EOS Lip Balm Rises to Top With Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements can be wonderful. A company that gets the blessings of celebrities will become an instant sensation. That is certainly what has happened with the magnificent Evolution of Smooth brand. This company has become one of the most exciting new operations around, and it is all because of the celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato that are trying this brand.

There is no secret that celebrities have the ability to sell products and services. That is why Oscar winner Jamie Foxx has been seen in T-Mobile commercials. That is why Michael Jackson was in Pepsi commercials many decades ago. Fans watch what their favorite celebrities do. This is what EOS got right. Coincidentally, this is what Chapstick got wrong.

The EOS Lip balm has been able to thrive because celebrity endorsements have been linked to this product. No one is seen on Instagram with Chapstick. There are tons of celebrities, however, that are showing off their cool Evolution of Smooth lip balm sphere. This difference in marketing is a game changer. What makes it work is the fact that none of these celebrities aren’t paid to endorse the product. That is the thing that is really making this eBay available product take off.

There is no doubt that Jamie Foxx is getting paid millions to endorse T-Mobile. Michael Jackson got millions to endorse Pepsi products. This is just the way that it works for the big companies. There is a lot of money tossed around in marketing to keep these companies on the top. A much smaller company like EOS, however, has to depend on a spontaneous unofficial endorsement from celebrities that just happen to like the product. That is the reason that so many people like the EOS celebrity buzz on social media. They know that it’s genuine.

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