Norman Pattiz: PodcastOne Lifts our Advertisers

Businesses are always looking for a little edge when promoting their brand. This means exploring new platforms to host advertisements as audiences change how and where they access media. PodcastOne is one such media platform that is increasing its audience size, changing its relationship with brands and how they’re represented.

Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, reached out to Edison Research to track just how the platform has been for brands that advertise on their programs in terms of recognition and the result it may have on customer loyalty.

In order to find out how brands were tracking, Edison Research contacted frequent listeners to PodcastOne programs in 2016. A pair of surveys were issued, one at the beginning and another at the end of select ad campaigns.

Edison Research found that one grocery brand increased by as much as 60% recognizable with those listeners by the end of the campaign, a nearly 10% over the year before. Other brands tracked include a lawn and garden service, an automotive retail brand, and a financial services company that increased by 24%, 37%, and 47% in their ability to be recognized respectively.

While the uptick in brand recognition might be enough for some brands to consider spending more on advertisement on online platforms, Edison Research also learned that those surveyed have changed how they think about those products and services. According to their findings, Edison Research found that regular PodcastOne listeners had increased their positive opinions of brands advertised on their preferred programs by 18%, which tracks the likelihood of purchasing those products or soliciting those services.

Norman Pattiz said in statement that he wanted the Edison Research findings to be made public. Though Pattiz had tracked the marketability of advertisers on PodcastOne, he wanted a fresh look at the increased audience’s reaction to effective marketing on programs through the network.

With hard numbers made available to those considering the advertise their companies through PodcastOne Pattiz is confident that many prospective partners will find a new home on his network.

About Norman Pattiz:

Norman Pattiz is an American businessman and media mogul. Patti founded Westwood One, one of the largest radio broadcast networks operating across the United States, By 2010, Pattiz’s media network grew and he formed Courtside Entertainment Group, allowing hims to enter online entertainment through PodcastOne.

According to Bloomberg, Norman Pattiz’s media career includes roles taken with the federal government. In 2000 Pattiz was appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors. He was in charge of facilitating programming for listeners all over the world through respected outlets like Voice of America and Radio Free Europe.

Doe Deere and her Colorful Journey to Success

With a heart full of color and a dream for creating, Doe Deere created a reality that she fell in love with; this bright and fun reality also ended up producing a company that many individuals fell in love with as well. Doe Deere was also an artist at heart, and one of her first artistic dreams was to become a musician. After moving to New York when she was only seventeen years old, Doe made her dream come true, as she joined a band. Interestingly, this musician dream lead to another, as the band is where she met her husband, who currently helps Doe Deere run their company, Lime Crime.

The story behind why Lime Crime came about is one that can inspire us all. As an artistic soul, Doe Deere had style that was out of the box. This style yearned for bright colors and fun, unique hues. Unfortunately, Doe Deere had difficulty finding this makeup in cosmetic stores. Unsatisfied with the traditional shades of makeup, Doe Deere decided she would create the unique shades she wished to wear herself! Influenced by one of her favorite colors, as well as her rebellious attitude, the name Lime Crime was created. However, the lack of bright makeup shades on beauty retailers’ shelves wasn’t the only push for creating Lime Crime; Doe Deere wanted to see products made without animal cruelty, so she made sure that her products were certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny as cruelty-free (and vegan)!

Excited to see that many other people were interested (and purchasing) the products created by herself, Doe Deere realized that she had a niche for creating unique products that hadn’t been quite established yet. Taking this to the next level, Doe Deere applied her business skills she had learned from her band days and applied them to Lime Crime. Both Doe’s husband and herself also learned how to be a team during their days of making music, so they had a great foundation to start with. Doe Deere wishes to spread the message that each and every person has a gift. Some gifts aren’t ordinary, and in fact, those are the gifts that have a capability to turn heads. Whether it is traditional or unique, each gift should be embraced. It is also a message of Doe’s to be fearless when expressing yourself. After all, she has the brightest (and coolest) hair!


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Why Securus Technologies Should Be Installed Into More Correctional Facilities’ Communications Systems

Securus Technologies is a program that’s been designed and engineered to offer its clients an opportunity in which they’ll be able to communicate with one another much more conveniently than they have ever been capable of ever before. It is highly recommended for individuals to take the steps that may be required of them to utilize the program of Securus Technologies should they be in a position of needing to.


Securus Technologies is a communicative program that has been giving inmates a great benefit just as it is with their visitors. Traditional forms of visitation often consists of visitors visiting inmates at their locations of confinement. If you’re not necessarily sure about what you may be able to do to utilize the program, as it may not have been installed into the correctional facility of where the inmate you have been wanting to communicate yet, then you may be able to have a convincing influence in that particular correctional facility by potentially persuading them to take the steps that may be required of them to have it installed into their systems of communications.


Securus technologies is making communities safer by providing law enforcement officials with the access to the video conferencing sessions that are required of them to utilize conversational segments that are conducted between the parties as evidence for investigations should the need arise. Contacting a help desk assistant may be one of the most beneficial courses of actions for you to take should you want to have it installed onto your device. If you’re not sure if the program is compatible with your device or not, you can simply ask a help desk assistant, as they should be able to see whether it is or not for you. It’s a program that needs to be considered as being a form of communications in every correctional facility.


Avaaz Celebrates Having the Right President and History

Avaaz means voice. A civic community-based organization mobilizes quick support for activism campaigns involving human rights, economic issues, animal rights, climate change and conflict among others. Giving a voice to those who need it. The group was established in 2007 in New York City and enjoys extensive membership with over forty million followers in two hundred countries around the world.

The group can use this expansive membership to mobilize rapid support for its activities across the globe. Recently, the group mobilized activists to celebrate the recent presidential election results. They group supported the president on values to stop the spread of extremism. The celebration also attracted veteran survivors of the Holocaust who shared his experiences to highlight the dangers of extremism.

Harsh living conditions in concentration camps, which took away his parents’ life. These only ended with the end of the Second World War. The group also took the opportunity to reject racial intolerance for awareness, peace, and unity. The group is adamant there is no space in today’s politics for extremist candidates. The right wing opposition’s manifesto included prohibiting immigration, expanding law enforcement and prison capacities to deal with extremism.

Avaaz and its supporters feel this course of action is more likely to create the opposite effect. The desired outcome is tolerance and inclusivity. Other activism techniques include funding media campaigns, direct action, lobbying governments, and organizing offline events. Besides activism, the group utilizes mainstream media to spread awareness and foster discussions around key values. It is also leveraging advances in technology to enable rapid, scalable, focused and flexible campaigns globally.

It is wholly member-funded enabling it to focus on matters of public concern. The battle lines have now shifted to the legislative elections where the organization hopes to rally support around candidates who share similar values to enable the French President to deliver on his manifesto.

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Eric Lefkofsky Partners With the University of Chicago in Battling Breast Cancer

Comprehensive treatment for breast cancer has evaded health specialists for decades. What could be the reason for this situation? What has not been done in spite of billions of dollars used in research and treatment? Fortunately, Tempus, a cancer-fighting startup from Groupon founder Erick Lefkofsky has discovered the gap and come up with a solution.Tempus has observed that despite the rising number of deaths from breast cancer, its data collection, storage and use has remained minimal. Effective treatment of breast cancer calls for past records on how it starts, the interventions carried out and its prognosis.

Cancer is an abnormal growth and proliferation of cells. For effective treatment, it is important to study the molecular cell abnormalities and genetic mutation that make cancer cells unresponsive to chemotherapy. This study phase has been conducted by many research centers and hospitals. Unfortunately, the studies and research data have remained in individual research centers and hospitals.Tempus has come out to remedy this situation. The organization plans to break this individual approach in breast cancer treatment by introducing an operating system for cancer patients. Tempus, in partnership with the University of Chicago Medicine, will analyze the data in this platform from the over 1,000 breast cancer patients. The data collected and analyzed will assist doctors and researchers in uncovering the patterns that can predict how patients will respond to treatment.

 Cancer treatment presents a challenge as it requires targeted therapy of the cancerous cells. Besides, the constant mutations and individual genetic makeup further complicate the treatment regimen. To overcome this hindrance, Tempus uses machines learning and genomic sequencing to help physicians in making real-time personalized treatment judgments.To help in realizing this patient focused treatment dubbed Precision Promise trial, Tempus has been selected by Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PANCan) to utilize its technology in supporting this revolutionary effort.

Erick Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, the technological company that has built an operating system to battle cancer. He has a degree from the University of Michigan and a Juris Doctor from University of Michigan Law School. He is the author of Accelerated Disruption and is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago.Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Lightbank and Uptake Technologies. Together with his wife, Liz, they have established Lefkofsky Family Foundation to assist disadvantaged communities.

The Wessex Institute of Technology Leads Europe’s Scientific Community

The Location

The Wessex Institute of Technology sits on a national park that was used as royal hunting grounds by ancient kings. The New Forest National Park has lush forests, diverse British wildlife and quiet little villages. The headquarters of a scientific research organization really stands out as something unique for this part of the country.

Their Reearch

The Wessex institute is a leading organizer of scientific research in Europe. They organize research recruitment and funding for the projects of affiliated Universities. Most of these universities are from the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.

Their Conferences

The conferences of the Wessex Institute are probably their most popular attribute these days. The conferences are increasing in number and they will typically hold 25 in one year. These conferences invite prestigious speakers to cover many of the hard hitting scientific issues in our crazy modern world.

Lori Senecal Shows That Anyone With Passion Can Succeed in Any Industry

There are a lot of people that have aspirations. However, it is common for those people to be met with a lot of opposition from people who try to tell them that they can’t do it for many different reasons. For instance, there are introverts that want to get into advertising. However, they are told that in order to make it in this industry, they have to be loud. However, this did not stop Lori Senecal who has made it in the industry in spite of her quiet and soft spoken nature. She has surprised and inspired many people who have similar aspirations that seem to go against their nature.

One thing that has made it easier for Lori Senecal to achieve her goals is her confidence. The way she has gained her confidence can be a rather interesting issue because she was never the center of attention growing up. She was often ignored by people. As a child, she has realized that she does not have what she needs in order to command the attention of people. Therefore, she has looked for activities that she can do in order to bring out her talents. This is where she has been involved with competitive gymnastics.

When she was excelling at gymnastics, Lori Senecal was in her zone. This has also shown her that she does have value. Therefore, she has learned to be confident. This confidence has led her to pursue advertising because she is very passionate about it. When she has gotten involved with advertising, she has taken over companies and changed them radically. For one thing, the companies she has joined were only local at first. She has then changed the way they have done business. Among the changes were that people were less communicative when it comes to other topics. The focus of conversation was always on the job.Lori has also taken the companies that she has joined global. The companies have spread into other territories and have managed to impress the customers in how efficient they are in the work they put out. They also show a lot of creativity in representing the company.You can also follow her on twitter:

The Dating App From Whitney Wolfe Encourages Men To Think About Activities They Can Do

A lot of men think about rejection when it comes to dating either offline or online. However, a lot of men don’t have the confidence to come up with something that is going to bring a lot of fun to the date.

For people that are signing up with Bumble, it is important to think about what to do and where to go because Bumble increases the chances of one finding a date. This is why one has to make sure that he is ready. Getting a message is only the beginning of the dating stage. There is another thing that he has to do in order to make sure that the date is going to go well.


Whitney Wolfe has suggestions about what one can do in order to come up with a fun date. One thing they should not do is try to come up with something extravagant. For one thing, if one tries to take on these major activities, then it may backfire because she may think he is trying too hard. Instead, one of the best things to do for dating is to keep it simple for the first time around. For those that are dating for the first time, the focus should be more on getting to know one another. The big activities should be for later.

Whitney Wolfe, CEO of Bumble, brings in the fun that dating should have. Dating does not have to be a stressful and pressured filled activity. For one thing, both men and women want to have fun. Therefore, it is important for people to avoid pressure. Therefore, anyone that is thinking about signing up for Whitney Wolfe’s dating app must be thoughtful about after they get the message. One thing that people need is to be prepared for various aspects of actually dating.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Lends A Helping Hand

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is collaborating with Allscripts and NantHealth. The collaboration is applying a custom practical solution that allows NantHealth quantifiable solutions to happen. With smooth assimilation of solutions Clinical Pathways will be able to be informative during the treatment procedure of cancer without needing to disturb the physician’s quantifiable workflow.

Clinical Pathways helps to remove probable presumptions. Clinical Pathways provides the latest cancer information, latest treatment procedures, and provides treatments that are complementary into Allscripts Sunrise EHR. These accessible possibilities enables oncologists the capability to make a list of protocols. Some of the benefits include custom procedures particular to the patient, various evaluations among treatment choices, access to latest guidelines, and subsidiary quantifiable information.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Allscripts, and NantHealth created a developing plan in 2016 to support patients and benefactors. The developing plan helps these individuals gain advantages from quantifiable abilities when using a combined solution. The eviti resolution plays an essential part in getting the Clinical Pathway’s platform organized. Physicians are able to view present substantiation treatment procedures for all forms of cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s headquarter is located in Florida. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a system of five hospitals that assists patients dealing with cancer throughout the United States. Cancer Treatment Centers of America use a conventional method when trying to treat cancer. This network of hospitals also offers integrative treatments while treating cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was established by Richard J Stephenson. The first Cancer Treatment Centers of America opened in the year 1988. Then four hospitals in association with this network opened between 2005 and 2012. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has consistently maintained strong patient satisfaction.

In conclusion, Cancer Treatment Centers of America lend a helping hand with cancer treatment.

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Eric Lefkofsky and his Achievements

Tempus announced an upcoming partnership with the University of Chicago Medicine to provide analysis and molecular sequencing to breast cancer specialists of Chicago so that they can create personalized treatment plans for patients. Data on breast cancer, one of the most common cancers is relatively less accessible to patients. Chicago-based Tempus is working towards giving doctors at the University data to enable them to offer better treatment to breast cancer patients.

Tempus made a proposition to analyze data from about 1,000 breast cancer patients. The data would help health researchers and doctors uncover patterns which predict how patients respond to treatment. Over time, this gathered data will assist in improving patient outcomes and bettering treatment. Lack of sufficient information on the disease forces physicians to make treatment decisions without sufficient specific genetic information. Therefore, this program by Tempus will enable doctors to make correct and more informed decisions. Tempus uses genomic sequencing and machine learning to help doctors make real-time as well as personalized treatment decisions. Tempus is not only partnering with UChicago but also with the Mayo Clinic, Rush University Medical Center, the University of Michigan and Penn Medicine to use data to fight cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus. He also co-founded and is the chairman of Groupon, a global e-commerce marketplace. Eric has co-founded other companies like Mediaocean, an integrated media procurement technology provider, Lightbank, a venture fund investing in disruptive technology, EchoLogistics, a technology-enabled transportation outsourcing firm, InnerWorkings, a managed print and promotional solutions provider and Uptake, a predictive analytics platform for the world’s largest industries.Eric Lefkofsky is also involved in charity. In 2006, he, together with his wife Liz established the Lefkofsky Foundation. The main aim was to advance high-impact initiatives which would save lives in the community. Eric is also an appendage professor at the University of Chicago, and he has also published a book, ‘Accelerated Disruption.’