ICMediaDirect Reveals Key Components of Managing Your Online Reputation

A public relations and online reputation management agency that is still providing valuable information to organizations looking to manage their online reputations better is ICMediaDirect. This is a key service of today that many companies have difficulty with. Many organizations are unaware of how to create a responsive digital media campaign. ICMediaDirect(http://finance.yahoo.com/news/ic-media-direct-reputation-management-093000586.html) recommends beginning your strategy by monitoring the mentions of your brand online. Staying up to the moment regarding online reviews, brand mentions, and more, you can be more proactive about your reputation management.
There are a variety of different tools available so you can monitor your company.One outlet as revealed by OnlineReputationReviews.com is to utilize Google Alerts and receive emails containing updates of your brand mentioned in the search engine results. You can set up as many alerts as you like to be emailed to you hourly or daily. Use the Social Mention tool to keep an eye on the online actions related to your brand on social media. Track specific keywords and stay aware of the natural language of your audience. Pay attention to what your audience is saying, where they are saying it, and whether the tone is light, neutral, or positive. Be a part of your audience’s conversation so that you can help guide it. Give reviews ultimate attention and make sure they are monitored.

Managing your online reputation is essentially managing the information about your company available on the internet. All of the online listings and directories that list your brand need to be claimed by you. Increase the control you have over your brand messaging by claiming your listings. Allow your company to be proactive about its brand messaging. You can’t control what other people say on social media, but you can be proactive.

Tell your story through marketing practices like video marketing. ICMediaDirect has a great deal of experience providing content marketing and online reputation services since 1996. The company has received the New York Excellence Award on more than one occasion for the knowledge they have of SEO and content creation. The company makes a presence at numerous marketing conferences and events all throughout the year. These events include SES, Affiliate Summit, LeadsCon, and more.