Peter Briger: From Wharton To Goldman To Fortress, The Confidence Man

Peter L. Briger is current Co-Chief Executive Officer of Fortress and joined the company in 2002, following a 15-year-long career with powerhouse Goldman Sachs & Co. Initially, upon joining the Fortress team, Briger led the real estate and debt securities business division because at that time the company wanted to diversify its core activities in private equity. The genius that Briger brought with him to the company centered on his insight into market assets that no one else wanted. His long-time experience in Goldman Sachs’ Special Situations group—which he co-founded, had uniquely prepared him for his future role with Fortress. The Special Situations Group, which was notoriously secretive and tight-lipped about it’s very profitable dealings; has often been said to be the primary source of Goldman Sach’s profits both during and after Brigers’ heading of the division.

While still with the Special Situations group and at it’s height, Peter Briger and his colleagues heavily traded in global high-risk assets–like Thailand auto loans, troubled mortgages in Japan, an alcoholic beverage company in South Korea, commercial aircraft, and British plants. The strategy was always to acquire assets that had fallen into default with the main sources of capital. This could have been due to various factors, such as: economic instability, political pressure or any other reason that Goldman was able to capitalize on. Brigers’ group would hold onto those assets until the markets stabilized and they were then sold for a hefty profit. Buy low, sell high. It seems so simple, but the skillful execution and experience needed to succeed in these highly volatile deals require world-class investment skills. Peter Briger and his teams oversaw massive profits again and again.

Since leaving Goldman, the success of Peter Briger has not ebbed one bit. In the first quarter of 2015 alone, the Briger team successfully raised $ 4.7 billion for a new fund called “Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV”. That represented 87% of the total new funds raised by Fortress in that quarter.In recent years, Peter Briger found gold after the financial crisis and wryly once referred to his business as the “garbage collection of financial services” in an interview.Although the global financial landscape has more or less stabilized, Briger still sees a great opportunity to take advantage of ailing assets, especially in the financial sector. When he’s not overseeing massive business moves in his position as Co-Chairman with Fortress, Peter Brigers’ private time is devoted to more socially-conscious considerations—like serving on the board of Tipping Point, a non-profit organization serving low-income families in the San Francisco Bay Area; as well, as Caliber Schools, a network of charter schools committed to preparing students for success in competitive four-year colleges and beyond.

Fortress Investment Group Cleaning Up Financial Garbage

Fortress Investment Group a renowned alternative asset investment firm has profited from the strategic cleanup of financial garbage from various institutions that have these trash assets that banking institution no longer actually wants. Fortress Investment Group is run by strong and experienced leadership that has decades of proven experience capitalizing on assets that are distressed in nature. The company is run by Co-Chief Executive Officers Peter Briger and Wes Edens who are also founders of the organization and has been intricate parts of the expansion and growth of the company over the last two decades. In fact, Peter Bridger the current president of the Fortress Credit Business headquartered in San Francisco California has continued to expand the Fortress portfolio with the strategic investment in distressed opportunities that some would deem to be garbage financial instruments. Peter has built a reputation as a shrewd intellectual expert at evaluating these underperforming assets and strategically purchasing them at reduced rates that can be turned around and profited upon once they are acquired.

Billions of dollars of value have been created over his systematic streamlined approaches to investing in these assets and has allowed Fortress to be the leader in this area of investing and continue to provide valuable resources for organizations that have nowhere else to turn. The industry has deemed Fortress Investment Group as the junkyard dogs of the financial world and continue to leverage these opportunities and create substantial profit for not only themselves but for the organizations that they choose to invest in. Peter Briger was educated at Princeton University where he received his Bachelor Degree and also continued his education at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School where he received his MBA. He has served admirably on various presidential administrations including Lyndon Johnson and JFK. He also is a valuable member of the Council on Foreign Relations where he provides high-level foreign policy insight and expertise that continues to provide valuable leadership for the global organization.

Fortress also has benefited from the expertise and experience from Wes Edens the other Co-Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens is Co-Owner of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team where he has provided valuable leadership in the development of the team’s new sports arena and provided directional momentum for the organization that is strategically placing them in the NBA playoffs and has them looking to continue their expansion and winning tradition. Peter and Wes continue to capitalize on opportunities that other firms would not even consider and also various financial institution and banks are looking to liquidate and throw out with the trash. Fortress Investment Group has honed their skills at evaluating these less-than-perfect opportunities and turning the trash or garbage financial instruments into treasure with valuable insight and evaluation and strategic streamlining of these instruments to make them valuable productive assets. Fortress currently has over $35 billion in assets under management and is using resources from its more than 1750 institutional and individual clients to invest in these garbage financial instruments and turn these distressed assets into rewarding profitable returns on investments for its clients.


Robert Ivy: Helping The Development Of Technology Within The Architectural Industry

Robert Ivy has served as an integral part of the development that the American Institute of Architects has seen ever since he took over the position of CEO in 2010. The American Institute of Architects is an intuition that stands to regulate, educate, and inspire people within the architectural industry. Through innovation and development, the organization aims to stand as a pinnacle for other architects within the industry.

Ivy has had an expansive career in the field of architecture, having worked with an array of companies and clients. He has worked from the most basic positions within the company to some of the biggest and most notable within the firms. He has also led firms from the executive positions that he has held.

In addition to working at architectural firms, Robert Ivy has also served as a member of several architectural institutions. One of the places that he has worked for as an editor was Architectural Review. He helped put forth various topics that people would have liked to read about, and helped the publication grow immensely during the time that he was there. He has been working at this company since 1995 and continues to serve as a vital member of the team.

Publications about various architectural topics have always been something that has interested Ivy, which is why he decided to pursue his goal of writing a book. Being a prominent member of the American Institute of Architecture, Ivy decided that he would release the book under the name of the institution. This book was a glimpse at the life of Fay Jones, the man who paved the way for a good architectural foundation in America. The book is meant to not only educate but also inspire architects who are looking for greatness in their careers.

As the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, developing the resources and programs that they offer has always been one of Robert Ivy’s main goals. With this idea in mind, Ivy decided that he would push for the development of technological resources within the industry. With the extensive use of apps to improve the work that one does, Ivy felt like the architectural field was also something that required this kind of development. With the Institute, he decided to collaborate with software developers and app designers, who would be able to provide a good basis for development and who could help Robert Ivy reach the goals that he has laid down.

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Jeunesse Global cuts away the fat with Zen Bodi

All too often, the actual science of weight loss is subsumed in the marketplace by empty promises and trendy fads, few of which produce anything resembling solid results. What the weight-loss market has needed for a long time is a solid application of Occam’s Razor, a system that doesn’t promise things that can’t be delivered but that does provide a simple and solid roadmap for success.

Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the leading health and beauty companies in the world, has devised a weight-loss system that fits that bill. With its Zen 8 Project, Jeunesse has formulated a no-nonsense weight-loss system based on the science of behavioral modification and biology. And with its related supplement, Zen Bodi, the Zen 8 Project helps people’s bodies maximize the chances for success.

One of the most important aspects of the Zen 8 Project is its identification of the three pillars of weight loss. These are building muscle, burning fat and curbing appetite. The simple reality is that to lose weight, a person needs to burn more calories than they take in. But the real secret behind those who are able to stay in great shape and develop rock-hard bodies is not that they are able to starve themselves. On the contrary, the key to burning more calories than one takes in is to have an active lifestyle and to replace fat tissue with the far more calorie-consumptive muscle tissue. Only then can curbing appetite begin to have the real desired effect: leading towards a healthier overall existence.

The Zen 8 Project helps people take the small, daily steps towards a total health lifestyle. Rather than try to shoot for the stars by taking on intensive exercise regimens all at once, a technique that almost invariably fails for all but the most disciplined, the Zen 8 Project helps people to shape their overall lifestyles, slowly moving in a more health-centric direction through the formation of good habits.

At the same time, the Zen Bodi supplement is able to biologically boost the all-important replacement of fatty tissue with muscle, the cornerstone to successful, long-term weight loss.,19.htm

Winter Olympics & Fortress Investment Group Combine Forces

What has been the most international sporting event in the world? The Olympics. When the Fortress Investment Group assisted with the 2010 Winter Olympics, it added its name to a very distinguished club.

History of Olympics

It is not easy running an empire. At times, the diverse nations wonder what they have in common with one another. They might have the same military ruling over them, but what else unites them? Disunity was one of the reasons why the Greeks started the Olympics. Greece, in and of itself, is a collection of islands. It was difficult enough keeping the islands united, let alone a vast empire.While most might think of Greek yogurt today, Greece was the first European power. It borrowed some of its culture from Egypt. As the Greek empire spread out, it devised plans to assimilate nations into its sphere of influence.The Olympics allowed the best athletes to compete on a level playing field. The winners were celebrated at Mount Olympus in Greece. Sports allows for passions to be vented in a healthy fashion. Instead of planning rebellions and revolts, people could take their political and economic frustrations out on the playing field. The modern Olympics was brought back by the French in 1896. They also saw the benefit of using sports to unite people. You can see the same mentality with FIFA World Cup Soccer.

Olympics Politics

Unfortunately, politics has become ever more entrenched in the Olympics. People might think of the boycott of the 1980 Olympics as a moment when the global vision of unity was lost; but throughout history, it has been extremely political. One can think of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.The Olympics are meant to be a time when the world forgets about their language, cultural and national differences. The proof of success is on the playing field. Track is the key contest. Everyone can see who the fastest man on the planet is.The Winter Olympics has become an adjunct to serve the Northern climes. It was only started in 1924. The Jamaican bobsled team was a cute fad, but it never amounted to much.Usually, the Winter Olympics is dominated by the United States, Canada, Russia and Scandinavian nations. Ice Hockey is the primary focus of the Winter Olympics.The Fortress Investment Group supported the Winter Olympics. The Fortress Investment Group had purchased some luxury skiing resorts in Canada and provided some of the funding for the building of the Winter Olympics athletic village in British Columbia.

Fortress Olympics

The Winter Olympics might have increased the prestige of the Fortress, so it could be bought out by SoftBank. SoftBank thought that the Fortress Investment Group could be part of a Global Vision to Unite the World. The Fortress had epitomized the spirit of the Olympics.

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Enhanced Athlete: Don’t Be The Average Joe, Muscle Up!

Working out is an uphill struggle. Starting a work out is a giant step. Intense workouts demand mental and physical forte, rooftop concentration and rigorous personal discipline and drive. The journey to body-building is more difficult at the beginning and gets tougher as long as it lasts. That is why you need a workout –peer, a like-minded buddy to tag along. Enhanced Athlete is there for you. Enhanced Athlete has you covered on nutrition, gear and workout schedules.


Foundation & Philosophy


Enhanced Athlete was founded by Dr. Tony Huge, a professional bodybuilder. Since it was established, Enhanced Athlete has offered its services to people all over the world. People who are seeking to lose some fat and build muscle or want to be professional bodybuilders always find refuge at Enhanced Athlete. They make educative videos suitable for those just wishing to keep fit and more detailed videos for those seeking to be qualified bodybuilders.

Enhanced Athlete philosophy is to be transparent and avoid misinformation and distortion of facts regarding general fitness and bodybuilding. The advice on their platform is immediate, from active professional bodybuilders. They provide unbiased and objective information in line with the current trends in the bodybuilding industry. This allows their clients to make decisions on their fitness, from an informed point of view.


Mission & Goal


Enhanced Athletes mission is to educate their clients and provide them with detailed accurate information regarding bodybuilding and body fitness. They have posted more than a thousand videos on bodybuilding, so you would say they are true to their mission. It is this transparency that has helped them establish trust with customers. Their dedication to their ethics has helped them maintain loyalty with their fans.

Enhanced Athlete is the perfect gym buddy and provides their clients with personalized training. Clients are treated to a customized training plan based on their individual characteristics like goals, time, body strength and level of commitment. At enhanced athlete, there is an open communication system and plans can be made to fit any clients schedule, budget, and location.

Enhanced Athlete also provides nutrition guidelines, customized feeding programmes and meal planning prescriptions. This is to ensure they approach bodybuilding comprehensively and cover all aspects to ensure maximum results. A bodybuilder at Enhanced Athlete will experience better results with lesser effort. This will make them more competitive and efficient.


More about Enhanced Athlete


Enhanced Athlete also offers online services and has since established two subsidiaries: Enhanced Coaching & Enhanced Gear.

Enhanced Coaching offers diet training, nutrition program, Physique Assessment, Custom Weight Training Program bulking advice, and also a question and answer platform with a personal coach.

Enhanced Gear sells all gym related accessories from sweatshirts to water bottles to ensure that you work out with full gear and get fit the enhanced way.

Dallas based financial institution raises another 54 million in a private placement

If you live and work in the Dallas, Texas area, and you are running your own business, then you are probably familiar with the financial services company known as NexBank Capital. A few months ago NexBank completed a 54 million dollar private placement. A private placement can be best described as an IPO where the ‘P’ stands for private not public. The private placement notes are usually offered to accredited investors that consist of other institutions or high net worth individuals with incomes over 100 million dollars.

The company was able to do this offering fixed to floating rate subordinated notes, or notes that have rates that possibly increase over time and also pay out quarterly to its interested high net worth investors. These notes cannot be bought or sold for 5 years, but they have an interest rate of 6.375% for those five years, after which the floating-rate phase of the notes come into play, and those note rates can be raised according to rising market rates. Those rates are based on a spread of a three month LIBOR above 458.5 interest points, which means that it adjusts according to the current rates provided by banks in London. These tier 2 capital notes have a BBB- rating and they mature September 30th, 2027.

Including this 54 million addition, NexBank Capital Inc. has raised 283 million dollars of capital since 2016. The placement was executed by Sandler O’Neill & partners LLP, and its closing was completed September 19th, 2017.

In case you are not familiar with this bank and you don’t live in Dallas, then you should know that NexBank Capital specializes in providing financial services to larger institutions such as other banks, institutions and corporations of all sizes. The main services that they provide for their clients are corporate lending, M&A, investment banking, land advisory service and corporate finance.

NexBank Capital intends to use this capital for general business purposes and growth. Founded in 1922, NexBank was formerly known as Heritage Bank, but they changed their name in 2005.

Ricardo Tosto: the advocate of the country of Brazil

Ricardo Tosto in a recent event talked about Law 13,254 which entails the regularisation of assets that are out of the state. This law facilitates the exchange of lawyers based in Brazil with those lawyers based abroad. The bill is commonly referred to the project for the return of assets as well as regularising this asset out of the country. This law was dated on the 13th of January, 2016. This project has facilitated the repatriation of resources for the residents of Brazil possible.

Ricardo Tosto reveals that this project has paved the way for the partnership of the local lawyers and the foreign ones. This facilitates the processes as well as procedures from the two partnering nations or more. He reveals the project must involve two countries which include the Brazilian government and another state.

Ricardo Tosto admits that this process of repatriation had undergone a steep path before it was accepted in the Brazilian congress. He remembers the initial tax rate and fines being reduced to fifteen percent for both aspects to be approved. The initial standards that were proposed included a tax rate and penalty of 17.5%.

Ricardo Tosto insists on the importance of this partnership between the local and foreign lawyers to uphold the law as well as identify hidden assets of the residents. This partnership will help in the investigation towards the reasons for hiding the assets from the government. This partnership also shows the power of the government towards these issues. He reminds that it is fraudulent to hide assets and says the initiative is a way to root out this norm. This partnership will not only root out this issue but also stop it eventually.

Ricardo Tosto is the co-founder as well as a managing partner at a law firm called Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados. He is a successful businessman in the sector of law. He has represented various companies in business qualms and litigations. He has been part and parcel of amendments as well as the creation of regulations in Brazil that are of high economic merit to the country. He oversees the process of various national causes through his firm.

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