Thor Halvorssen Reflects on the Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen is a man who often likes to reflect on his life work and on his personal mission. He is a man of many tastes, and altruism is a central focus of his life. Born in Venezuela, Thor realized very young that life’s niche was to be an advocate for the underdog and for the powerless. He would grow up and become a world-famous film producer and had contributions in the field of public policy, public interest and civil liberties.

In 2007, Thor Halvorssen was described by the New York times as an individual who is very much at home being a maverick and as one who “champions the underdog and the powerless.” Halvorssen has been described by others as having a burning desire to right the countless injustices that are present in this world and is committed to being a voice against different dictatorships, including the one in Venezuela.

As founder of the human rights foundation, Thor Halvorssen cannot help but reflect on the fact that he has come a long way. He also cannot help but notice that his foundation has come a long way as well. As a pioneer of human rights, Halvorssen knows that his struggle will continue many years in the future and well past his time of mortality on this earth has come to a close. However, as a human rights activist, he knows he cannot help but be proud of the many individuals he has helped through the years and the ones that his organization is trying to help at present. At present, there are a number of important causes that his group is championing. Here are just a few to look at:

1. Morocco

The Human Rights Foundation sent a strongly-worded condemnation to this nation earlier this month because of their crackdown on freedom of speech. Morocco’s system of government is an absolutist monarchy, and so criticizing their policies results in harsh punishments. The Humans Rights Foundation (HRF) is advocating for Mohamed Essabr, Samad Iach, Hicham Mansouri, Hisham Almiraat, and Maati Monjib in particular because they developed an app that allegedly “threatened the security of the state.”

2. Turkey

Journalists Can Dundar and Erdem Gul were arrested on November 26 and are facing life in prison simply for reporting that the Turkish government armed Islamic rebel groups in Syria.

3. Vietnam

Halvorssen’s HRF organization is also protesting the cruel treatment of human rights lawyer Nguyen Van Dai due to their arrest on December 16, 2015. The human rights lawyer is a well-known advocate for democracy in the country and was charged with “conducting propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.”

As you can see, these and many other issues remain very important to Thor Halvorssen and his organization.

Securus Technologies so Secure they are the Best, they Challenge GTL

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technology used in prison’s and jails to enhance inmate communication and security of private communications with inmates loved ones. They serve the many correctional institutes and law enforcement agencies. The company is passionate about being the leader of inmate communication. 

Securus offered a challenge to their main competitor GTL in January to let an independent judge decide if GTL or Global Tel Link is anyplace near them in terms of services offered, pricing and customer satisfaction. 

The technology judge would decide who of the two companies has the biggest and best product set and the most advanced and high tech telephone calling platform and superior customer service. Securus asserts that there is no way that GTL could come close to what they are offering as they have invested over 670 million dollars back into their own company this year to stay on the edge of technology and competition. According to Secures, Global Tel Link has not even spent ten percent of what they have. GTL has stated that they outsource customer service to Mexico as well while part of Securus recent investments is a U.S. customer service center. Securus has developed the largest in the world VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol calling network for inmates. In addition to this there are many other technologies they offer that simply cannot be matched by GTL or anyone. And, when you look at the data and with customers with experience with both companies, people prefer Secures almost 3 to 1 over GTL. Securus doesn’t blame GTL for the fact that to date, they haven’t taken them up on this challenge because if they were GTL, they would politely refuse too!

Securus Technologies provides inmate self-management, video calls, phone calls, VOIP technology and many more services to inmates. Based in Dallas, Texas, Secures proudly serves over 3450 agencies and over 1,200,000 inmates. Securus is committed to connecting and serving by staying up on technology and being the best in their focused market segment. 

One of the exciting offerings that is new is online video visitations they are offering to inmates and their loved ones. More information can be found at

I am sure having a loved one incarcerated is very difficult and it is good to know there is a great partner out there committed to providing communication with inmates so they can remain in positive spirits and have the will to want to turn their life around.

I’ll Drink to That!: Dick DeVos Breaking into the Liquor Business and His Other Accomplishments

When reading the first sentence in the article, some might have become concerned. However, after reading the entire article, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased at how beneficial this business endeavor could be, not just for Dick and his family, but for their community and others surrounding it. While the logistics of purchasing the Coppercraft Distillery are still coming together, due to licenses and such, the obvious possible connections that can come from this will do wonders for the rest of the community and local businesses in the area.  While this may seem like an uncertain investment for the power couple, they are also connected to a number of other companies, proving that they are very experienced in thriving businesses.

Growing up, Dick DeVos was always in an entrepreneurial setting, being drawn in to the family business, Amway, as a young boy. DeVos has greatly impacted a number of businesses since his youth, from working for the family business and later attaining the Orlando Magic Basketball team, to his work with the Windquest Group, an investment management firm that focuses on technology and has done great work in alternative energy. DeVos’ varied interests in business have been greatly beneficial to a number of people, businesses, and communities, and we can only expect more great things from Dick DeVos and his family. 

Dick is married to wife Betsy DeVos and has four children and one grandchild. His son, Rick, joined the Windquest Group after college. Dick DeVos’ personal interests include sailing and flying, both skills he has mastered.

Congratulations to the recent Melges 32 Gold Cup participants and winners—what a thrilling race against incredibly talented sailors!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, February 15, 2016

He is also the author of his book titled, “Rediscovering American Values,” which focuses on people creating better lives for themselves through such values as honesty and compassion. He and his wife created The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation ( , a foundation that works to fund partner organizations to aid in the function and growth of local and global communities. Their hard work and dedication to the organizations they work for has greatly benefited the education, community, leadership, justice and arts.

DeVos is also involved in the political scene in Michigan and was even referenced in the popular show House of Cards according to his interview in MLive addressing the episode himself.

How Does Manse On Marsh Offer The Finest Care For Senior Citizens?

Manse On Marsh is a top notch senior care facility, and the seniors who come to the facility will be given a lovely reception when they first arrive. Manse On Marsh is committed to the people who come to the facility to live, and the community atmosphere at the facility helps everyone live well in their golden years. This article explains how Manse On Marsh offers senior citizens the finest living experience, a wonderful community and a welcoming atmosphere.

#1: The Community Is Welcoming

The blog details how the community at Manse On Marsh is welcoming of everyone who comes to the facility. There are many people who come to the facility to visit their loved ones, and the seniors who live there may take visitors as often as they like. The community at Manse On Marsh loves to see visitors who come to visit their loved ones, and the visitors who are coming to the center are treated as if they are part of the family.

#2: The Activities At The Center

Manse On Marsh offers activities for all their residents, and the residents will remain more active during their golden years. People who are trying to remain active in their later years must have some help with activities, and the activities at Manse On Marsh are helpful for anyone who loves arts and crafts. The arts and crafts may teach people in the center a new trade, and there are wonderful artists who have come out of Manse On Marsh because of the classes they take.

#3: Offering Better Medical Care

The staff at Manse On Marsh offer continual medical care to all their patients. The patients are allowed to express their medical concerns, and there are many people who need continual medical care from the staff. The staff will help every patient with their medical concerns, and the medical staff will treat every person with great care. The medical staff will call in a doctor when one is needed, and the patients are given every bit of medication and specialization that is required.

#4: Allowing People To Feel Comfortable

Everyone who moves into Manse On Marsh will feel very comfortable even though they are not living in their own home. Moving into Manse On Marsh is a calming experience for people who have to move in, and the loved ones who help someone move in are welcome to come by any time. There is a simple way for seniors to move out of their own homes into a safe place.

There are many people who must move out of their own homes in their golden years.

HRF Makes Impacts With Advocacy Campaigns

The Human Rights Foundation  was founded by Thor Halvorssen, who has started many other non-profit groups as well. Halvorssen founded this nonprofit and politically nonpartisan organization with the ideas that humans from all backgrounds and lifestyles are entitled to unalienable human rights, such as freedom of speech and self-determination.

Unfortunately, these God-given rights aren’t available to all people around the globe. Thor Halvorssen has set out to pursue this goal through his organization’s many advocacy campaigns. These campaigns all have the same common goals: to expose the mistreatment of people and the violation of their rights. These campaigns are designed to educate people on tyrannical countries and the cruel conditions that many of their citizens face.

The Sugar Babies is a campaigning documentary that sheds light on the horrific conditions that children in the Dominican Republic, who work on sugar farms, are subjected to. This documentary was made possible through risky techniques, such as hidden camera placement and talks with high-ranking United States officials.

The Human Rights Foundation also sent a petition and legal report to the United Nations about the lack of authority asserted by the Pakistani Government regarding the gang raping of Mukhtar Mai, a Pakistani woman.

These two programs are just a couple of the advocacy projects that are endorsed by the Human Rights Foundation. By revealing the atrocities and inequality against mankind, HRF helps to take a stand on the most critical issue that has always been present in our world.

Many of these campaigns are directly overseen by Mr. Halvorssen himself, such as the Sugar Babies documentary. He began his advocacy career in 1989 at an apartheid opposition in London. He established HRF in 2005 and is currently sits on it’s board of directors. He’s appeared on many News Programs, such as Fox and al-Jazeera, and has talked about his opinions, concerns and current project in several other publications.

The Benefits of Using LinkedIn According to Ricardo Guimarães


Ricardo Guimarães is one of the leaders in business when it comes to the industrial market in Brazil. He has worked diligently to grow the BMG banking firm that he is co-owner of and this is what makes him a prime example of a successful business person in the area. Because of Ricardo Guimarães’ experience, it has been his pleasure to provide tips and knowledge to those who are seeking to better themselves as business individuals. These tips allow a business person just emerging to be able to grow and thrive in a very competitive market that they may feel is too big for their future plans.

Ricardo Guimarães has discussed the importance of creating a LinkedIn account and the benefits that come with social media. Many people nowadays, employers included, are using social media to find the right candidates for their companies. For example, having a LinkedIn account is going to enable you to get your name out there and known by the world. This is a site where employers search for professional talent in any type of industry, so even a business professional just starting out will be able to get themselves noticed because of the work being done on their page.

One of the best things about LinkedIn, according to Ricardo Guimarães, is that it is a free site to use. All you have to do is create an account, upload a resume and begin tweaking the account to meet your own individual needs. The best thing for you to do is to think about working with the site when looking for a job.  When you are just getting out into the job market, it is absolutely vital that you put the time and effort into your own social media accounts so that you can have a chance of getting noticed by an employer.

The wonderful thing about using LinkedIn is that it has been completely endorsed by Ricardo Guimarães, who is a Brazilian business professional who has years of success with his own company. The BMG firm is one of the largest banking firms in Brazil and is co-owned by Ricardo Guimarães. This is why a lot of people have been listening to the advice of Ricardo Guimarães and the fact that he has stated that LinkedIn is one of the best sites to use when it comes to getting noticed and having a name for yourself. This is a site where employers can find and read your resume right off of the Internet.