tech diagnostic and treatment product. This shares in the Renovia vision which is to help about 250 million women in the world who are suffering from pelvic floor disorders and urinary incontinence. Marc Beer along with his team of experts are into research where they desire to come up with a solution that strengthens the pelvic muscles and one that would be effective in managing these conditions.


Successfully, Renovia in April 2018 launched the used of Leva as a diagnostic and treatment tool approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The group is committed to understanding how proprietary technologies and valuable data can be used to help serve this course. The funding will go a long way in helping this dream become a reality. Marc Beer, the Renovia Chief Executive Officer projects that if they obtain a better understanding of the pelvic floor disorders, the health care costs will lower considerably. Learn more:


About Marc Beer


Marc Beer has a long-standing reputation of being a good leader in the healthcare industry. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Renovia Inc. alongside Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie. Before this project, Marc Beer has established a biotechnology company known as ViaCell in 2000 after realizing various gaps that he desired to fill. He led to the collection, preserving and development of blood cells from the umbilical cord for scientific purposes. The company grew rapidly to even trade publicly by 2005 and having offered about 300 job opportunities. Since the company prospects were good, the PerkinElmer acquired it in 2007 and it began trading in the New York Stock Exchange as PKI.


This Medical Expert, Marc Beer in the past was the Global Marketing Vice President at Genzyme. His leadership moved the company to get international recognition from offering prime solutions. Here in, he has identified about 350 million people suffering from over 7,000 rare diseases and focused his attention on them to help manage this special and unique cases. His transformative health care methods using gene-application have been absorbed in the market today.


Marc Beer has an extensive experience in matters of biotechnology and management of special conditions. He has worked with many established health care organizations and institutions such as Biotechnology Innovation Organization, a government corporation. He is currently challenged by the cancer menace and is working towards getting a solution.


Clay Hutson Brings Visions To Life With An Incredible Work Ethic

Clay Hutson envisions a time in the not so distant future when musicians don’t rely so heavily on LED screens. It seems that the screens at live performances are getting larger and it’s a bit of a copout. It’s easy to wow an audience with a giant screen and image but it’s more endearing to use innovative artistry to give the audience an experience that they’ll never forget.

But, for the time being, Clay Hutson’s job is to erect these massive stages. He’s been in the game since 1999 after graduating from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater Design and Technical Production. He also managed to stick around long enough to grab a Master of Business Administration. Through the years he’s been a production manager for Kanye West and Prince. After the economic collapse of 2008, he took the opportunity to found his own business. He’s now working on the Kid Rock concert tour.

The driven production manager arrives at the arena at dawn. He takes advantage of this sliver of solitude to plan the production for the day. As his crew begins to arrive at the venue, he begins to delegate responsibilities.

One of the great things about Clay Hutson is that he’s able to bring an artist’s vision to life. With a wealth of experience, he knows exactly what will work visually and sonically to give the audience the best experience possible. Essentially, the artist has a creative idea and he brings it to life with practical solutions.

In an effort to stay three steps ahead, Clay Hutson is constantly innovating new ideas. He sees the live performances of the future going back to basic roots. Instead of using massive technological displays, Clay thinks inventive artistic solutions will come back to the fore. Nuance and intimacy will be popular once again. And when that happens, Clay Hutson will be right there to make it a reality.

Clay might look like he’s enjoying the concert but he’s actually planning his escape. The stage needs to be broken down safely, stored and transported for the next show. He might look like he’s looking at the performer but he’s actually looking at the stage and how it needs to be attacked. Nobody works harder than Clay in the industry and it shows that each and every one of his concerts. You should check one out in the near future.

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