The Ingenious Mind of Dr. Mark Mckenna

Having the ability to come-up with new ideas is priceless, especially in the business world. If you’re selling something that others aren’t, then you’ll be a full-step ahead of the competition. This is the case with Dr. Mark McKenna. This phenomenal man is a brilliant-thinker to the highest degree. His mind is constantly in motion to some degree, which comes from brainstorming. Though he was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Mark McKenna has taken over Atlanta, Georgia, in more ways than one. ShapeMED, a health and wellness practice, specialized in providing non-surgical procedures for better living. The company was founded by McKenna, and it hosted a wide array of services like hormonal therapy, Botox injections, weight-loss solutions and other injectable treatments. Thanks to its great success, ShapeMed was certified with the prestigious “Black Diamond” accolade.

This eclectic man of many talents started his professional career as a doctor. He was licensed in both surgery and in medicine. This licensing came from the Georgia and Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners. McKenna comes from a family of professionals as he followed in his father’s footsteps. After graduating from Tulane University Medical School, he would work alongside of his father in the medical field. Shortly after that, Dr. Mark McKenna would branch-out to pursue other personal endeavors. One of his biggest and best creations came in the form of his very own real estate firm. McKenna Venture Investments had a boutique type of vibe as it specialized in real estate development. To put things in a better perspective, this business was worth an estimated $4 million and McKenna was earning $500,000 a year.

Dr. Mark McKenna is living his dream. This loving father and happily married man has personified the word ingenious. There are many more success stories that can be mentioned about this man, but there are only so many hours in a day.

How Is Dr. Clay Siegall So Successful in Cancer Research

Cancer research may be one of the most exciting industries known to mankind. This field of work hosts some of the brightest of minds, and it produces plenty of up-and-coming medications for fighting cancer. Seattle Genetics is a top contender of the cancer-research community thanks to its brilliance, its hard work, and its dedication. Dr. Clay Siegall is the headman in charge of this gigantic ship, and he is ushering-in a new era of targeted-cancer therapies. Over the past five years, Seattle Genetics stock has tripled, it has generated over $400 million in revenue for the 2016 fiscal-year, and it is now worth an estimated $10 billion. What more can you say?

The company’s top-selling drug, ADCETRIS, has generated upward $350 million since it became FDA-approved in 2011. This phenomenal drug is in a class of its own thanks to its advanced actions in fighting cancer. ADCETRIS affectively targets cancer cells within the body by attaching itself to the cancer cells. The antibodies of this drug delivers its payload directly into cancer cells without harming any of the good cells in the body. You won’t find a more advanced drug than this. ADCETRIS affectively treats Hodgkin Lymphoma. Dr. Siegall, CEO and president of Seattle Genetics, was able to acquire multiple licensing deals with major pharmaceutical companies like Bayer, Genentech and Pfizer. Thanks to these wonderful deals, ADCETRIS can now be used in over 60 countries.

The growth of Seattle Genetics comes from many contributions, but Dr. Siegall is definitely on the top of the list. To take the company even farther, Dr. Siegall has opened an office in Switzerland for handling the company’s international-marketing rights. No longer will the company have to raise much-needed funds for producing newer drugs because it will now be able to control its own destiny.

Why People Use the Talkspace App

Therapy is an amazing choice for lots of people struggling with mental health disorders. You might be dealing with PTSD, OCD or some type of depression that is causing your life to come to a standstill. The issue that a lot of people experience is that they do not have the time or means to see a regular therapist. If this sounds like a problem very similar to your own, there is an app like Talkspace that is there for you to download and use as you need and want.

The beauty about utilizing the Talkspace app is that it is free to download and give a try for a trial period. You will be matched with a therapist who is going to help you overcome your problems and see them in a totally different light. Plus, you’re going to find that Talkspace is a lot more affordable than any other that is out there for you. You will not be spending a ton of money on this program, but you will get the quality that you need and deserve for yourself.

There are many reasons to give Talkspace a try for yourself. Not only are you going to be talking to a therapist who is licensed and highly experienced, but you’re also going to be speaking with them in a way that is much more comfortable for you. You don’t need to leave the house and go to an office that feels cold and distant. You also won’t be spending hundreds per session, and this can save you a ton of cash over time the more that you make use of the Talkspace app. Talkspace is designed for people just like you, and it is easy to get started so long as you download the program and begin to use it.

Heal N Soothe, Herbal Supplement for Arthritis

Arthritis commonly causes pain in the joints ranging from slight discomfort to extreme agony. Struggling with arthritis and joint pain results in struggling to enjoy the best qualities of life. Avoiding certain foods is one method of combating arthritis, unfortunately that isn’t always possible. Fortunately, when diet changes are not enough to fix the problem, Heal N Soothe can relieve the pains of arthritis.

Sugar is the worst of the dietary offenders, but it seems to be in almost everything. Even if we avoid sodas and sweet treats, sugar seems to sneak into the daily diet. Ingesting sugar quickly leads to increased inflammation and worsens arthritis and joint pains. When sugar is a dietary issue, Heal N Soothe acts as an antioxidant and relieves pain. Containing ingredients to combat inflammation such as ginger root, Vitamin E and turmeric, Heal and Soothe tackles inflammation brought on by sugar in the diet.

Attempting to avoid sugar, many people seek out alternatives like artificial sweeteners, but substances like aspartame can cause the body to react, causing even more inflammation. Adding Heal N Soothe to your diet can help reduce your pain so you don’t have to completely change your diet.

Trans fats are another dietary adversary, they are the partially hydrogenated oils found in margarine, crackers, cookies and donuts. And they cause systematic inflammation increasing the struggle of arthritis pain. When skipping these foods isn’t possible, Heal and Soothe can directly address the issue and combat the inflammation. Heal and Soothe reduces the discomfort by tackling the source of the inflammation rather than masking the pain.

One of the worst dietary offenders is Alcohol, even though when consumed in moderation it offers some health benefits, consumption of alcohol disrupts bodily functions and leads to inflammation. To most people, this isn’t much of a problem but for those suffering from arthritis and chronic joint pain, it can be excruciatingly painful. Avoiding large amounts of alcohol is recommended, but for those that choose to indulge, Heal N Soothe presents an inexpensive alternative to pricey dietary changes and medications with severe side effects.

To avoid the joint pains commonly caused by arthritis and to lessen the struggle of constant joint pain, even when you are not able to avoid the certain foods that cause it, add Heal N Soothe to your daily routine so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Herman Law: Advocating a new era of responding to sexual abuse

Along with the #metoo movement bringing a call for justice and accountability against rape and sexual abuse, it has also led to an increase in calls for legislation and accountability against sexual abuse with children. Currently, in New York State their is a growing push for republicans to support the “Child Victims Act.” This act is currently supported by celebrities such as actor Corey Feldman, and volleyball player Sarah Powers-Barnhard, along with a coalition called “New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators.” The senate bill, sponsored by NY Democrat Brad Hoylman, may be a move in the right direction as it would get rid of criminal and civil statutes of limitations in child abuse cases in the state of New York. It would also allow a one year window for time barred civil action lawsuits for up to fifty years. The current law only allows five years for a crime to be brought, and the plaintiff must be eighteen years of age. This means they will only have until the age of 23 to bring a case forward.
Jeff Herman is the founding member of Herman Law, and has been at the forefront of protecting the voice of those who have been survivors of rape, and sexual abuse. He is a nationally recognized attorney, who has appeared on CNN. In his twenty five year career, he has represented close to one thousand kids, women, and men, whom have suffered from a form of abuse. The case that brought Herman to the limelight, was the one hundred million dollar landmark case that prosecuted a father, and Roman catholic priest, who had abused his son. It was through his manner of hard work and perseverance, that Herman was able to win this case. It is noted that Herman is able to represent victims in an effective manner because of his forensic interviewing, in which he looks to minimize trauma and anxiety, while getting to the basics. It is through advocates such as Herman Law, that there is hope that adolescent sexual abuse and rape can be addressed, and those involved can be held accountable.