Robert Ivy: Helping The Development Of Technology Within The Architectural Industry

Robert Ivy has served as an integral part of the development that the American Institute of Architects has seen ever since he took over the position of CEO in 2010. The American Institute of Architects is an intuition that stands to regulate, educate, and inspire people within the architectural industry. Through innovation and development, the organization aims to stand as a pinnacle for other architects within the industry.

Ivy has had an expansive career in the field of architecture, having worked with an array of companies and clients. He has worked from the most basic positions within the company to some of the biggest and most notable within the firms. He has also led firms from the executive positions that he has held.

In addition to working at architectural firms, Robert Ivy has also served as a member of several architectural institutions. One of the places that he has worked for as an editor was Architectural Review. He helped put forth various topics that people would have liked to read about, and helped the publication grow immensely during the time that he was there. He has been working at this company since 1995 and continues to serve as a vital member of the team.

Publications about various architectural topics have always been something that has interested Ivy, which is why he decided to pursue his goal of writing a book. Being a prominent member of the American Institute of Architecture, Ivy decided that he would release the book under the name of the institution. This book was a glimpse at the life of Fay Jones, the man who paved the way for a good architectural foundation in America. The book is meant to not only educate but also inspire architects who are looking for greatness in their careers.

As the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, developing the resources and programs that they offer has always been one of Robert Ivy’s main goals. With this idea in mind, Ivy decided that he would push for the development of technological resources within the industry. With the extensive use of apps to improve the work that one does, Ivy felt like the architectural field was also something that required this kind of development. With the Institute, he decided to collaborate with software developers and app designers, who would be able to provide a good basis for development and who could help Robert Ivy reach the goals that he has laid down.

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