Samuel Strauch: Real Estate Expert in Miami Beach

The real estate market in the United States has been moving towards the right direction. However, South Florida Economy is telling a different story. A chronic shortage of affordable houses in Miami Beach is getting worse, and residents are moving out.

In a report released in early April by National Low Income Housing Coalition, the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale market in short supply of the affordable income. The low-income residents in Miami who form the backbone of the economy can’t find homes near their jobs.

The real estate market is about to get worse considering that President Donald Trump wants to cut 13% or about $ 6 Billion from the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development of Housing and Urban Development budget.

You would hope that the lawmakers in the region would provide solutions, but instead, they are following the same path. With the crisis in the area worsening day after day, one can only hope that a solution will be found.

The housing crisis in Miami Beach may be getting worse for some of the residents, but real estate agents like Samuel Strauch are benefiting greatly. Samuel has built a robust career in selling high-end apartments and condominium.

Samuel Strauch has been in the real estate industry for 15 years. 78% of the time Samuel represents the buyer. However, he has managed to sell a couple of properties at a profit.

More About Samuel

Samuel Strauch is a principal at the Metrik Real Estate. He joined the Company in 2002. Metrik is a progressive firm that provides services in three distinct areas: Capital, Real Estate, and Management.

Samuel Strauch holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, International Business from Hofstra University. He also attended the Erasmus University Rotterdam to pursue studies in International Finance and International Marketing. Samuel studied Executive Education in Real Estate and Capital Markets from Harvard University.

Samuel is also an active investor in Internet and restaurant businesses.

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