Talk Fusion Launches New And Improved WebRTC Technology With Their Applications

Talk Fusion has been a leader in the video marketing solutions game for several years now. They have established themselves as a global powerhouse, providing it’s customers with an easy to use solution that caters to a variety of different platforms and applications. Bob Reina is their founding father who has given his heart to the company and its many customers. Through this technology he is able to connect the world and bring together a family of users from across the globe. Talk Fusion developers are constantly improving upon an already impeccable solution.

Their newest innovation is the integration of the WebRTC technology which allows for the recording of very clear videos through the chrome or firefox web browsers. The WebRTC technology has been available for several years now but they are one of the first companies to incorporate it successfully into their applications. At this point in time only 2 applications are fully utilizing the WebRTC technology, these are Video Newsletter and Video Chat. Bob Reina ensures us that they will be soon able to use the technology across all products. Talk Fusion is working tirelessly to make this happen and to ensure that their customers have the best software at their fingertips to allow them to communicate with their clients.

Talk Fusion has also received a recent prize for the product of the year 2016 when it comes to WebRTC technology. Not only are they one of the few who have implemented the technology they are also the only firm who have managed to do it successfully. The WebRTC technology greatly improves the ability to use the software across multiple devices, with seamless integration.

Users who are interested in trying this new technology can now also take advantage of their free 30 day trial which gives users free access to the entire product suite without requiring any financial commitment, simply sign up.