Avi Weisfogel’s Life Journey

Avi’s GoFundMe and Other Charity Works

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist who works in New Jersey, at Old Bridge Dental Care. He has used dentistry as a means to understand sleep problems. When not at work, Avi joins the New York Rangers hockey team, where they educate kids how to play the game and inspire them.

Operation Smile is a charity organization that assists children born with facial deformities primarily cleft lips and cleft palates. Avi’s began a GoFundMe campaign to help in raising funds. The group has performed many surgeries around the world.

Avi’s Dental Sleep Masters and Sleep Apnea

Avi is a dentist by profession. After graduating from a dental school, he spent the first year doing General Practice Residency. He later bought a dental practice in New Jersey.

Avi left his practice to venture into the world of sleep disorders. However, despite the effort he applied, he never got more than four patients in a month. To identify the cause, he approached his top referrer only to know that there were not many patients for oral appliances. After years of trying, he finally perfected the system so as to teach it. That is how he founded Dental Sleep Masters (DSM).

The company assists oral healthcare professionals use the different oral devices in helping the patient with sleep problems. Additionally, the professionals can establish the relationship between a sleep problem and dental health.

Avi’s Active Social Media Presence

Avi is also active in different social media networks. On Twitter, he updates his followers on events like his GoFundMe campaign. Avi also advertises various products on Twitter. Furthermore, he shares about his social life experiences.

On Facebook, he posts about his private life and his experience with other people. Moreover, Avi updates on different activities, like Dental Sleep Masters conferences.

He shares more of his experience on his AboutMe, as well as his Tumblr. The blogs also enable him to engage with his customers. This social media presence helps him know what benefits his customers are getting from him and what more they are expecting.