Norman Pattiz: PodcastOne Lifts our Advertisers

Businesses are always looking for a little edge when promoting their brand. This means exploring new platforms to host advertisements as audiences change how and where they access media. PodcastOne is one such media platform that is increasing its audience size, changing its relationship with brands and how they’re represented.

Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, reached out to Edison Research to track just how the platform has been for brands that advertise on their programs in terms of recognition and the result it may have on customer loyalty.

In order to find out how brands were tracking, Edison Research contacted frequent listeners to PodcastOne programs in 2016. A pair of surveys were issued, one at the beginning and another at the end of select ad campaigns.

Edison Research found that one grocery brand increased by as much as 60% recognizable with those listeners by the end of the campaign, a nearly 10% over the year before. Other brands tracked include a lawn and garden service, an automotive retail brand, and a financial services company that increased by 24%, 37%, and 47% in their ability to be recognized respectively.

While the uptick in brand recognition might be enough for some brands to consider spending more on advertisement on online platforms, Edison Research also learned that those surveyed have changed how they think about those products and services. According to their findings, Edison Research found that regular PodcastOne listeners had increased their positive opinions of brands advertised on their preferred programs by 18%, which tracks the likelihood of purchasing those products or soliciting those services.

Norman Pattiz said in statement that he wanted the Edison Research findings to be made public. Though Pattiz had tracked the marketability of advertisers on PodcastOne, he wanted a fresh look at the increased audience’s reaction to effective marketing on programs through the network.

With hard numbers made available to those considering the advertise their companies through PodcastOne Pattiz is confident that many prospective partners will find a new home on his network.

About Norman Pattiz:

Norman Pattiz is an American businessman and media mogul. Patti founded Westwood One, one of the largest radio broadcast networks operating across the United States, By 2010, Pattiz’s media network grew and he formed Courtside Entertainment Group, allowing hims to enter online entertainment through PodcastOne.

According to Bloomberg, Norman Pattiz’s media career includes roles taken with the federal government. In 2000 Pattiz was appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors. He was in charge of facilitating programming for listeners all over the world through respected outlets like Voice of America and Radio Free Europe.

Doe Deere and her Colorful Journey to Success

With a heart full of color and a dream for creating, Doe Deere created a reality that she fell in love with; this bright and fun reality also ended up producing a company that many individuals fell in love with as well. Doe Deere was also an artist at heart, and one of her first artistic dreams was to become a musician. After moving to New York when she was only seventeen years old, Doe made her dream come true, as she joined a band. Interestingly, this musician dream lead to another, as the band is where she met her husband, who currently helps Doe Deere run their company, Lime Crime.

The story behind why Lime Crime came about is one that can inspire us all. As an artistic soul, Doe Deere had style that was out of the box. This style yearned for bright colors and fun, unique hues. Unfortunately, Doe Deere had difficulty finding this makeup in cosmetic stores. Unsatisfied with the traditional shades of makeup, Doe Deere decided she would create the unique shades she wished to wear herself! Influenced by one of her favorite colors, as well as her rebellious attitude, the name Lime Crime was created. However, the lack of bright makeup shades on beauty retailers’ shelves wasn’t the only push for creating Lime Crime; Doe Deere wanted to see products made without animal cruelty, so she made sure that her products were certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny as cruelty-free (and vegan)!

Excited to see that many other people were interested (and purchasing) the products created by herself, Doe Deere realized that she had a niche for creating unique products that hadn’t been quite established yet. Taking this to the next level, Doe Deere applied her business skills she had learned from her band days and applied them to Lime Crime. Both Doe’s husband and herself also learned how to be a team during their days of making music, so they had a great foundation to start with. Doe Deere wishes to spread the message that each and every person has a gift. Some gifts aren’t ordinary, and in fact, those are the gifts that have a capability to turn heads. Whether it is traditional or unique, each gift should be embraced. It is also a message of Doe’s to be fearless when expressing yourself. After all, she has the brightest (and coolest) hair!


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