OSI Food Solutions Marches Forward In Europe By Making New Acquisitions And Facility Upgrades


OSI Food Solutions was founded in 1909 in Chicago by a German immigrant who came to the United States seeking his fortune. His name was Otto Kolschowsky, and he eventually partnered with his sons who helped him grow and expand his business. In the 1970s, the family decided to bring in Sheldon Lavin, who eventually became the CEO of the company. From the time he started with OSI, it was his mission to expand the company within the United States and overseas. This expansion continues today as OSI looks to grow its operations in Europe.


In 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired Flagship Europe, which is a company from the United Kingdom that provides its customers with pies, sous vide products, sauces, mayonnaise, frozen poultry and more. The president of OSI, David McDonald, was interviewed after the acquisition and commented that Flagship Europe will make a great addition to OSI’s offerings in Europe. He admitted that it will also help to expand its presence on the continent and that it will open the door to new markets. The chief executive of Flagship Europe, Russell Maddock, also commented that the deal will be groundbreaking for his company and that he looks forward to the resources that OSI can offer.


In 2017, OSI Food Solutions decided to make some important updates to its Toledo, Spain facility by adding a high capacity production line. It costed the company €17 million and now allows the plant to process 24,000 tons of chicken products on an annual basis, versus the 12,000 tons it was able to process before. The facility also required new employees, and OSI Food Solutions hired on 20 new workers, which will add to the local economy. The upgrades were a response to a growing demand for chicken products in the region as well as Portugal.


On top of adding the high capacity production line to the facility in Spain, OSI Food Solutions also added a social area for its workers, a test kitchen where new products can be developed, new shipping and receiving areas, and storage for supplies at the facility. New equipment added during the upgrades has also reduced the facility’s electricity consumption by 20%.

Nick Vertucci Plays To Win In Real Estate And In Poker

It seems that when Nick Vertucci puts his mind to something, he makes it happen. The entrepreneur owns his own business, has written a best-selling book, and he is a self-taught real estate investor. He has another notable skill to his name, and this one is at the poker tables.

Nick has been playing poker for many years. One of his triumphs was back in 2004 when he entered a poker tournament, Nick Vertucci had signed up for a No-Limit Texas Hold’Em Championship. The event was held at the Commerce Casino located in Commerce, CA. Nick was one of 251 entrants, and he ended up in 8th place. There was a $1,500 buy-in, and Nick’s winnings were $7,530. Nick Vertucci had no intention of stopping after that exciting victory.

He went on to enter into more championship and tournaments over the years, and he has since built quite a reputation for himself with the poker set. He has competed with top poker players that are very well known in the world of poker. Nick has competed with Antonio“The Magician”Esfandiari, David Benyamine, Phil“the Poker Brat”Helmuth, Kenny Tran, and more. Nick has also competed in poker with many celebrities. More recently, Nick Vertucci took part in the World Series of Poker. The event had a buy-in of $1,500. There were 7190 players entered, and there was a prize pool of $9,706,500. Nick won $2532, and he ranked number 828 out of the 7190 entrants.

Nick Vertucci has had some rough times in his life, but he always stood up to the challenges. He has a successful real estate business with his NV Real Estate Academy. He enjoys teaching his students the skills to make money in real estate investing. He taught himself these same skills in poker.

OSI Food Solutions expands operations in Spain

OSI Food Solutions has expanded its food production activities around the world to meet the needs of the customers. There have been changes in the food production industry which has prompted many food companies to seek better solutions to the needs of the consumers. OSI is one of the companies that is not taking anything for granted as it pushes for better products to meet the needs of the customers. One of the measures they have taken to deal with the increase in demand for food products from the customers is to expand their market operations in different locations around the globe.

OSI Food Solutions is one of the companies that have made every effort to meet the needs of customers. It is in these efforts that they improved their production of chicken products. In the past few years, the company has tried as much as possible to increase the production of products outside the United States. One of the places they have accomplished this mission is in Spain. They have doubled the production of chicken products in this region after they added 22,600 square feet of space to the plant. OSI Food Solutions is now producing 24,000 tons of chicken products every year from the previous 12,000 tons.

OSI Food Solutions is a globally recognized food company. Locally, it is ranked as one of the top 100 private companies. According to the list released by the Forbes, the food company comes at number 58 with a net worth of $6 billion.

The company has created many opportunities for people around the globe. In total, they have employed over 20,000 people directly. In the recent expansion of the plant in Spain, they added 20 new positions. The increase took the total number in this plant to 160. Among the new positions created in this company is that of the product development manager. This is the person responsible for the introduction of new products. OSI has given powers to the managers at the grassroots level to make decisions since they are closer to the consumers than the senior managers. The main goal of the company is to give customers what they need and not what the company thinks they need. We visited a meat-processing factory to find out exactly how McDonald’s hamburgers are made


How Bernardo Chua Fulfilled His Desire To Improve People’s Health

When Bernardo Chua was a child his parents and grandparents would eat reishi mushrooms in order to maintain their health. This mushroom grows on logs and trees in China which is where his family was from. This inspired him to want to become a medical doctor one day in order to help others lead healthier lives.

He didn’t become a doctor but he did go on to help improve the health of others. After he earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Santo Tomas he joined his family’s garment manufacturing firm. He was a purchasing manager and his entire family worked at this company including all 14 of his siblings. He wanted to do something else with his life, though, so he didn’t work there for very long. Read more at centralworkingjerseymoms.com about Bernardo Chua

He became the manager of a nearby travel agency. He saw that he was pretty good at sales and managing and expanded this agency into one that had offices in other Southeast Asian nations. This led to Gano Excel, a health supplements company, developing an interest in him. He joined Gano Excel as they used reishi mushrooms in their beverages that they sold to people.

Since Bernardo Chua was well-versed in reishi mushroom’s health benefits he was very effective at promoting this company’s products. He ended up moving to the United States to promote their products across North America. After a few years, he moved to Canada and established his own company, Organo Gold, which also sells beverages like tea and coffee which have been infused with reishi mushrooms.

Bernardo Chua has now been in business for himself for the past decade. While he never did become a medical doctor he did find a way to improve people’s health through the beverages he has sold over the years. Organo Gold sells teas, coffees, and herbal supplements.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Reflects on Dubai’s Stability in the Middle East

In case you are not familiar with Hussain Sajwani, he is the 5th richest Arabian person in the world. He hails from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Sajwani is the CEO of DAMAC Properties in the United Arab Emirates. This company is located in the city of Dubai which is another United Arab Emirates metropolitan area. This is a premier property developer for the nation. DAMAC Properties is also known around the world for the real properties they have in Dubai and in other countries.

If you are aware of Dubai’s location, you will quickly discover that this city is situated in the Middle East. Iran and Iraq are located to the north of the nation. Saudi Arabia can be found to the west. Oman lies east of the UAE and Yemen can found south of the nation. This region of the world is fairly unstable. However, the UAE and its premiere city of Dubai, typically remains safe from the instability.

Hussain Sajwani explains that the UAE (and Dubai in particular) are safe from the impact of terrorism and political instability because of its role in the Arab world. In an article from Saudi Projects, Sajwani knows that certain policies and practices are in place that protect the nation from various problems. The country has terrorism initiatives that they utilize to keep extremism in check and they also strongly protect their borders.

DAMAC Owner Sajwani also informs us that the UAE has a powerful economy. Dubai’s economy is critical to the Middle East because of its ability to manage money related to oil and its ability to support high finance and investments in the Middle Eastern region. In other words, Dubai’s wealth and massive finance and economic resources has made this nation a fairly safe from the effects of terrorism and any other type of problem that could disrupt the safety of the area.

The UAE has too much at stake to allow outside forces to disrupt the area. Sajwani knows that outside instability helps Dubai to thrive. When things go wrong in other countries situated near Dubai, many people from this disrupted areas tend to relocate to Dubai. Once they do, they often help to contribute to the stability and safety of the economy. Dubai is a city that remains strong because of the commitment from their people and their economic strength.

Discover more here: https://www.albayan.ae/economy/local-market/2018-02-12-1.3184075

OSI Group McDonalds

A Simple Agreement Between OSI Group and McDonalds Was The Start Of A Beautiful Friendship

OSI Group had humble beginnings. An immigrant family came to Chicago to start a better life. Otto Kolschowsky opened a small butcher shop and meat market on the west side. He proudly served his community, and at the end of the First World War, Kolschowsky was ready to expand his business. This required a move to Maywood, Chicago. Ten years later, the business became Otto and Sons. The business continued to blossom. However, after the Second World War, a certain handshake agreement with Ray Kroc that started the OSI Group on the road to unforeseen success.

After the war, it was a time of economic expansion in America. As the suburbs began to grow, there was a surge of shops and restaurants openings. Illinois saw the opening of the first McDonalds restaurant. Kroc made an agreement with the Otto brothers that they would be the new restaurant’s beef supplier. After that agreement, the Otto brothers never looked back. This was just the being for OSI Group McDonalds.

Soon Kroc became the CEO of the McDonalds corporation and more restaurants opened across the country. OSI Group McDonalds was riding right along with Kroc as he continued to expand his franchise. Though this was an exciting time for OSI Group McDonalds, it did not come without a few challenges. One such challenge was how to safely transport the beef.

OSI Group McDonalds built a plant dedicated to serving McDonalds needs. This plant was filled with the latest technology and techniques. A newly developed process would help to transport beef without the fear that it would spoil before reaching its destination. The development of flash freezing meat allowed the meat to stay fresh while enabling it to travel longer distances.

OSI Group continued to grow and is now a global company. It has 17 facilities located throughout the world and employs more than 20,000 employees. As technology continues to advance and needs change, the OSI Group presence continues to grow.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

Serge Belamant…Where Blockchain all Began…

Who is the Man Behind Blockchain?

Perhaps you’ve heard the name Serge Belamant? After finishing college in the early 1970’s, he went on to do a lot of great things with computer science. Offering the business world the very first incarnation of blockchain technology back in the late 1980’s happens to be one of them. Let’s take a look at the story of Serge Belamant.

Even in the Beginning, Success Followed Him…

Serge Belamant came from a French family that migrated to the South African continent when he was towards the end of his junior high age range. He had to learn to, not only read the English language, but also write using it! He did this and had an incredible grammar school career full of traditional boy’s sports such as rugby and also the national recognition for his chess playing abilities.

Next was College for Serge…

In the early 1970’s Serge Belamant began to attend college. During his first year, his business aspiration was engineering however this changed during the second year. Serge discovered an entire component of higher education dedicated to computer science, and he was quite interested. He changed his major to computer science and applied mathematics his Sophomore year. His third year of college he discovered info systems technology. Realizing that this is where the future of man/machine interaction lay, he began to take courses embracing it.

How has his Professional Career Gone?

“Quite well…,” would have to be the answer to this question. When he was done taking classes Serge Belamant moved directly into an Engineering firm and utilized his computer science skills to analyse systems that procure important scientific data such as that which is related to droughts and such. His real passion has always laid in economic interfaces though…

This is How Serge came up with Blockchain…

Over the years, Serge has applied for quite a few US patents for POS and banking systems. Well, he’s improved those systems for these same entities as a freelancer for higher! After he developed a handful of systems, he left the workforce to start Net1. He created the first incarnation of blockchain and now they are using blockchain to power a European debit card that can function as its very own banking infrastructure under the correction conditions.

How Guilherme Paulus Established CVC And GJP Hotels And Resorts In Brazil

Guilherme Paulus is an important figure when talking about tourism in Brazil and Latin America. He co-founded CVC Brasil Operadora when he was 24 years old back in 1979, which is currently the biggest tourism operator in Latin America. According to Paulus, the idea for CVC came form Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, who at the time was a state deputy. The two met on a boat trip, and Cerchiari talked to him about his interest in opening a tourist agency.

At the time, Paulus worked for Casa Faro in Sao Paulo, and due to his young age and lack of resources, Cerchiari proposed an arrangement where he would provide the initial investment to get the company started and Paulus would provide the ground work.

Read more: Operadora de turismo fundada por Guilherme Paulus adquire duas empresas argentinas do setor

Guilherme Paulus accepted the proposition due to the unique challenge that the opportunity provided. He was acknowledged for having an instinct for entrepreneurship right from the start, when it was time for the agency to open its first location. Paulus wanted to choose a place that had lots of traffic in order to benefit from the consistent flow of people. The first CVC location was outside a movie theater, the entrepreneur being aware of the fact that there would always be people passing by their store. The partnership between Paulus and Cerchiari ended after 4 years, and then Paulus took the helm of the company and continued on his own, which is when the company began to expand.

Besides his work for CVC, Guilherme Paulus is also the founder of GJP Hotels and Resorts, a brand of resorts and hotels located throughout Brazil. He established the company back in 2005, and what started as a small venture turned into a large hotel chain. In 2017 he earned the title Entrepreneur of the Year from the Isto É Dinheiro’s publication, as a result of his work for GJP. Paulus spent about $600 million in order to build new hotels throughout the country, and the rapid expansion has been responsible for employing approximately 1,900 Brazilians. Despite playing an important role in both companies, Guilherme Paulus still takes 2-3 days out of his week to visit GJP hotels in order to talk to clients and employees and understand their needs.

Jacob Gottlieb and the power of investing

 As a trusted and established professional in the healthcare investment business, Jacob Gottlieb and his entrepreneurial prowess has led him to another financially business venture, expanding his success with Altium Capital. As a healthcare-centric investment business based in New York, Altium sets a clear focus on healthcare companies to grow its investment options. Mr. Gottlieb looks to healthcare investments that make helpful health treatment and medical treatment decisions.

Recently, Altium has made a few investments in healthcare companies such as Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Amarin Corporation and Oragenics.

As Altium’s primary investment, Oramed created an oral treatment insulin capsule and other oral capsules to help patients who have diabetes and hope to replace drugs taken through some sort of injection. The outstanding pharmaceutical expertise makes for great business and an even more medically sound team.

Amarin, another investment of Altium, has its main office in Dublin, Ireland and makes its work central to creating medicine to increase heart health. Amarin’s flagship drug, Vascepa, is a mix of fatty acid and lipid science and was greenlit for use in 2012.

The third investment Altium made with Organics was started in 1996 for the cause of antibiotics and preventing dangerous bacteria using good bacteria for the sake of therapy. Using special technology, Oragenics has been able to fight harmful bacteria and treat other diseases.

Even before Altium was realized, Jacob Gottlieb made his name in 2005 with a business venture called Visium Asset Management. In 2016, the hedge fund generated roughly $8 billion with an international base located in New York, San Francisco and London, respectively.

Prior to Visium Asset Management, he was a founder of Balyasny Asset Management and while he was there, he earned a lot of money and quickly grew his investment identity. After medicine, he transitioned to finances.

Find out more about Jacob Gottlieb Altium: https://www.cnbc.com/jacob-gottlieb–cnbc/

Neurocore: Medication-Free Depression Management Protocol

If you are suffering from depression then you are already aware of just how pervasive and persistent the mood disorder can be. If you have sought treatment for your depression than most likely you are receiving either some form of medication, therapy, or a combination of the two. Over the last hundred years, these have really been the only two notably effective treatment protocols available to the general public. However, this has begun to change as there have been recent advances in the field of neuroscience that have given us the ability to treat an individual’s depression without the use of medication or therapy at all. See more information about Neurocore at Linkedin.com.

At Neurocore there have been several advances in the field of neuroscience that has allowed the design of new and perhaps even more effective treatment protocols for patients that are suffering from depression. By utilizing a combination of Neurofeedback and Biofeedback a new form of Neurotherapy has emerged.

For several decades it was believed that the human brain was static once an individual had been born. This meant that it was thought that once an individual had exited the womb their brain was more or less unchangeable. As modern neuroscience has shown this is not the case. In fact, the brain is remarkably capable of changing and adapting to its environment through a process that is known as neural plasticity.

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/NeurocoreLivonia/

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are located throughout the states of Michigan and Florida with a total of nine currently servicing patients. If you happen to be suffering from depression and are interested in this new and exciting form of Neurotherapy then you can expect to receive a revolutionary new form of treatment for your depression.

Patient to go to the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers will first undergo an intake examination where they will have their brain activity mapped as well as talking with one of the Neurocore scientists. Afterward, a custom tailored treatment protocol will be developed for you. Over the course of 30 sessions, you will begin to gain greater understanding and control of yourself and of your brain through the use of Neurofeedback and Biofeedback technologies. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.