HGTV Shares Party Planning Tips

Party planning doesn’t have to be a chore, and can be fun if you take the time to plan out your steps and do it right. Camille Syles an expert party planner offered some great tips on HGTV that can help make your next party or big event a big success.

One of the biggest keys to a successful party is making a list of all the the things you have to do before the big day. A list can help break everything down into manageable steps and make sure that you don’t forget anything. It’s also a helpful way to keep things simple and stress free so that the host can have fun and not worry.

Making a list is not the only tip that Styles offered offered. She also suggested creating a theme to help make the event more memorable. A theme can also make some of the more difficult decorating and planning decsions easier, and is fun for the guests.

Another simple tip that can make hosting and planning a party easier is to have a make your own drink bar. A proper bar with a few mixers, liquors, some beer and wine, allows guests to customize their own drink and allows you to enjoy the party.

Having a kid table is a key element for a successful family friendly party. This is a great way to keep the kids entertained, and keep them from causing trouble. A few kid friendly activities can go a long way towards a successful party.

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Lauren Conrad Wants More For You Than Stress


Lauren Conrad is so tired of seeing people stressed out whenever they throw a party. She feels like she is looking into a mirror because that used to be her. Lauren used to get stressed out whenever she would throw a party, but they was before she learned secrets to keep every party free from all stress. She now wants to share some of those secrets with you.

Lauren Conrad’s first secret would be for you to plan ahead. Do not just wakeup one morning and decide to throw a party. Give yourself weeks or even a two to three months of advance time before the day of your party. This will give you enough time to make sure that every big and little thing concerning the party is perfect.

Lauren’s next secret would be for you to get an idea of what people want to eat. You can do this by sending a survey with the invitation or by calling people on the phone. Even if you have a buffet style party, you can still have food that all of your guests are going to enjoy. Using these two secrets to your advantage will help you keep anxiety and stress far away from your party.

If you feel you need some extra help, you should contact 23 Layers; this is an event planning company that has its headquarters in New York City. They exist solely to help people have wonderful events. They will make sure you have enough time to plan for everything, and they will make it their goal for everything to be perfect the day of your gathering.

They will also be in charge of food. They will put forth surveys themselves and make your guests R.S.V.P. by a specific date explaining the meal they wish to have at the function. You can have either a standard dinner or a buffet style dinner.

23 Layers charges extremely low prices, and they have all included packages that are so inexpensive they are practically giving them away. You can get a free consultation today., Don’t wait to throw off your stress; make your next party the best one yet.