Madison Street Capital going the Extra Mile

Many organizations in the world are working together with non-governmental organizations, schools, hospitals or the government as a way of giving back to the society. Organizations that are socially conscious are considered ideal by many hence they easily attract talents as well as getting the community approval they deserve. When the management of an organization takes time out of their busy schedule to join the public in community function, they are seen to be in sync with what is happening to the typical person. As a result, they organization gets more acceptance by the society.


Madison street capital’s reputation as a financial giant makes it committed to making businesses successful. The management of the company is working day and night with other organizations for the success of the community. Madison street capital collaborates closely with philanthropic organizations in a bid to make a difference in local and global arena. One of the organizations that Madison Street Capital have extensively worked with is United Way.


United Way is an Alexandria, Virginia-based organization that has over the years partnered with various team players I improving ad adding value to lives of many people in different states of the USA. The organization is known for identifying problems and looking for their problems. It has partnered with schools, businesses, financial institution and government agencies, voluntary services and neighborhood associations in its philanthropic journey. One notable milestone that United Way is known for is the establishment of the ten-year program in the year 2008. The program was aimed at improving education as well as assisting various people in the community achieve financial stability. The program was intended to liberate people by making them financially independent.


Madison Street Capital is a multi-national corporation with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The organization has a talented employee team with exception financial knowledge. The organization’s public relationship with other bodies makes it the best financial consultant in the world. The organization is versatile in its approach to various clients. As a result, it seamlessly caters for organizations with different needs. Madison has been operational for a very long time and has many offices in major cities of the world including America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Its experience in the market makes it the best organization when it comes to offering various financial services like middle market investment banking, restructuring services for business intending to get into the market.


Since Madison Street Capital is based in the Midwest, it has worked closely with organizations like United Way for the success of the people of the Midwest. United Way has been forefront when it comes to assisting disaster struck areas. Madison Street Capital has been a major partner to United Way in its work of helping the affected people.

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EOS Lip Balm Rises to Top With Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements can be wonderful. A company that gets the blessings of celebrities will become an instant sensation. That is certainly what has happened with the magnificent Evolution of Smooth brand. This company has become one of the most exciting new operations around, and it is all because of the celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato that are trying this brand.

There is no secret that celebrities have the ability to sell products and services. That is why Oscar winner Jamie Foxx has been seen in T-Mobile commercials. That is why Michael Jackson was in Pepsi commercials many decades ago. Fans watch what their favorite celebrities do. This is what EOS got right. Coincidentally, this is what Chapstick got wrong.

The EOS Lip balm has been able to thrive because celebrity endorsements have been linked to this product. No one is seen on Instagram with Chapstick. There are tons of celebrities, however, that are showing off their cool Evolution of Smooth lip balm sphere. This difference in marketing is a game changer. What makes it work is the fact that none of these celebrities aren’t paid to endorse the product. That is the thing that is really making this eBay available product take off.

There is no doubt that Jamie Foxx is getting paid millions to endorse T-Mobile. Michael Jackson got millions to endorse Pepsi products. This is just the way that it works for the big companies. There is a lot of money tossed around in marketing to keep these companies on the top. A much smaller company like EOS, however, has to depend on a spontaneous unofficial endorsement from celebrities that just happen to like the product. That is the reason that so many people like the EOS celebrity buzz on social media. They know that it’s genuine.

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InnovaCare Adds Three Members to its Leadership

Innovacare Health has announced three new members of its management team. According to the company’s spokesman, the new leaders will help improve the company’s level of service delivery in Puerto Rico.

The new leaders include Jonathan Meyers, who will be the new Chief Actuary Officer of the company. Penelope Kokkinides will serve as the Chief Administrative Officer and Mike Sortino will be the new Chief Accounting Officer.

Penelope Kokkinides will take up one of the most challenging positions in the company. Her vast experience in administrative duties made her a suitable candidate for the position. Penelope Kokkinides has more than 20 years of experience specializing as a government health care specialist, especially in Medicare and Medicaid programs. She is also a veteran at developing clinical solutions and controlling healthcare processes. Kokinnides has worked at Centerlight Healthcare as the Executive Vice President and COO of Touchstone Health. She has also worked at AmeriChoice and UnitedHealth Group.

Jonathan Meyers was the previous Director of Actuarial Services at Horizon BCBS, one of the largest Medicare and Medicaid careers in New Jersey. Before he joined BCBS, Jonathan worked at Healthcare Partners as the Chief Actuary. He also has vast experience in managing employee benefits in various unions in the country.

Mike Sortino was the former Chief Accountant of Marine Insurance Company Limited. Sortino has a five years of experience as the Chief Financial Officer of Specialty on He has also worked in insurance for more than 20 years.

The new members of the management team will form a perfect combination required to propel InnovaCare to prosperity. Both of them have high levels of experience in their respective fields spanning several years.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare is a leading Medicaid and Medicare service provider in Puerto Rico. The company has been in business for many years, which has made it a trusted dealer in the region. It operates MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice, which are two leading plans in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare Health currently has more than 20,000 clients from different parts of Puerto Rico. It has over 7,500 providers who facilitate its service distribution.

InnovaCare made a deal with the government to manage two more Medicaid plans within its Government Health Plan meant for Puerto Rico residents. According to the CEO, Rick Shinto, the company has a team of qualified individuals who are committed to offering its clients quality services. It employs sustainable technology and cost-effective techniques to offer fully integrated and innovative solutions.

Direct Support for Inmates

The way that business operates is a tricky subject, especially for people who are confused on how these sort of things work. There is a meta physical web that businesses operate over, and this includes such touchy subjects as patent laws and how they function. Securus Technologies, an information technology company, has recently been under fire for patent expiration accusations from another company in the industry, GTL. These claims state that Securus Technologies have a multitude of different products that they are currently selling whose patent codes have expired. This means that these products should no longer be safeguarded by Securus and should instead be placed into the free market for use in any company’s business plans. After much research was conducted by both Securus and third party allies there was a discovery that these accusations are baseless and are untrue. This is great news for Securus, whose products have assisted so many individuals with their communication issues.


Securus mainly supports a niche customer base that other companies do not generally bother with. These customers are incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States prison system. These inmates require the same level of communication needs as any other American citizen. In order to reach these needs Securus provides them with incredible products to make their lives easier. One such product is a free downloadable application that makes it possible for inmates to communicate with their family members and loved ones over WiFi networks in the form of seamless video chat technology. This application not only makes visitation easier, it revolutionizes how prison communication and life can operate.


Securus is a wonderful company that provides support to individuals that others would rather ignore. For their work worth inmates and their family members this company deserves to continue to move forward.


A new real estate application was launched by David Osio and his team in Davos Real Estate Group

Davos Real Estate Group has announced to launch a new mobile app for its clientele. The app named “Davos CAP Calculator” will help the users to estimate the return on their real estate investments. Learn more:

Davos Real Estate Group (REG) that forms an international financial group and one of the leading company in the Latin American market for more than two decades that offers comprehensive financial advice. The main objective of its business focuses on an effective investment strategy to meet the requirement of each client, offering premium products that provide high-quality service with the combination of a pool of professionals licensed and specialized for each of the services provided.

Gerard González, Executive Director of Davos REG, has been working exclusively with Tecknolution for last six months on design and development of the app which will help customers to estimate the gain of an investment property, considering the expenses associated with the property.

The application developed on the newest technology and launched on both iPhone and Android devices. The current version of the app is just a beginning of a series of comprehensive apps. The app will allow users to identify properties using their smartphone and they can also get additional information such as historical real estate reports through an interactive chat with Davos agent.

On the occasion of the launched of the app, David Osio stated that according to their core business objective of guiding clients, the app will help their customers investing in real estate all over the United States. In addition, Gerard González added that they had developed an interactive and innovative tool that will assist the investors to have a clearer financial idea when buying a property.

In addition to the above features of the app, it will serve as a “Mortgage Calculator” which will allow the clients to get an estimate of their mortgage value set by the Bank, the associated interest and the period of funding.

David Osio is currently acting as the Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group. Before founding Davos Financial Group, he served as the VP of Commercial Banking of Banco Latino International based in Miami. During 1989-1993, the efforts and visionary steps of Mr. Osio, helped the company to achieve substantial growth and stronger international position.

Osio graduated from the Catholic University Andres Bello of Venezuela. He also gets a specialized degree in International Banking Law under the Advanced Management Program from He also has a specialized degree in International Banking Law (Advanced Management Program) from the Estudios Superiores de Administración IESA.

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Labaton Sucharow Client Awarded

Labaton Sucharow is a law firm based in the United States. The law firm is respected for having established the first practice that is mostly dedicated to representing the Securities and Exchange Commission Whistleblowers. The law firm has been quite successful in its operations, and it is considered to be one of the fastest growing law companies in the United States.

Just recently, the company announced to the public that the Securities and Exchange Commission had awarded over seventeen million dollars to one of the whistleblowers who was represented by the Labaton Sucharow. According to the law firm, the whistleblower who was awarded has successfully exposed some significant wrongdoings that were taking place in the finance service industry.

The award given to the whistleblower represents the second biggest monetary award that has ever been given to date. The award is from the SEC Whistleblower Program. The particular program was founded six years ago, and it is mostly focusing on motivating individuals who expose corrupt persons and any other wrongdoings in the society. According to the SEC, the eligible whistleblowers should be able to get at least ten to thirty percent of the monetary sanctions that have been collected in the successful enforcement action.

Just like in all the other whistleblower cases, the client elected to remain unknown to the public. This is one of the measures taken by SEC to ensure that the whistleblower is free from blacklisting and retaliation. Over the years, SEC doesn’t expose the cases where a whistleblower has played a significant role. This prevents indirectly revealing the identity of the client in question.

One of the most popular SEC whistleblower lawyers, Jordan Thomas says that the client who was awarded decided to blow the whistle when the other people in the finance service department were happy to remain silent and watch while the investors were being cheated and harmed.

Apart from being a successful SEC whistleblower attorney, Jordan Thomas serves as the chairman of the Labaton Sucharow Whistleblower Representation. Jordan hopes that in the future, more significant cases in SEC will be successful due to the efforts of courageous whistleblowers in the society. Jordan says that this should serve as a beginning to bigger and important cases in the community. More people should be able to come up and expose any wrongdoing, especially in the finance department.

Keeping The Family Tradition Alive

Some families are just good at doing certain things. There are families of doctors, families of politicians, and then there are families of freedom fighters like the family of Thor Halvorssen Mendoza. Reaching far back into his heritage you find the likes of South American freedom fighter Simon Bolivar who, in their own way, fought against autocrats and others who use their power to abuse.

Stepping In His Father’s Shoes

His parents, Norwegian businessman Thor Halvorssen Hellum and Venezuelan native Hilda Mendoza, have seen their fair share of the darker side of corruption and abuse of human rights. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

When Hellum decided to investigate possible money laundering and drug trafficking rackets within the Venezuelan government he was incarcerated on charges of terrorism. Although he was eventually declared innocent of those charges Hellum’s imprisonment had a massive impact on the psychology of his son.

The First Steps

Thor Halvorssen made his first major efforts to promote human rights in 1999 when he exposed labor abuses committed by Lucent Technologies in China.

After Halvorssen exposed the company’s decision to use factories located in Laogai,an area of China known for forced labor camps, a campaign to change Lucent Technologies’ policies in China emerged. Activists used the campaign to push the company into agreeing to avoid any contracts with companies known to use slave labor.

Taking On The Burden

In 2004 Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation. Using this new organization Halvorssen set out to expose and confront authoritarianism around the world. Understanding the importance of winning hearts and minds Thor Halvorssen frequently produces documentaries to help potential activists understand exactly what’s at stake.

With the rise of movements such as Arab Spring or the recent resurgence of activism in China the impact is visible. The risks Thor Halvorssen takes are paying off.

Norka Luque- on Bouncing Back to International Stage After a Personal Crisis

Norka Martinez Luque brings some fresh breath of positivity to motivate upcoming artists to pursue their dreams. Norka’s story is quite inspirational and motivating at the same time; she doesn’t believe in the world of impossibility. Born in Venezuela, is an international singer whose passion and love for singing came at an early age. Her goal has been clear ever since; to preach hope though music.

On Growing Up, Education, and Meeting Emilio Estefan

Norka received overwhelming love and support from her parents. While in school, her parents allowed her to take voice classes, learn piano, and do ballet. She has a degree in Business Administration, Culinary Arts, Fashion, and Marketing in France. In France, she was part of a band that later became her stepping stone to professional singing. Four years ago, she met Emilio Estefan, a renowned music producer who loved her work. Emilio gave her a platform and exposed her to the international music scene.

For Norka working with Emilio is a dream come true and she is forever grateful that he chose to work with her. Each day, Norka says she learns something new, and she has the conviction that through her music, she can inspire the world a better place. Music has helped her to overcome a personal crisis she suffered a while back. She never thought she would survive past the crisis but now appreciates life much more that she did before.

The Value of Team Work

Behind Norka’s booming music, there is a dedicated team starting with her best music producer Emilio Estefan. Others include her composer Hermanos Gaitán, Luigi Giraldo, and Archie Pena among others. The team worked on Norka’s new song MILAGRO, which she is promoting alongside El Cata. Milagro is quite popular in Puerto Rico, the U.S.A and her home country Venezuela. The song is a combination of different sounds including Mediterranean traces, reggae, and Caribbean sounds.

Portraying Love Through Musical Messages

Norka believes that musicians have a bigger responsibility of filling the world with positivity through music; the messages appeal to the deepest emotions of fans. Musical and societal evolution’s are related and as new genres and rhythms evolve, the essence of the message artists pass on to fans must remain the same. Norka is a product of the many challenges she has gone through and the people who believe in her. She knows beyond a doubt that music is her destiny and an instrument through which she shares her love with the world.

Geoff Cone Brings Education About Taxes

With all of the countries that are now tax-free and all of the options that people have when it comes to moving, Geoffrey Cone wants to work to educate people about the different options that they have for their living situation. He works hard to let people know about taxes and what they can expect to pay. Read more:

Some people think that New Zealand is the perfect place to go if they don’t want to worry with taxes. This is not the case. New Zealand actually has taxes that are right about average for the country that they are. The taxes are not cheap and they are not a type of tax haven like some of the other countries that are on the list of tax havens. The people who are in New Zealand want others to know that tax-free living isn’t something that the country has to offer people who move there.

What the country does have is tax transparency. This gives people the opportunity to see what they will be paying in taxes when they move to the country. The tax information is published regularly and gives anyone who reads English the chance to make sure that they are paying the right thing. They can see exactly what will be paid no matter what type of tax bracket they are in or where they are at in the different tax areas. It has allowed them the chance to make sure that they know everything about the country.

There are many options when it comes to tax-free living, though. Geoffrey Cone has listed all of these options and has worked with experts to make sure that they have a tax haven list published on a regular basis. It has made things better for people who want to live tax-free and has offered many people the option to do different things when it comes to the way that they live in each of the countries. There are several options for tax-free living and the majority of these come from people being able to make sure that they are doing the right thing in the tax field.

Geoffrey Cone has made sure that everyone knows what they can do to live tax-free. He wants to make sure that people are given the best chance possible and that they are doing the right thing for their business and their personal taxes. There are many options for tax-free living and the majority of these come in countries that are published on the tax haven list. Since Geoff Cone is a global attorney, he often advises people to move to these countries so that they can live in different areas. He wants people to be able to succeed.