Aloha Construction giving back to the community!

Aloha Construction is a family owned and operated business that strives for excellence and also gives back to its community. The company provides a wide variety of services throughout the North Chicagoland area. They also provide superior service such as roofing, siding and gutters. The local team of experts can help you with your home remodeling or construction needs. The company is fully licensed, bonded and insured for your piece of mind as a general contractor and construction company.

Aloha construction was founded in 2008. For over a decade the company has been providing excellent service with over 18,000 projects completed. If you value knowledge and years of experience put them to the test. An additional benefit is that they offer financing options as well to help customers. The best part however, is that the company has one of the highest rates of customer satisfaction. The company truly values their customers and wants to uphold themselves in the community as a very reputable and trust worthy organization. The company strives to give their customers the highest level of satisfaction in the market.

Aloha Construction has earned the prestigious Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau. This award was achieved by meeting various different levels of criteria to even qualify for this award. They exceeded all levels of qualifications in every category to earn the award. The company loves to help out in their local community and give back. The staff is always looking for ways in which the local community could benefit on their behalf. The company helps promote several different charities and youth services throughout the area. The company donates to help children with medical illnesses and also supports the local boys and girls clubs as well as sponsors several local athletic teams. The staff truly cares about their community and loves giving back and helping others.

Sussex Healthcare And Its New CEO

Located on the southern coast of England, Sussex Healthcare has brought specialized care and comforts to seniors and adults in need for over two decades. They celebrate 25 years of PLMD, neurological, dementia, palliative, respite, specialist care, and more to those who are in need.

Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina, the two joint chairmen, each came from different backgrounds to provide a well-rounded, award-winning adult care facility. Shiraz Boghani is an entrepreneur who works with Splendid Hospitality Hotel Group, as well as is a founding partner of Sojourn. Shafik Sashedina was a dental surgeon who is part of many communities and is chairman of multiple committees.

In March 2018 they decided to add Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to enhance the already diverse leadership in the company with her vast experience and well-rounded knowledge in the healthcare field. By adding her to the team, Sussex Healthcare has shown that they are committed to providing the best quality care.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor has spent over 30 years in the healthcare. She has been a mental Health nurse, Managing Director, Quality Development Director and Service Manager. Throughout the years her focus has been bettering the care given to the elderly and those who are need of special care. She will be dedicating her time to visiting the companies residence, meet with their families, and work with the senior management team.

Since 1985, Sussex Healthcare has given people the comfort of a skilled staff, the warmth of a supportive team, and the trained commitment that comes with each caregiver. They provide individualized leisure and activity plans based on each persons interests and needs. They dedication themselves to providing not just the basic care a person needs, but also spiritual and emotion care a well. Their comforts in life is top priority for Sussex Healthcare.

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Erick Lefkoksky vs. Tempus

Erick Lefkoksky founded Tempus in 2015. The company is located in Chicago, USA. The organization deals with the provision of health services to cancer patients with the aid of technology. Through technology, the initiative has achieved its objectives of serving its clients, and this has been due to the stimulation of new ideas which have boosted its services. The organization has also facilitated a health system which caters for individual interests of its patients. The company has so far received a lot of funding from various investors since its establishment. The funding helps in improving service delivery through technological data. Erick says that the funding process will aid the company to enlarge its service delivery.

Voyaging of up-date cancer treatment techniques has been infused to Tempus, and this is by the efficient utilization of clinical data. Patients who are under treatment of cancer have also been included in this program. Sufficient information on molecular data can be obtained from the patients undergoing cancer treatment. The data from the patients that have been written by the hands can be digitized. Putting of information into the modernized form will enable the process of retrieving to that data to be accessible and readily available when needed.

After digitalizing this data, it will then be kept for new, better, and various cancer treatment alternatives. Erick Lefkoksky has ratified that Tempus has collaborated with other health entities and personnel. Some of these include; companies dealing with drugs and doctors. The team participates in the widening and perfecting of cancer treatment. They take part in research of new and appropriate information for cancer treatment alternatives. Erick has acknowledged that the availability of their contributors, has been the marvelous act in the achievement of their objectives. He goes ahead to elaborate that they are among the organizations undergoing essential changes in the world today.

Because Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Cares

As a hardworking and dedicated medical professional, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a well-known doctor who works out of New York City. He is an Orthopaedic surgeon that focuses on joint and bone issues, along with knee, hip, and shoulder reconstruction. He is an innovator who is known for his caring nature towards his patients.

“I’m fearful as a physician that the decrease in the number of insured puts pressure on ERs and urgent care centers, and that care will be temporary,” Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum.

It is this caring that has lead Kirschenbaum on a path of education and career experience to be a top performer in his field. He summarizes his career adequately on his linkedin a page where it states of his career:

“Notable and unique career as an orthopedic surgeon with in-depth and wide-breadth entrepreneurial, corporate and non-profit experience in operations leadership, process re-engineering, information technology, and innovative design. Demonstrated agility in developing and executing strategy, synthesizing and translating complex ideas, concepts and information, and persuasively and passionately selling, educating and advising key stakeholders.”

Currently Kirschenbaum holds the position as Chairman at the BronxCare Health System in Bronx, New York, for nearly 11 years. But he has more on his plate than work. He is on numerous Advisory boards. The list is impressive, but here are two honorable mentions of his impressive list:

  • Advisory Board, Company Name: Medscape, Dates EmployedFeb 2013 – Present
  • Advisory Chief Technology Officer, Company Name: The SwiftPath Program, LLC, Dates EmployedMay 2014 – Present

He is teaching others that they too can make a difference in the world. Dr. Kirschenbaum once asked himself, “What impact will I make?” Well, many can say a great one, as he has touched and cared for the lives of many, especially those that would not otherwise be able to afford it. He values fostering good working relationships with his orthopaedic team at Bronxcare Health System. He stated he makes sure to hold a daily meeting with them. He also recommends reading Blink by Malcom Gladwell. He enjoys listening to nonfiction books and holds it highly as a key to success.

Meet Mark McKenna—A Certified Medical Doctor With Exemplary Entrepreneurial Skills

Doctor Mark McKenna is a certified physician with licenses for surgery and other medical practices. The Board of Medical Examiners certifies him from Georgia, Florida State. Mark McKenna graduated from the Medical School in Tulane University. After his graduation, he started his medical practice with his father who was also a medical doctor. Because of his experience, he has engaged in a series of critical surgeries which have all been successful.

The Beginning of His Career

While starting his career as a medical professor, Dr. Mark McKenna went on to establish his unique real estate and investment firm called McKenna Ventures Investment. He put much of his focus and time in the real estate investment until he relocated to Atlanta. After his residence in Atlanta, Georgia, he established another firm, OVME Cosmetics, where he became the company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer. OVME Cosmetics is an electric healthcare institution focusing on innovations and services that are in line with elective healthcare services.

How OVME Cosmetics Will Impact the Lives of Patients

Dr. Mark McKenna aims at streamlining the process of voluntary surgery with OVME Cosmetics services; by bringing it to the level of being more patient-oriented and convenient, to utilize the strength of new technologies. The company brings about unique services for both men and women. It also uses the most minimal invasion techniques to ensure that there is no downtime. OVME is a new platform that utilizes technology, giving clients and online users’ easy work to schedule their time of appointments and to access their account information.

Mark McKenna’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Dr. Mark McKenna has always had an exciting story since the beginning of his career. Starting as a doctor, to the entrepreneurial world, and later back to his current medical firm, he has taken different turns which have brought him a lot of success and achievements over time. Even after attending school, he always had that investment spirit which was driving him, and instead of doing a part-time job or being dependent on his parents, he decided to follow his passion. Dr. Mark McKenna also loves taking part in management levels, and he is currently one of the members of the Entrepreneurs Organization.

Upwork’s Recommendations For A Perfect To-Do List

To-Do lists are powerful personal organization tools that any individual can use to organize their day-to-day operations. From office work to personal household chores, To-Do lists enable you to live an orderly lifestyle. There are numerous multiple ways of ensuring that your To-Do list is well organized and that it effectively aids you in easing your life.

The first step to take, according to Upwork, is ensuring that you create a comprehensive To-Do list which captures every aspect that you need to be featured for the day. Such comprehensiveness ensures that you don’t miss out a point that would come to haunt you at a later stage in the day. Secondly, preparing the list in advance ensures that you have time to organize yourself while reducing the prospects of starting your chores and activities late.

Timeliness is also another key attribute when creating a successful To-Do list. A good list should capture every event that should be done in the day and the prospected time during which and by when the activity should be done. When seeking to accomplish time-bound activities, it is important to feature specific deadlines based on the urgency of every activity. Some activities are normally interlinked such that the outcome or completion of one activity stipulates the commencement of another. Delaying a single of such activities would, therefore, delay the rest of the items on the To-Do list.

According to Upwork, the largest freelancing site, it is essential to seek to delegate some responsibilities on your To-Do list. Some activities can be complicated, or you may be so cramped up that you are not able to finish them on time and to the required level of comprehensiveness and proficiency. In such cases as when running your company’s marketing initiatives, you may need to undertake some online marketing such as creating SEO content.

Delegating such responsibilities by hiring well-organized companies such as Upwork which has a pool of professional content writers guarantees you that your To-Do list would be executed in a stress-free fashion. Besides, the site can also work on items of content from all possible disciplines including SEO content, accounting, sales, technical writings, web development, among others.

Graeme Holm And Rebecca Walker Made Infinity Group Australia Successful

Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker started Infinity Group Australia as a way to serve their customers, and they have worked tirelessly to improve customer care across the board. They have created a new loan model for everyone in Australia, and they have completely changed the loan market as a result. They have been given awards by the AFR, and they are shown to give better customer care than larger banks.


  1. Graeme Holm’s Vision


Graeme Holm had a vision for the future that people would be able to take out loans at any time for less money. He has built a company that was designed to help people pay less in fees, and it could allow them to pay off their loans much more comfortably. There are many people who prefer to use Infinity Group because they know they will pay less, and they come out for any kind of loan that is conceivable.


  1. The Australian Market


The Australian market has changed greatly since Infinity Group Australia started offering the loans that they give. There are banks in Australia that must match with Infinity Group is doing, and they are hoping to give customers the same care that they see them getting from Infinity Group. Infinity Group is known for customer care, and they are pushing banks to give people what they deserve.


  1. Business Loans


There are many companies that come to Infinity Group for business loans because they know that they will pay much less money. They will save money on fees just to get the loan closed, and they will be much more confident in the way that they can pay off these loans. Companies that must take out loans to complete tasks could work with Infinity Group because this company knows how to help businesses come up with massive financing for big projects.


  1. Their Awards


The Australian Financial Review has given a commendation to Infinity Group for the work that they have done on behalf of their customers. They have given great reviews to the company in the past, and they have started something of a ground swell of support for this company. People who were not aware of their loan products might have found out about them through articles on the AFR, and the AFR continues to heap praise onto this company because of the loan products they offer that are so unique.


  1. Conclusion


Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker did a lot of good work making their company into one of the best loan providers in the world. They have changed the way that Australia gets loans, and they have worked with people in the business world who are in dire need of financing. Infinity Group Australia charges far less for their loans, and they do not leave their customers with fees that they must pay to initiate, close, and maintain their loans. The company has created a more friendly and boutique-style environment for customers that makes them feel more at home. Learn more:

Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group’s Co-Chairman Is One Of The World’s Top Billionaires

For many years, Peter Briger has proved to the world that it is possible for someone to rise from nothing to something. Peter’s life is a true reflection of what a person can do not only to the rich and wealthy but also to be able to help others achieve their dreams. Mr. Briger’s life is full of lessons. Nonetheless, Peter attests that one has to work hard in order to propel. Otherwise, it is easy to lose hope and tire along the way.

Valuable Lessons From A Philanthropist

Briger graduated with his first degree, a bachelor’s of arts from the Princetown University. Not long afterwards, Peter got another degree. This time, it was a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of Pennsylvania. After gaining these valuable credentials, Peter got a job at Goldman Sachs where he worked for 15 years. Over the years while at Goldman Sachs, Peter held and chaired several work meetings and was part of many committees. Most of these committees helped many people get financial consultancy. In time, many of those who took part in those committees become financially independent.

When Peter Briger was working with Goldman Sachs, he rose the ranks to become a partner in the business. But it was not long before he left to join Fortress Investment Group. Some time before he left, Peter chaired several committees that include Japan Executive Committee, Global Control and Compliance Committee, Asian management Committee, Asia Opportunities Special Fund LLC, Asian Real Estate Private Equity Business; Whole Loan Sale and Trading Business, the Fixed Income Principal Investments Group, and the Asian Distressed Debt Business among others.

Chairs More Committees

After Peter Briger left Goldman Sachs, he joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002. Since his joining of the team, Fortress has seen tremendous growth. Today, Peter is one of the three principals and is the co-chairman of the group. He presides of then credit and real estate section. Thanks to Peter Briger’s input Fortress Investment Group now has over $43.6 billion of assets that belong to over 1750 satisfied clients. In 2007, Forbes listed Peter Briger at number 407 on its list of the world’s richest men. Truly, Peter, the father of four is a man who wants to see others grow.

Fortress Investment Group: Going Strong for Twenty Years

Fortress Investment Group began in 1998 under the leadership of Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Rob Kaufman. Rob Kaufman left the firm in 2012, and now Peter Briger serves as one of the company’s three principles along with both Mr. Nardone and Mr. Edens.

Fortress Investment Group is an investment management company that invests in the areas of private equity, hedge funds and real estate. When the company began, it quickly built up its level of assets under management to $400 million. At the end of the firms first five years of existence, the assets under management had grown to nearly $4 billion. Currently, Fortress has over $40 billion in assets under management, and it serves the investment needs of over 1,750 clients.

In 1999, Fortress Investment Group began its first investment fund named the Fortress Investment Fund I. That particular fund invested heavily in real estate interests in both the New York City and Toronto markets. Through the years, Fortress has added a number of other funds including the Fortress Partners Fund and the Fortress Brookdale Investment Fund.

In 2007, Fortress took the next step in its development. The group decided to go public and bring an IPO to the market. This IPO was quite successful allowing Fortress to become the first hedge fund company in the United States to launch an IPO.

After its IPO, Fortress Investment Group began to offer a wide range of funds to its investors. The group also started to invest in Asian markets, and they developed several Asian-based funds for their investors.

In 2010, Fortress bought the financial services branch of AIGs business. This was just the first of many acquisitions that Fortress made over the next few years. The company also expanded presence by opening up additional offices in the United States and abroad.

In 2017, Fortress Investment Group was acquired by SoftBank in a deal valued at $3.3 billion. SoftBank has stated that they will not be directly involved in the day to day business of Fortress. The three principles will continue their affiliation with the company, and they will contribute to the firm’s long-running success.

The Life of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is a businessman and a renowned philanthropist in the UK. The individual attained his degree in accountancy from the University of Illinois. Lavin successfully manages the large-scale industries. With much experience in entrepreneurship, Lavin is the role model in business for many beginners of entities in the entire world. The leader studied business at Roosevelt University and majored in Finance at the Northwest University. After completing the studies, Lavin began a consultancy agency in the downtown Chicago. The leader developed the agency for more than 15 years. Thus, he helped many industries to improve their production capacity.

Sheldon Lavin joined hands with senior officials in various companies to offer improved services. The leader uses the company’s funds to develop environmentally conservative programs through the sustainable practices. Lavin improves customer relationship through the available resources, the technology, and customer satisfaction programs. The leader promotes teamwork in the production processes. Thus, he delegates roles to other workers to help him realize areas of weakness in business. Lavin is the kind of a person who does not believe only in his ability, but he thinks that everybody has his or her area of expertise. Sheldon Lavin started working for the Otto and Sons, the predecessor of OSI Group.

Today, Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of OSI Food Solutions. The firm is the leading meat processing company in the entire world. The company extends to more than 20 countries globally with over 60 facilities. In March 2018, the company completed its extension of the production capacity of chicken products by a double to 24,000 tons annually. The activity resulted in an increased output of the overall production capacity of chicken, pork, and beef products. Plus, the improvement led to an additional 20 job opportunities. In the 20 job posts is the product development manager.

The work of the position is to control the current products and add new ones to the firm’s portfolio. The company anticipates a continuous increase in demand in the future. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the firm prepares for future competition. Hence, remains as the leading food processing company in the entire world.