The Many Factors of Real Estate

Mr. Terry Baltes was the original founder of BALTES COMMERCIAL REALTY LTD. He is its present owner and president. He and the company are based in Dayton, Ohio.

BALTES COMMERCIAL REALTY LTD. was started in 1977. It currently remains strong in the business, and continues to grow. It is but one name among many within the real estate business, a most fascinating one….as is that of hospitality as well.

Speaking of the hotel and real estate business, or shall I say the hotel real estate business, I have just recently stumbled upon quite a particularly unique and interesting piece of online writing in the form of an article publiched by Live Trading News. It was written by Shayne Heffernan back in July of this year, and speaks of a twenty year study on overall customer and guest satisfaction within the very hotel real estate industry. What I have found is truly fascinating, and you may read the entire full length article for yourself by meerly following this link:

I will briefly summarize what was discussed. First of all, the online article piece begins with the most appealing and eye catching of introductions. I do quote:

“As hotel guests increasingly come to expect amenities that used to be special perks, such as free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfasts and premium bed linens, the industry may be reaching a customer satisfaction plateau, according to the J.D. Power 2016 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study, SM….” (paragraph 1)

The article continues in mentioning that this study has gone on to account for a numerous variety of factors in determining customer satisfaction and overall continued business & partnership. Such factors can make or break a company’s overall reputation and success, particularly within those in which Mr. Baltes is involved….the real estate and hospitality industry.