Robert Ivy Receives An Honorable Award

Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President and the Chief Executive Officer of American Institute of Architects. Robert Ivy studied his bachelors of arts in English at Sewanee, University of the South. He proceeded to Tulane University where he graduated with his masters of architecture. Before joining the architectural field, Robert Ivy served as a United States Navy.

Robert Ivy will be receiving honorable Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The prestigious award will be presented by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. He will be the first one to receive this award in the architectural industry. The prize has been previously won by several prominent people such as Shelby Foote in 2004 who was a writer, Leontyne Price who was a singer in 2000, artist Walter Anderson in 1989, Eudora Welty in 2001 and actor Morgan Freeman in 2007.

In his comment on the award presentation, the AIA President Carl Elefante praised and congratulated Mr. Robert Ivy for his prize-winning. He said that Ivy was indeed an ambassador of the architectural industry. He also noted that the whole AIA fraternity was overjoyed on the reception of the award by one of their management personnel.

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MIAL President, Nancy LaForge, also congratulated Mr. Ivy. She said that Robert is indeed the right person to receive the award as he has shown excellent performance in making the design more accessible to the people.

The awarding event will be hosted by Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters on June 2. Ivy will be awarded together with Andrew Cary Young who is a stained-glass designer of Pearl River Glass Studio.

Ivy has helped AIA grow and achieve its highest levels since its foundation. He has led the organization to aid its seven international chapters such as the new chapters in Canada and China. AIA was founded in 1857, and it engages in creating and developing more valuable, healthy and sustainable neighborhoods, communities and structures with security. The company uses its chapters to advocate for people’s policies particularly those that help in promoting public welfare and economic strength.

The firm ensures that its members are equipped with materials and resources that will boost them in their businesses and careers. Additionally, AIA partners with governmental, the public and civic agencies to formulate the best ways to solve problems facing the nation, institutions, community and the world at large. Most importantly, the company ensures that all the members maintain highest levels of professionalism.