Ted Bauman: Retirement Options

Ted Bauman is one of the editors for Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He is most popular for several of his investment advice columns that he publishes through Banyan Hill Publishing Company. His investment advice is tailored to individuals who are trying to avoid excess governmental oversight and to be able to live a life that is free from excessive regulation.

Ted Bauman recently spoke about some of the differences between a traditional pension and what are known as cash balance plans. Anybody that is interested in their retirement should be aware of the differences between the two. Ted Bauman states that cash balance plans are seen as an alternative to traditional pension plans. As a well-known authority on the topic of asset protection, he has suggested that for individuals that earn higher incomes it may be wise to consider alternatives to the traditional retirement plan.

According to Ted Bauman, nearly ¾ of Americans are underprepared for retirement. He also states that for a long time traditional pension plans were seen as a secure and stable retirement plan. However, due to changes that were enacted by Congress, this may no longer be the case. In fact, there are many companies that have gotten into financial trouble paying pensions.

In comparison to a traditional pension plan a cash balance plan as of several key differences. It is most commonly compared to a hybrid of a 401(k) and a traditional pension. With a cash balance plan, there is no need for the employees to invest their own money. This is very similar to a traditional pension. A traditional pension typically begins to pay out somewhere between the age of 55 and 65. A cash balance plan will take into account the total number of years that an employee worked for the company in addition to the employees’ salary. Another large benefit is that cash balance plans are transferable while a traditional pension plan is not. Cash balance plans also can allow an employee to withdraw their money whenever they leave the job while a traditional pension plan will not begin to pay out until the employee reaches retirement age.

How Malcolm CasSelle Has Been Able to Succeed in His Career

World Wide Asset Exchange (WAX) happened to be a newly founded P2P market through which virtues assets are being traded. The company aims at helping buyers and sellers manage to operate the businesses with ease. They work on decentralized contracts that are based on transparency and also the ability to do business. The company has also been designed in such a way that fraud and even fragmentation are avoided. These two are the only major problems in the industry of virtue markets and once controlled, businesses can move with a lot of speed and also great motivation. The great company is going to take the virtue trading of assets to the next level and is also going to be an excellent hub for digital companies.

Malcolm CasSelle is the founder and also the president of the company, WAX. He has been very passionate about his progress and has always worked towards ensuring that he helps it realize its full potential. They aim to serve all the markets with a lot of professionalism and also mining about their safety. The company’s reliability levels will make it a great business hub. He possesses great leadership skills and is usually confident about his career success. He possesses awesome leadership skills which people believe are inborn that have made him help so many companies realize their potentials.

Malcolm is an awesome leader and has been able to earn a lot of respect in the industry that he serves. CasSelle has been able to serve the great startups like Xfire and also Media Pass and has been able to persistently help them with technical support that they might ask for. He also happens to be the president of Opskins which is one of the leading online games sellers in the world. Before joining these companies, he used to serve as the president of Tronic Inc, which is also a leader in the media industry.

Malcolm is an alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology whereby he studied for masters and a bachelors in computer science. This was the beginning of his career. The institute, MIT happens to be the best IT school in the whole world, and it’s alumni have been known to be the people behind the tremendous technological advancements.