The Lip Balm Revolution

The Oral Care Industry has always been a hot topic in mainstream society whether you like it or not. The products come in many different sizes, flavors, and strengths. This industry is no “cake walk” as it’s loaded with hundreds of brands which can leave the consumer very frustrated on what to buy. When it comes to making a statement or impact on society, Evolution of Smooth is the brand with the plan. Fast Company reveals that Evolution of Smooth is creating the biggest waves and is making the most noise as of today. Brands such as Chapstick, Blistex, and Burt’s Bees are still around, but they haven’t made any unique or necessary changes to get the public in a uproar.

EOS lip balm is actually the second best selling lip balm in the nation right behind Burt’s Bees. Of “Burt’s” has many a year head start which has made it into a well established brand. EOS on the other hand has had to work it’s way up with hard work over an 8 year span and the hard work is paying off with 1 Million units of these cylindrical spheres being sold on a weekly basis. EOS has a great marketing team that knows exactly who is purchasing the products and this targeted marketing is working wonders. It is reported that Evolution of Smooth should be looking at sales around $2 Billion by the time 2020 comes around which will surely place it at the very top of the lip balm apex.

Even celebrities have gotten in on this craze with Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian have all been spotted applying the delightful flavored EOS lip balm. Whether your taste buds are seeking strawberry sorbet, medicated tangerine, sweet mint, blueberry acai, or passion fruit; the Evolution of Smooth has what you need when you need it. The products are available on eBay or thru the website,


John Goullet: Building the Future

John Goullet is one of the most influential business leaders in the technological world. According to him, nothing can stop the heart of a business person who wants to develop future diversities in business. For this reason, he was extremely grateful for the offer of an opportunity to become a Principal at Diversant Company. This is also one of the biggest news which emanates from the business world. As a matter of fact, we are all here in the management criteria to have the business community come to a standstill. In the recent new, he has merged his Info Technologies Company with Diversant to form the greatest force for good in the world of technology and innovation. John Goullet is also a business individual with a vast experience in founding and selling numerous companies in the world of business and technology. For this reason, he has managed to serve the business community without fear or favour.

John Goullet is a serial entrepreneur based in the United States. He has more than two decades of professional experience in the worlds of technology and business. He is also a great inventor and formulator of working business strategies in the technology industry which can also be applied across business spectrums. He also has the capability to build something from scratch to become the biggest entity in business. According to him, he believes that nothing comes easy. For those who want good things in life, they should never engage in doing small things. However, they must work to develop high-end structures which can be adopted on a massive scale. For everything in life, John Goullet he likes to struggle and achieve more. As a matter of fact, he has developed companies from the nomination of scratch.

While he is an entrepreneur, it means that he has the capability to produce high-end commodities in the business world. For this reason, he will continue to become one of the best individuals formed to formulate business structures for the company. Whenever he engages his mind in developing a solution to a problem in business or technology, he creates extraordinary things. This is how you can separate him from other people.



I Don’t Have High Interest Rates Anymore Because Of Ignition Financial

I refinanced my car once before with a company that was able to lower my interest rates by 5% each month. With several years left on my loan, I decided to take another chance to refinance it with Ignition Financial, and I hit the jackpot. I honestly think that my previous financier was not giving me all the right information and purposely gave me an expensive loan when I could’ve gotten one that was much cheaper. Ignition Financial was able to find me some great financing options that lowered my interest rates to 12%, which is amazing.


Once upon a time I decided to purchase my first car, and I was so happy to be independent that I didn’t care what it was going to cost to keep the car. After months of paying too much money on the car, I started wondering how it was possible to slash my payments. I was able to refinance with the same company that was financing the car, but they only took down the interest rates by 5%. It’s only after going outside of the previous company that I found Ignition Financial, who lowered my rates even more.


Although I was very happy to get lower interest rates and lower payments with Ignition Financial, I became even happier when I found out the other options that they have for car protection. I have full coverage insurance on my car as does anyone who has a financed car, but I wanted more. I was told that if my car was ever in an accident that totaled it, I may be responsible for part of the loan payments, especially if it was my fault. Insurance companies will only pay so much on the car, but I wanted full coverage, so I got a coverage plan with Ignition Financial.


The optional coverage plan is fantastic because it protects my car completely with protection for the tires, any maintenance that the car may need, and it even protects the car loan. I pay an additional fee for this coverage on a monthly basis, but with the security of knowledge that my car is completely covered by insurance, I’m very happy now. I liked working with Ignition Financial and loved the fact that they’ve helped me to save money on a monthly basis and have helped me to fully protect my beautiful car.


OSI Group: The Meat And Food Masters

With more than hundred years in the industry OSI Group has been awarded several awards and globally commended for their continuous commitment to supplying and selling high quality meat products. The company whose headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois, has locations in seventeen countries and more than sixty five facilities. It is one of the highest employers in the country with more than 20,000 workers so far and continues to hire. It has been a meat processor leader in its industry for years and number 58 on the Forbes America’s largest privately owned companies with a revenue worth 6.1 billion.

OSI Group supplies its products across the world, from America, Europe, Asia and China. They distribute poultry products, beef products, pizzas and other meat products in different parts of the globe. Their reputation in all the hundred years they have been in operation has granted the company respect and a reputation. In the years it has been in existence, OSI Group has shown its deep devotion to high quality products and services to its clients.

Being a global company has landed OSI Group so many benefits. They have high bargaining power on their suppliers and clients as well although they try their best to be perfect. For that reason the company has made several acquisitions and made the companies acquired to deliver their services well. In 2016, the company announced of their acquisition of Baho Food Group. The company had locations in eighteen countries and had a major market in Netherlands. Through the acquisition OSI Group has been able to expand its operations in Netherlands and other neighboring countries.

Another major achievement the company has had was receiving the Flagship Europe award. By being granted this opportunity, the company can now supply their products in Europe and expand their markets and territory. Also, they acquiring Tyson Food Plant a giant meat processor company that had gone under was another strategic plan the company used to expand their boundaries. Through these acquisitions and strategic partnerships the company is able to continue the leader in its market.

OSI Group is an expert in its industry. With years of processing foods, the company has acquired a great deal of skill to continue doing this and being the best in the industry. OSI Group was awarded the 2016 Globe of Honour for their outstanding performance and their concern for the environment. The award was granted by the British Safety Council.

Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a financial activity where a financial adviser assists businesses and individuals by acting as their client’s agent in the handling of their portfolio. The investment banker will first work with the client to find out what their risk tolerance is, what the horizon is for their investments, what their present financial situation is, and from that develop an individualized financial plan that will get them to where they want to be.

A financial adviser will, in following the clients financial plan, make allocation decisions within the portfolio. They will make decision on what funds to invest in and how much should be in the United States market, international developed markets, and how much should be allocated to developing markets. They will also decided what types of bonds should be invested in based on current market conditions and what they see happening in the future. Generally speaking as a client gets older their overall portfolio will become more conservative over time.

An example of an investment banker is Martin Lustgarten. Mr. Lustgarten is the Chief Executive Officer of his company, Lustgarten, Martin and is based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Mr. Lustgarten has used his dual citizenship as a citizen of Venezuela and Austria in order to assist his clients. By spreading wealth among different countries his investments benefit from local growth while mitigating the risk of being too concentrated in any one area or country. Martin closely follows each market so that when he sees market conditions are likely to deteriorate in a country he can reallocate the money invested there into another country.

Martin finds great satisfaction in assisting his clients to make their retirement dreams. As the economy continues to grow after the last major downturn he sees many opportunities present themselves in the markets. He believes that by keeping a diverse global portfolio and then carefully tracking markets he can help his clients meet the goals they have developed in their personalized financial plans.

EOS Lip Balms Are the Lip Balm of the Future

Second only in sales to Burt’s Bees; the EOS lip balms have become one of the top selling beauty companies of the last few years. They worked hard to get their company where they are at now. According to the story published by, EOS started their company with a goal to create an innovative product that would beat the odds to become a success. It was a bit of a gamble, but the creators of EOS knew they had nothing to lose and everything to prove to a world that believes new companies just don’t stand a chance in the modern world. They used modernity to beat that thought that the modern world is unchangeable.

EOS is known for their round shape and colorful containers. This was initially not a positive idea from retailers’ view points. Many male employees at retailers turned down the product because of the weird design. It took one female employee at Walgreen HQ to say that the EOS shapes were fun and that she would love to see them at Walgreen. Customers also loved it. They flocked to Walgreen to pick up the little egg shaped lip balms that were made from natural ingredients.

The EOS company amped up their marketing to use modern techniques. They weren’t interested in creating magazine ads or television ads that would get fewer views. They chose to create ads on YouTube and on social media that would be aimed at millennial shoppers. This helped their sales astronomically. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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CTI Invest Partners with Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur was born and raised up in Fribourg, Switzerland, an area with which he is still firmly connected. As a youth, Mr. Baur had an interest in the subject of banking and financing. Today, he takes pride in making his childhood desires as his profession. Mike started his career as a commercial apprentice at UBS before his way up as a board member of the Swiss Private Bank.


At the age of 39, Mr. Baur teamed up with his two business partners to start Swiss Startup Factory, the largest, sovereign ICT startup accelerator in Switzerland. Throughout his career, Mike Baur invests a substantial portion of his practice to support Swiss startups financially and as a mentor. He attended the University of Bern and Rochester University to pursue a degree in Business Administration and Executive MBA respectively.


CTI’s new partnership


At the last Swiss Venture Day, Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier announced that CTI Invest would collaborate with Swiss Startup Factory to advance the Swiss startup ecosystem. The two accelerators will work together on startup acceleration and co-organizing events. Already, they have unveiled a website that features Swiss startups’ videos and podcasts. The collaborative efforts commence on January 1st, 2016 to advance the Swiss startup ecosystem.


Upon the start of the partnership, Mike Baur will assume the mantle of CTI’s Deputy Managing Director while Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier becomes a managing partner of Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur is foreseen as the successor of Jean-Pierre as the Managing Director of CTI Invest. Swiss Startup Factory will support startups acceleration and co-organizing events under the brand Swiss Startup Training. Conversely, CTI Invest will offer support during the pre-selection process and Swiss startup accelerator program. As both CTI Invest and Swiss Startup Factory are certified lean facilitators, the partnership will adapt the lean concept.


About Swiss Startup Factory


It is a Zurich-based startups accelerator looking forward to empowering thriving digital entrepreneurs. Today, Swiss Startup Factory runs a training program with unique platforms of services such as mentoring, extended professional network, financing, and shared office space in Zurich.


About CTI Invest


It is the Swiss leading financing platform for ICT startups. CTI Invest has over 100 members. It specializes in organizing networking events, education events, and matchmaking events such as the Swiss Venture Day. Most recently, CTI Invest has published a 7th edition of the Swiss Venture Guide. After more than ten years of financing Swiss startups, CTI Invest has issued an evaluation report indicating its commitment to advancing the Swiss startup ecosystem.